Small Business Balance Sheet

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									Balance Sheet

                ASSETS                                 LIABILITIES
Current Assets                            Current Liabilities
Cash                                      Accounts payable
Accounts receivable                       Short-term notes
 (less doubtful accounts)                 Current portion of long-term notes
Inventory                                 Interest payable
Temporary investment                      Taxes payable
Prepaid expenses                          Accrued payroll

 Total Current Assets               $0     Total Current Liabilities           $0

Fixed Assets                              Long-term Liabilities
Long-term investments                     Mortgage
Land                                      Other long-term liabilities
Buildings                                  Total Long-Term Liabilities         $0
 (less accumulated depreciation)
Plant and equipment                       Total Liabilities                    $0
 (less accumulated depreciation)
Furniture and fixtures                         SHAREHOLDERS' EQUITY
 (less accumulated depreciation)          Capital stock
 Total Net Fixed Assets             $0    Retained earnings
                                           Total Shareholders' Equity          $0

TOTAL ASSETS                        $0    TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY           $0

Balance Sheet Check                OK

Current Ratio                      0.00
Quick Ratio                        0.00
Cash Ratio                         0.00
Working Capital                      $0
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