An Insider Look Into Butterflies

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					An Insider Look Into Butterflies

May 15th is observed as butterfly day. It is not only for children, but elders must also observe this day.
To relax. All of us are always tense. It is either work, or family and social commitments, or something
else. It will be difficult to find an adult who is not tense.

We are always under so much of stress and pressure that most of us have lost the essence of living. The
essence of living should be to live with joy and give joy to others. But that joy is no more present in our
life because of unending work or commitments or something else. Sometimes, even social gatherings
cause stress to us.

For observing the butterfly day on 15th of May, it will be essential for us to go in a garden or in the
country side. Butterflies don't love the concrete jungles that we all love so much. They love open
spaces, gardens and jungles full of blooming flowers with a cool breeze blowing across.

That is the setting for the butterflies to dance and fly from one flower to another flower, have a small
hello and go forward. The butterflies all look so beautiful, bright and colorful. No man ever craft
something so cute. It is only mother nature who can do that.

So on this butterfly Day, go out in a garden and sit. Sit and look around, with no purpose in mind
except to absorb as much of the nature as you can. Look at the flowers. Observe the leaves. Every thing
is perfectly made. And then try to locate butterflies. you will find one, no doubt. Look at the way it flies
around, fluttering its wings and dancing with joy without any worries.

It has no worries of completing an assignment or filing a form or any such thing. It just lives in joy.
Observe that joy. Talk to it. say hello. It may not return that hello, but will surely understand that you
are trying to talk to it. Enjoy with experiments of talk and try to run behind it and catch it if you can.
Spend an hour and you will find relaxation of the kind nothing else can give you. Enjoy the butterflies

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