Wimba Classroom script by huanghengdong


									Wimba Classroom information
Wimba Classroom is a virtual meeting room that allows users to meet online in real time (synchronously) for classes or meetings.
UNSW is currently piloting and evaluating two options: Adobe Connect Pro, and Wimba Classroom.
Wimba Classroom is being piloted during S1 2010 as a standalone room and also as an integration with the Blackboard (work in
progress) and Moodle Learning Management Systems.
At this point in time Wimba Classroom cannot be integrated with Blackboard.
Like Adobe Connect, Wimba Classroom offers:
      Text and voice chat
      Whiteboard, polls etc
      Ability to upload and show powerpoints, videos, documents, images etc
      Desktop sharing capability
      Sessions can be recorded and viewed later if missed

Status : Pilot

Wimba Classroom can be accessed via native accounts for standalone rooms, or via Moodle and zPass

Wimba Classroom – external via Netspot (http://www.netspot.com.au/)

Obtaining a room
During the pilot there is limited access. Rooms and user accounts are enabled via an Expression of Interest form on the TELT
gateway website - http://telt.unsw.edu.au/PilotEOI.cfm

Direct access to rooms (if not used with an LMS)
Wimba Classroom - http://wimba.telt.unsw.edu.au

Plugins and extensions
Wimba Classroom is part of the Wimba Collaboration Suite which also includes Wimba Pronto 3.0, Wimba Voice 6.0, and Wimba
Create 2.5

Browser must be Java and JavaScript enabled

Minimum System Requirements:

Support mechanism
2 level – standalone accounts/ rooms using native accounts via LT.TELT.PILOT (Karsten Sommer)
All usage queries and 3rd level support – to Netspot direct via email
externalteltsupport @unsw.edu.au

Support site/s
Wimba Setup Wizard: http://wimba.telt.unsw.edu.au/

Known Issues
Wimba known issues via TELT System Summaries: http://tss.unsw.wikispaces.net/wimba-issues

Current and expected changes
Integration with Blackboard under investigation

Wimba Classroom script
                                                                Is your class/group                       Which meeting room
NOTE- As well
                                                                using Wimba                              are you trying to locate?
as our two
                   I cannot FIND                                          don’
                     my meeting                                             t
                                                                           Adobe Connect        Blackboard
                  room? (students                                         kno
                        only)                        YES                  w–      Refer to appropriate script
                                     Wimba Classrooms are only accessedin   via           Student should
                                     Moodle or a URL that is available from              contact relevant
                                     the lecturer or host concerned      kboa             person for link
Staff use
ZPass                                   (For Students) – no additional authentication – log in by entering
Students and                            name in participant access option or via link with Moodle course.
                  I cannot LOG IN
guests can log
in using the       to my meeting
                       room             (For Staff & stand-alone rooms
“guest” access                                                                                 User to email
                                        only which use native accounts...
that requires a                                                                              Netspot direct via
                                        Have you been able to log in              YES
name only                                                                                   externalteltsupport

                                                                                              Escalate to
bandwidth or                                                                                 User to email
                  I have logged in       Have you completed
missing                                                                     YES            Netspot direct via
                   but my ROOM           the Setup Wizard?
plugins can                                                                               externalteltsupport
                    WON’T OPEN
stop room                                                                                   @unsw.edu.au
                                                            Direct to the Wimba Classroom Setup
                                            NO            Wizard at: http://wimba.telt.unsw.edu.au/

                                                                                          Escalate with details
hardware &        I CAN’T HEAR/          Have you completed
                                                                                          to Netspot direct via
system factors      SPEAK in my          the Wimba Classroom                YES
can affect                               Setup Wizard?
                       room                                                                  @unsw.edu.au
                  In my wiki
                                                           Direct to the Wimba Classroom Setup
                                                         Wizard at: http://wimba.telt.unsw.edu.au/
Hosts can
choose to
sessions. If
                     Where do I         Meeting participants can be                     Contact meeting host
recorded, a
                     access the         given a URL to visit to listen to               for details
URL is
generated and       recordings ?        the session recordings
can be
for access

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