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Get that perfect tan at the white sandy beaches in Florida


									                  Get that Perfect Tan at the white Sandy Beaches in Florida

Florida- the sunshine state lives up to the billing with its rich offering of beaches for that perfect
tan. A simple drive around the state and you can come across some truly gorgeous white sand
beaches. Pull over and sit here to unwind and recharge the soul, body and spirit to go back from
your vacations all reinvigorated. Take a quick cat nap while the warm waters lap the sand or take
a morning walk and let the cool breeze play its magic on you.

With quite a few beaches to explore in the state, Florida would not disappoint beach lovers
looking for some exhilarating vacations in the US and come back with that golden tan. After all
it’s for some real effort put into maintaining these beaches that they regularly feature in the
award lists for best beaches. Few beaches that regularly accomplish recognition are:

      Fort De Soto Park Beach
      Caladesi Island State Park beach
      Cape Florida State Park beach
      Caladesi Island beach

South Florida is particularly the ideal place for beach lovers. With warm waters and a pristine
ribbon of white sand running across the stretch, Florida beaches offer enthralling vantage points
for sun sets. Sit there and notice the Sun dissolve in the warm waters and evoke a kaleidoscope
of colors and sights.

To catch the action after the sunset and see whether the tan works up its magic, drive in your
rental cars to a joint nearby and kick start the night with a thump. Urban Florida is laced with
renowned pubs and restaurant. From spicy Mexican to light continental, if there is one taste
drawing you, you will find the place to satiate that desire.

And while you are at exploring beaches in Florida, don’t forget to set aside some time for Miami.
The city offers a strip of golden sand beaches. Though be prepared for some traffic since people
flock to Miami for business, pleasure, sun, sand and beaches.

To explore your options for traveling around, do consider car rentals from America Car Rental
and set the pace of your Florida vacations.

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