Skin Care by Udayangakamaljith


Man's tendency to become obsessed with being beautiful and how to be beautiful has not faded
throughout time. Man's vanity continues to increase as man becomes more attached to
technology and modern life.

While there are different concepts of beauty among those who lived during the middle ages and
those who are living in the 21st century, this yearning to capture beauty has remained

The only difference in this yearning is that today, there are a thousand and one ways available for
man to become beautiful. Liposuction, nose lift, bust enhancement, lip and eyebrow tattoos,
modern make up: name it, and modern man has it at his fingertips.

The use of modern-day methods to enhance one's appearance has caused more trouble for man.
Cosmetic surgeries and other beauty enhancers do not come cheap so one must have unlimited
resources to finance the vanity. Despite man's preference for the unnatural beauty methods,
there is always an option available to use natural beauty enhancers.

A beauty secret that occurs in nature and is practically free, except perhaps for the monthly bill, is
water. Water has been recommended by movie stars and glamour experts all over the world as a
natural way of keeping the skin smooth and beautiful. Drinking plenty of water will rid the body of
harmful toxins that can cause disease and physical imperfections such as acne.

Another product that is absolutely free and is there for the taking is sleep. Lack of sleep makes a
person irritable and ugly inside and out. Improper sleeping habits can cause the skin to become
dry and break out. Lack of sleep can cause dark circles under the eyes which will make anyone
look tired as well as older. Experts recommend eight hours of sleep during the night to rejuvenate
the body.

The use of moisturizers can make the skin younger looking and give it a glowing appearance.
There is need no buy expensive moisturizers in order to avail yourself of this beauty enhancer.
The trick is to use the power of fruits and other natural products to make your own cream, face
mask, cleanser and other beauty enhancers. These are called home remedies and you can make
them right in your own kitchen.

Peel a cucumber, slice it and place it in the refrigerator for a few minutes. By placing the cold
cucumber slices on your closed eyes you will relax the eyes and lessen any dark circles around

Did you know that oatmeal with honey can be used to exfoliate your body? Applying honey to
your face and leaving it until it dries makes facial skin smooth and moisturized.

Using natural products to enhance your beauty is not only cost effective, but it is also safe.

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