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The Different Uses Of A Fence


Want to know more about how to build a fence? This report will give you complete guidelines.

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									The Different Uses Of A Fence

A fence is many things. It can be an effective way to keep unwanted individuals from trespassing on
property, and at the same time, it can prevent small children and animals from moving outside the
boundaries of a property. A fence can also be simply aesthetic, used as a way to increase property
values by making a visual statement.

When it comes time to select a type of fence, believe it or not, there is a lot to take into consideration.
First and foremost is the purpose. Will the structure be used as a way to provide privacy? Is the
structure required by local regulations? Is it needed to restrict the movement of livestock? Or is it
strictly a decorative feature? Knowing its purpose will help when selecting the materials as well as the

Nothing says charm quite like a white picket-style fence. Typically not more than three to four feet
high, this style is primarily decorative; however it is effective at containing small children and animals.
A chain-link style topped with barbed wire definitely makes a statement. It says, “Keep Out!”
Interweave an electrical wire and the message changes to, “Trespass at Your Own Risk.”

A post and rail style is common in neighborhoods and it does double-duty as a decorative feature that
provides the property owners with privacy. Also constructed of wood, a split-rail style is common in
areas with an abundant supply of timber.

Besides wood and chain, a fence can be made from other types of all-natural materials. Rocks stacked
several feet high are regular sights out in the countryside. Thick, towering green hedges are commonly
seen surrounding large estates, but look appropriate in any neighborhood. Hedges are very effective at
providing privacy and keeping trespassers out. They do require regular maintenance, though. Mounds
of grass, although less common, are sometimes used as fencing.

Yes, there is more to a fence than meets the eye. Their presence or lack of can present legal challenges
and problems with neighbors, so choose wisely!

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