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					Is Satellite TV On PC A Scam?

Along with all the buzz and excitement that satellite TV on PC software has brought, quite a bit of
controversy has also been generated especially across online forums. Some folks swear by it and some
swear at it. So, is it a scam or gem?People must look at the whole thing objectively before taking any
position. First and foremost, satellite TV on PC functions on FTA (Free-To-Air) feeds. By on large, these
are broadcast free of charge. As such, opponents are just overly quick to contend that they should not
have to be paid for simply on that basis.

Satellite Direct Scam

Computers can be installed with TV capabilities through hardware or software. The hardware method is
more complex in terms of technical requirements but is surely more straightforward in economics and
civics. A configured PCTV card with a mini-dish fitted onto the computer will get you satellite TV, no
scam or any two ways about it. The software method is where the bone of contention is centered. It still
accesses the same FTA streams as the PCTV card system but a charge is levied for the purchase of the
computer program that performs that function. Actually, there is value-add by the service providers.
First, they have to come up with the specialized software. After that, they provide lifetime
administrative service on an ongoing basis including updates and upgrades. Think of the computer
program as a tool like the PCTV card and dish system and you'd be more receptive to it. To be sure, the
programs that they bring are from free sources but so are fish from the oceans. Try demanding free fish
at the market.

Satellite Direct

Some self-claimed users also grumble about set-up and operation. Typical of such so-called field
shortfalls are video stutter, access difficulty, poor programming variety and service support. On the
other hand, there are just as many users if not more, upgrading their packages so the providers must be
doing something right. Furthermore, such software retail with refund guarantees through established e-
commerce service providers like Clickbank. They are in fact the ones sticking out their necks. By all
means, give it a try.Perhaps the underlying problem is in the misplaced expectations that people have of
the product. Granted, there's a charge for the software but programming is free and it's being
unrealistic to stack it against subscription or pay-per-view TV. These folks may have been misled
somehow, or perhaps influenced by cheap tactics to clock Adsense clicks by some webmasters cum
forum editors. Quite likely, the scam is hidden in their apparent war on scam itself.

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Description: Along with all the buzz and excitement that satellite TV on PC software has brought.