Small Business Balance Sheet

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This document provides a template balance sheet for a small business. The purpose of a balance sheet is to provide a snapshot view of a company's financials. It is a financial statement that summarizes a company's assets, liabilities, and owners'/shareholders' equity at a specified point in time. Each section will list several accounts. For example, the assets will commonly include accounts for current assets (such as cash, inventory, and accounts receivable), fixed assets, and other property; similarly the liabilities section will often include accounts for current and fixed liabilities - though the exact accounts listed will vary by company. A balance sheet is a useful analytical tool; it can be used to calculate working capital, current ratio, quick ratio, or cash ratio.

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									Balance Sheet

                ASSETS                                 LIABILITIES
Current Assets                            Current Liabilities
Cash                                      Accounts payable
Accounts receivable                       Short-term notes
 (less doubtful accounts)                 Current portion of long-term notes
Inventory                                 Interest payable
Temporary investment                      Taxes payable
Prepaid expenses                          Accrued payroll

 Total Current Assets               $0     Total Current Liabilities           $0

Fixed Assets                              Long-term Liabilities
Long-term investments                     Mortgage
Land                                      Other long-term liabilities
Buildings                                  Total Long-Term Liabilities         $0
 (less accumulated depreciation)
Plant and equipment                       Total Liabilities                    $0
 (less accumulated depreciation)
Furniture and fixtures                         SHAREHOLDERS' EQUITY
 (less accumulated depreciation)          Capital stock
 Total Net Fixed Assets             $0    Retained earnings
                                           Total Shareholders' Equity          $0

TOTAL ASSETS                        $0    TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY           $0

Balance Sheet Check                OK

Current Ratio                      0.00
Quick Ratio                        0.00
Cash Ratio                         0.00
Working Capital                      $0
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