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					Grant Proposal writing tips

Writing succinct grant proposal is really need special care and attention to detail because even smaller
error can affect the integrity and overall impact of the proposal. Naturally, if a grant proposal is drawn
thoughtfully with minimum errors, it is likely to get approved by grant making agencies as compare to
poorly executed and drafted proposal. Try to avoid these common mistakes while writing a proposal;

• The grant proposal should be clear concise and brief.

• Unnecessary details and complex terms should be avoided because it can make it difficult for grant
making agencies to understand.

•Estimation of budget is what on which the success of grant proposal is largely depends.Therefore, it
should be based on accurate information.

• Try to avoid typographical and grammatical errors within the proposal.

• Statement of need and the budget of your grant proposal should be rational, honest and based on true

• Again, the objectives of proposal should be concise and clear.

• Jargons and acronyms should be avoided

• Always avoid including personal thought or quotations. Be consistent.

• Some grant making agencies provide a proper format to apply so, must follow specified instructions.

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