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									Psychiatry has persuaded people to accept that mental disorders are a product of brain
chemistry disorders hence needing medications. Whereas there are brain chemistry
disorders in mental disorders those disorders are products of disordered thinking. The
mentally ill person wishes to be special and separates from God and his creation and to
nurse his sense of specialness (superiority). The disorder is in thinking not in body
though thinking affects the state of the body. Psychiatry, in effect, got it backwards. What
needs to be healed is how the mentally ill person thinks; he needs to be taught to think
loving, that is, unifying, not separating, thoughts if he is to be healed.


                                   Ozodi Thomas Osuji

     The egos greatest trick is to make it seem like mental illness (separation thinking) is
in body when, in fact, it is in mind.
     Psychiatrists concentrate on healing the body to heal the mind of the mentally ill and
must fail for they are putting the cart before the horse; it is the mind that needs to be
     Mind makes body seem to be the cause of mental illness, designs body, a neutral
thing, to seem to be the one making body respond with fear, pain and mental illness.
     Mental illness results from evil thinking. The nature of this evil is the wish for a
special, separated self. The mentally ill person wants to seem superior to all people and
to God. This desire for specialness and separation is at the root of all mental disorders.
These people separate from other persons to go seem to be special persons!
     Psychiatry is trying to make itself a science hence roots mental illness in body and
tells folks that their mental disorders are due to their brain chemistry disorders. This is
misguided behavior.
     Mental disorder is exactly what it says: mental disorder. Mentation is Latin for
thinking, so mental illness is thinking disorder. The thinking disorder inheres in the wish
to be special and separated (to seem superior in socially withdrawn state).
     Consider: every week, a strange African man writes to me and for some reason
thinks that he can intimidate me and says all sorts of foolish things that to his infantile
mind ought to intimidate me. Why does this animal man want to intimidate another
human being, what is in it for him; why does he want to stifle the spread of knowledge if
he is not actuated by evil, if he is not what Christians call Satan (what I call the ego)? I
generally see him as suffering from hypomania (if not mania), that is, I see him as a mad
person. But in the idiot’s mind, apparently, he believes that he has the power to arouse
fear in me and out of fear I would desist from doing whatever it is I want to do. The idiot
does not know that in my scheme of things he is an animal (I estimate his IQ to be under
70, that is, he is a mentally retarded man).
     Consider a woman who believed that it is okay to use the legal system to enslave her
ex husband and get as much money as she could from him until he decides to put her out
of her miserable.
     Consider that Africans sold their people into slavery and do not feel guilty from
doing so but, instead, blame their partners in the crime against humanity, white folk.
They do not even blame Arabs who bought more African slaves and today are still

enslaving Africans in Sudan and Mauritania and, indeed, consider Africans animals and
go hunting for them, killing them from horse backs.
     Consider white folk and Arab folk who enslaved Africans and used their labor to
procure a more pleasurable existence for them.
     Consider a young woman for whom I bent over backwards to financially help and
she calls me all sorts of negative names. Not one word of appreciation and gratitude
comes from her filthy mouth. She is filled with fear and probably has paranoid
personality disorder. Initially, I tried to understand her from a purely psychological
perspective and pitied her but now I see her as an evil person.
    I believe that in these instances what we have are unadulterated evil and it is about
time we recognized that human beings are capable of evil rather than see them as victims
of their environment and pity them (they will kill you while you are pitying them; you
ought to treat them as the criminals they are, punish them or forgive them but do not see
them as innocent).
     Psychiatry is wrong in seeing the mentally ill as victims of their bodies; no, they are
evil thinking persons. All mental disorders are products of evil wishes.
     The schizophrenic wishes to be greater than God; the manic wishes to be greater than
all people; the depressed wishes that she is morally more perfect than all people; the
anxious person wishes that she is superior to all people.
    In pursuit of their wishes for specialness these people withdraw from other persons
and in social isolation nurse their false sense of special selves (that is, fantasy selves).
     As long as psychiatry concentrates on healing these people’s so-called biochemical
disorders it cannot heal them. Psychiatrists can pump these people’s bodies with
psychotropic medications (and incidentally destroy their bodies with them) and cannot
heal them.
     What can heal these people is healing their minds; healing their minds entrails
getting them to give up their evil quest to be special and separate from God and all
creation, create God and themselves and create all people. These peoples grandiosity
must be extinguished for them to be healed. Medications will not heal them. Their
swollen egotism must be let go if they are to be healed, made to feel part of unified spirit
self, hence loving persons.
    In my metaphysics, only mind exists; I teach that it is mental activity, thinking, that
produced and maintains this world and that such thinking, the pursuit of special,
separated self produced mental upsets (mental disorders). A return to unified thinking,
not done by the ego for the ego can only think separatedly, but done by the Holy Spirit,
heals the mind. All mental disorders are healed by returning mind to its original state,
unified state. When this is done the individual feels peaceful, happy and fearless.
    You may rightly ask: where is the evidence that mind has stopped thinking in ego
separated, special terms and returned to thinking in a unified manner and experienced
peace? Where is the evidence that this methodological approach to healing mental
disorders does, in fact, heal them? If one has no evidence one can be rightly called a
religious charlatan who is misguiding the people (and to the extent that some persons pay
for it, fleecing them).
    The psychiatric and psychological establishment having struggled to make their field
seem a science by rooting it in biology and chemistry and treating people with

