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									Encourage your child to read

THE CULTURE of reading is alive and well, despite the onslaught of video
games and cable TV. The huge success of Harry Potter and Twilight prove
that children (and adults too) love to read and are craving for good

This is the perfect time to encourage your child to read as it will have
a lasting and nourishing effect on his intellect.

Here are some ways that can boost your child's interest in reading:

    Set an example - Children treat their parents as role models. If you
wish to imbibe a certain habit in your child, the most practical way to
achieve this goal is to inculcate the habit within yourself. If you
project to your child that reading is one of your favorite and most fun
activities, then your child is likely to try it out on his own. This
might take some time but it works.

    Give books as a special treat - Presenting a good informative book to
your child on a special occasion will also generate excitement and
curiosity in your child's mind. If your child absolutely despises
reading, then pick a book on the subject that he loves the most. For
instance, if your child loves baseball, then you can present him with a
book about baseball players or a short history of baseball.

    Get some hobby ideas from books - Books are an excellent way to help
children develop their interest in a new extra-curricular activity such
as gardening. Get together with your little one and try out some great
gardening tips from a self-help gardening book. Ask for your children's
help every now and then, encouraging them to come up with their own ideas
based on what they have read in a particular book.

    Tell bedtime stories - Reading out bedtime stories has been a major
part of a parent-child relationship. Rekindle this activity by reading
together with your child. This activity will drive away any intimidating
fears or repulsion from reading activities that your child might have
picked up at school over the recent years.

    Join a book club - Encourage your child to join a book club.
Interacting with other children and sharing their reading interests will
boost your child's social skills, confidence and encourage him to make
new friends. You can enlist your child in a school-based book club or
perhaps, join other parents and put up an online book club.

    Enlist a reading tutor - If you want someone to focus on your child's
reading habits, then hire an online reading tutor who can read with and
help your child to develop good reading skills. Getting an online tutor
is advisable to busy moms like you who want to supervise their child's
learning as an online tutor can accommodate to you tight schedule. You
are also assured that you're child has a safe and comfortable learning
environment as the tutoring can be done in your own home, as long as you
have an internet connection.

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