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I. Example
II. How to write fractions
III. Exercises

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I. Examples:
 * Read aloud these two fractions
 ½: one half
 ¼: a quarter

 * How can you say these following
   7/9, 15/189, 769/8920, …?
II. How to write fractions

 1. General:
   Numerator: in cardinal number
   Denominator: in ordinal number
     Ex: 4/5: four fifths
         2/9: two ninths
2. Notes:
  If the numerator is greater than one =>
    the denominator will be in plural.
    Ex: 3/8: three eighths
        9/12: nine twelfths
  If the denominator has more than 2 digits
    => we have to say it number by number
    and use over between the numerator
    and denominator.
    Ex: 56/89: fifty six over eight nine
        3/567: three over five six seven
Using “and” to connect the integer and
 the fraction for the special following
 Ex: 3 4/5: three and four fifths
     14 38/87: fourteen and thirty eight over
  eight seven
III. Exercises:
 Complete the following sentences or exchanges
   with the fractions written in their full forms.

 1.   Because of the inflation, this firm has to lay off
      _________(1/5) of its workers.
 2.   _________ (3/4) of the students in this class
      are above average in English.
 3.   Last month, my brother spent ___________
      (1/2) of his monthly salary in one week.
 4.   Only _________ (2/5) of the school leavers
      could find their jobs last year.
 5.   Only _________ (2/3) of the land in this area is
  6. ________ (1/10) of the people in these highlands
     are below the poverty threshold.
  7. A: Did many students fail in the last exam?
     B: About ________(15/100) of them failed
  8. A: Do you expect to be admitted to the University
     of Technology?
     B: I think I have a _______ (1/2 -> 50/100)
     chance of being admitted.
  9. A: I’ll pay for all the expenses of our trip.
     B: I’d rather we shared the costs on a
     ________(50/100) basis.
  10. The orchards occupy ________ (5/6) of my
     uncle’s land.

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