medications will feel attacked by the teaching that only mind causes mental disorders and
heals them and will come at you with all their guns, calling you a gook etc.
    If one has no evidence to back up the thesis that only mind exists, that only thinking
exists, that the world is a picture in the mind, a picture produced by thinking and hence
can be corrected by thinking, and, ultimately, let go as one awakens from it, one had
better not teach it. If one does not believe this stuff and cannot demonstrate its validity it
is dangerous to teach it.
      As we all know, members of Christian Science try using prayer to heal their children
and those die, implying the non- efficacy of prayer (they want to retain their egos and
bodies and want to heal their bodies instead of healing their minds first and a healed
mind, unified mind, heals the body).
     I am not asking folk not to take their medications. As long as folk see themselves as
bodies and eat food to keep their bodies alive they need medications to heal their sick
bodies (the belief in medications is the same as the belief that they are bodies that need
      It is only a few persons who can, in meditation, detach from their bodies and attain
unified spirit (first, light self) hence not needing food and medications; the rest of the
people need their food, medications, clothes and shelter.
     One may rightly ask me: have you had the experience of oneness (mystical union
with God)? If not, why teach it as true? Why teach a philosophy that has no potential to
put food on people’s table?
    Good question. Let me just affirm that this philosophy gives people hope in a future
world; it also gives folk peace of mind.

                            NEUROSIS AND SPIRITUALITY

    Neurosis is quest for ideals to replace the ugly realities of this world, to replace body
and death; it is desire to overcome body and death with ones own creation, ideal self.
   Spirituality is similarly a quest to replace body and death and the realities of the
world with an ideal but this time God given ideal (the Holy Spirit) not by ones ego.

                                       EGO STATE

     All human beings are living in ego states; that is, they are the holy son of God and
separated from God and their real selves and invented false, replacement selves,
separated selves, aka egos, and houses those in bodies and live as them. In ego and bodies
they are sleeping and dreaming; they are living in an illusion. They need to awaken from
this illusion by recognizing that their true selves is unified spirit self.


   To have intense fear one must have an outsized big ego, and wish for special,
separated self. No ego means no fear; no separated self to protect with fear no fear; no
separated self means return to unified self, aka God. This means no longer being in this
world of forms and separated selves and, instead, being in the formless state of God.

    If body caused the presence of fear how come there is no fear in a dead body? It is
mind that wishes for separated self and houses its intention in body and causes fear and
makes it seem like fear is in body not in mind.
  God created love and uses it to unify all his creation to him and to each other; the son
of God invented fear and uses it to separate from God and from his brothers. He also
invented guilt and feels guilty for separating from God. In guilt he fears God’s
punishment and runs from God to go avoid punishment (actually, to go retain his
substitute false, ego separated state). He very well knows that God does not punish his
children, for he is his child children so to punish them is to punish him. He wishes for
separated existence and runs to go seem separated and uses his phony fear and guilt to
maintain his wished special, separated self.
  A loving person, a person who has no ego, a person who knows himself to be part of
God and all creation and loves all creation, does not seek special, separated self and does
not give in to fear and guilt.


      Psychiatry has had its run and it is now time to return human beings to reality rather
than the pseudo reality of psychiatry, a pseudo reason that sees people as determined by
their environment and pities them for their thinking disorder rather than shows them how
it is their wish for special selves that led them to separate from God and people and in the
process become mentally ill. Any wish for specialness and separation leads to evil
     Healthy thinking lies in the desire to unify with all people and with God, followed
with loving behaviors towards all people

Ozodi Thomas Osuji
August 1, 2009


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