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									                     Productive Time Management
                                             By: Ram Gupta


Productive and effective time management is the single most crucial factor that would lead you to
success or, if you chose to let time down, time will definitely let you down. Remember we all have just 24
hours or 1440 minutes each day, Bob doesn’t have a second more than the rest. Then what makes Bob
stand out in the crowd as a successful home business owner. Ever took time to reflect? It is a proven fact
that effective time management leads to productive time management.

For someone who has embarked upon internet marketing as a part time activity, it is even more important
to keep track of each and every minute. You have to know how to get far more accomplished in a lot less
time, if you deduct the time for rest and sleep, exercise, family time, office and travel, one shall be left
with more or less 5 hours to spend on internet business. If that time is not effectively managed, one
should have no surprise if the business slips away.

The good news is that there are proven and effective time management strategies that one could follow as
a routine to convert most of the time into productive time. These strategies are quite simple, habit forming
processes that should form a routine, followed on autopilot after a couple of weeks disciplined practice.

Here are some proven and effective time management strategies that could turn your time into gold,
remember what they say, “Time is Money”, make it happen.

    1. Plan your time – Always make a plan for the week or the day in advance. Write down all
       activities that you intend to complete. Start with a stop watch as a self discipline measure in the
       beginning, if you are able to accomplish your task in the allotted time slot, pat yourself, if not
       then stop the work and get on to the next slot. The uncompleted task could be completed the next
       day in the same time slot.
    2. Avoid Multitasking – multitasking is not a desirable habit. It lowers your IQ to a great extent as
       your mind is involved in multiple thought process leaving you overwhelmed and confused. Have
       a focused approach to one or at best two strategies.
    3. ABC analysis of tasks – devote maximum time to such activities or functions that can result in
       earnings. Encash time by optimum utilization on high priority tasks and scale in on a descending
       order. Remember psychologically we are programmed to take easy or non priority tasks first to
       tick them off. In task effectiveness, volume has no meaning if it generates trash. Reflect on your
       time spending pattern and evaluate its productivity.
    4. Avoid Distractions – distractions are the biggest culprits and time wasters. Once you start on
       your planned schedule, ensure that anything that could cause a distraction like mobile, mail in
       box, Skype are all in shut mode. You cannot concentrate on what you were doing once it is
   5. Exercise – Yes we know that we are not discussing wellness, but you will be surprised to know
      than a body which gets treated with a daily dose of exercises carries a much more alert mind that
      a body which does no exercises. Make it a routine to exercise or just take a long walk daily. Apart
      from increasing the body’s metabolism, it gives you fresh ideas as the brain is at its peak
      performance during exercise. Take this routine a step further, get into a regular sleep and wakeup
      discipline. It is very important for the body to be fully rested for the brain to churn out those
      fantastic strategies.
   6. Avoid productivity killers – Wasting your precious time to go through your e-mails, writing
      long replies are productivity killers. Don’t get hooked to them, Embrace productivity enhancers
      like article writing, SEO, traffic generation, lead generation, learn effective use of keyboard
      shortcuts to save process time and biggest of them all, prospecting with cold leads to convert
      them to warm prospects. These activities should account for 75% to 90% of your time.
   7. Schedule family time – it is very important that you recognize the sacrifice the family is making
      in supporting you to achieve your financial freedom. You must allocate a daily family time and a
      weekly family outing to be with them, sharing and caring. Remember your concentration in your
      task will be largely enhanced if you have a supportive family, earn their support.

   All these tips that we have discussed are very easy to apply. It only needs commitment to succeed.
   Your business growth will be influenced by the way you invest your time, keep abreast with the
   changing world around you. Effective time management always leads to higher productivity. Witness
   the magic of time generating the green gold.

   Do you remember what John F. Kennedy said “For time and the world do not stand still? Change is
   the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future”,
   don’t let it happen to you.

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April, 2012

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