Oliver Wight EAME releases white paper on transitioning from S&OP to Integrated Business Planning

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April 2012

Oliver Wight EAME releases white paper on transitioning from
S&OP to Integrated Business Planning

For many years the business management process of choice for many organisations
has been sales and operations planning (S&OP). Now business improvement
specialists, Oliver Wight explain in their new white paper, how S&OP has evolved from
its production planning roots into the fully integrated management and supply chain
collaboration process it is today, in the form of Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

“Many companies are missing out on the real benefits of S&OP because they have not
evolved the process from basic demand, supply, and inventory management,” says Oliver
Wight Partner, Liam Harrington. “Where Integrated Business Planning differs from S&OP is it
integrates product management, strategic planning, and finance into the process, and
ultimately demands the attention of the business leader.”

The white paper documents how the planning process has evolved over time and elucidates
the differences between S&OP and IBP. As well as introducing independent research in to
the benefits of IBP, the white paper explains the key factors to consider when implementing a
successful Integrated Business Planning process.

“Integrated Business Planning provides an effective process for managing the entire
business, something which is critical in the ever-changing landscape of economic surprises,
increased competitive pressures, and unrelenting customer and shareholder expectations,”
concludes Harrington.

You can download the new white paper from the Oliver Wight website: http://www.oliverwight-
Notes to editor

About Oliver Wight

Oliver Wight has a 40 year track record of delivering business improvement to some of the world’s best-known
organisations. With a team of professionals offering a wealth of experience, Oliver Wight is the largest consultancy
of its type, with offices throughout Europe, South Africa, North and South America, and the Asia Pacific region. We
believe that sustainable business improvement can’t be delivered by external consultants but only by our clients’
own people, so unlike other consultancy firms, we transfer our knowledge to them, helping deliver performance
levels and financial results that last.

Integrated Business Planning
At the leading edge of management thinking and practice, our Integrated Business Planning (IBP) model lies at the
heart of our clients’ journey to outstanding business performance. Oliver Wight are the originators of sales and
operations planning (S&OP) and IBP can most simply be described as advanced S&OP. However, unlike S&OP,
IBP brings a truly strategic perspective, integrating diverse processes - in the extended supply chain, product and
customer portfolios, customer demand and strategic planning - into one seamless management process.

Supply Chain Optimization
In an uncertain business climate, volatile demand and unpredictability can expose weaknesses in supply chain
performance. Supply Chain Optimization helps companies improve sub-standard systems and processes,
delivering a significant return to the bottom line.

Meeting the Class A Standard
The Oliver Wight Class A Checklist is the longest standing and most successful business assessment tool. The
latest, Sixth Edition, raises the bar, and sets ever more demanding standards for companies on their journey to
business excellence and the Oliver Wight Class A standard.

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Description: New white paper from business improvement specialists, Oliver Wight, reveals the benefits of transitioning from Sales and Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning.