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Want to know more about meditation? This report will give you complete guidelines.

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									How To Use Meditation To The Fulliest

Meditation is a state of being focused on a certain thought and involves the “quieting of the mind” as
you concentrate inwardly, resulting to a more relaxed and calm feeling. This relaxation technique can
help a person develop his personality through mental discipline as well as encourage his spiritual well-
being by communing with God.

Usually associated with some ancient eastern religions dating back several centuries, meditation has
been assimilited in western culture via spiritual practices and medical therapies which focus on
different kinds of healing with the help of the mind and inner energy.

According to Dr. Borysenko, author of 'Minding the Body, Mending the Mind', “...through meditation,
we learn to access the relaxation response (the physiological response elicited by meditation) and we
become more aware of the mind and the way our attitude produces stress.” He believes that through
meditation, one can also get in touch with the “inner physician” and allow the body's own inner
wisdom to be heard.

In Taoism, the mind of emotions is controlled by the “Fire” energy of the heart. Unrestrained, this Fire
energy flares upward and wastefully burns up the energy and smothers the mind. On the other hand,
the mind of intent, or will power, is governed by the Water energy of the kidneys. Without direction,
the “Water” energy is flushed down the sexual organs which drains its essence and spirit. However,
when you are meditating, these flows of Water and Fire energies are reversed.

The Water energy is drawn up to the head through the Central and Governing channels, while the Fire
energy from the heart is drawn down into the Lower Elixir Field in the abdomen, where the energy is
refined and transformed. This process allows the mind of intent, which is Water, to provide a soothing
and relaxing effect over the mind of emotion, which is Fire. Hence, meditation relaxation occurs.

In today's world, where there is so much chaos and negativism brought about by man's pursuit of
wealth and power, many have fallen victim to stress and anxiety, not to mention a variety of medical
conditions such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Meditation relaxation involves the body and mind. It is beneficial in providing relief to those suffering
with anxiety disorders as it allows the person to experience relaxation and release negative energies
stored in the body, allowing it to acquire a different form of healing that is not afforded by medications.
But this method is a skill which needs to be learned properly. Training in the art of meditation
relaxation is necessary to avoid getting distractions.

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