; DubTurbo Review: Legit or NOT
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DubTurbo Review: Legit or NOT


DubTurbo Review: Legit or NOT

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									DubTurbo Review: Legit or NOT?

Nowadays, you may find thousands of software programs in just a click. This is also true for beat maker
software. Some of the most famous products are FL Studio, Reason, Cubase, Sonar, etc... The prices of
these programs range from hundreds to nearly a thousand dollars. Recently, DubTurbo has gotten many
reviews. People also compare it with expensive professional programs. However, DubTurbo is very
cheap. It costs under $50. So, is it legit or not?I have been a music producer for years, and I have spent
lots of money on buying VSTs (virtual instruments) and sample packs. Therefore, when I heard that
DubTurbo was cheap and it came with a massive library, which included a thousand different high-
quality sounds of instruments. I was very skeptical about this. After I visited DubTurbo website and saw
the 60-day money back guarantee. I bought a copy to try it.

Dub Turbo Review

After purchasing, I was quite pleased about DubTurbo. The first impressive attribute of DubTurbo is that
it has a very beautiful graphical user interface (GUI) with simple yet advanced navigation. This GUI is one
of the best ones I have ever seen.Though DubTurbo looks simple, it is powerful enough to rival those top
hundred-dollar software programs. It has all the necessary functions and tools for you to make a good
beat such as the 16-bar sequencer, the 14-pad drum kit, the 4-octave keyboard, etc... Most of these
functions may be triggered by just one click or by tapping a computer keyboard.The most impressive
feature of DubTurbo is that it is packed with a massive sound library, which includes a thousand of
different instruments. To be true, the quality of these instruments is not as good as those cost $500 or
$1000. However, at this small price of under $50, DubTurbo instruments are excellent. You must be an
expert in sound producing to recognize the differences between DubTurbo library and those $500 sound

Dub Turbo

Another good feature of DubTurbo is the documentation that comes with it. There are plenty of step-by-
step video tutorials. These tutorials will teach you learn how to make beats and how to master
DubTurbo. As I am already an experienced beat producer, these tutorials do not mean a lot to me, but it
is perfect for beginners who have never made beats before.After trying DubTurbo, now I have another
great tool that can help me out with making beats. I did sell all six beats in a month after I purchased
DubTurbo; that was quite good for me. Overall, I give this program 9.5 /10.You can also visit this page
for more Powerful Tools, which can help you out with your music and surprise both, yourself and your
friends: Make Beat.

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