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Chapter 5 quiz review


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									Quiz Review                          Name __________________________________

1. You are running at 3.5 m/s. How many seconds will it take to cover a distance of 90 meters? (show set-
up and answer)

2. What should the line look like on a speed graph that would tell you that the speed is constant?
3. You are on a bus that is moving north at a velocity of 10 km/hr and you are walking from the rear toward
the front of the bus at a velocity of 2 km/hr. What is the resultant velocity? (show set-up and answer)

4. Acceleration is the rate at which _______________________ changes.
5. A car accelerates from 25 km/hr to 70 km/hr in 15 seconds. What is the car’s acceleration? (show set-up
and answer)

6. A bowling ball is thrown at a speed of 17 m/s and hits the pins after 5 seconds at a speed of 12 m/s. What
is the acceleration of the bowling ball? (show set-up and answer)

7. Acceleration can be:
       a. positive.
       b. constant.
       c. negative.
       d. all of the above.
8. On a graph about velocity, the independent variable is ______________________________ and the
dependent variable is ______________________________.
9. Force is measured in ____________________________.
10. If there is an unbalanced force, something will________________________. In this case, net force is
(choose one: equal to 0 N / less than 0 N / greater than 0 N ).
11. Name an example of a lubricant. ___________________________________________
12. If you go to the moon, your _________________ changes, but not your ______________________.
13. Friction opposes _____________________ between surfaces that touch.
14. It would be important to know the ( speed / velocity ) of a hurricane.

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