Four Laws of Ecology

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					               Ecology Laws
 The Resource development has in impact on its
 environment.To understand fully this sort of
 impact,we must develop some knowledge of
 ecology,the science that studies the way organisms
 relate to one another and to their physical
    The Essence of Ecology Laws
Law I                            Everything is connected to
                                 everything else.
Law II                           Everything Must go
Law III                          Nature knows the best.

Law IV                           There is no such thing as free
The Source:Were First Formulated The Closing
by Barry Commoner in 1971        Circle:Nature,Man,and
Copy the table and in each of the four rows
in the first columns,write out one of Barry
 Commoner’s four laws of ecology.In the
     corresponding rows in the second
   column,explain each law in your own
  words.In the third column,provide one
      example to illustrate each law.
Read Pages 236-243 of Global Connections

Laws of           Law I   Law II     Law III
of each Law
in your own
Examples to
illustrate each
         The essence of ecology laws( answers)
Laws of Ecology       Explanation              Example

Everything is         Nature sustains itself   When one species in a food chain
connected to          through an elaborate     disappears(e.g.,high-order
everything else       system of recycling      predators),then all members of the
                                               food chain are affected
Everything must go    In nature,nothing        Toxins in a landfill do not
somewhere             disappears.Matter may    disappear. They either stay where
                      change form,but it is    they are or leach our environment.
Nature knows best     Natural selection is     Natural forest regeneration
                      based on                 produces a far superior forest than
                      sustainability.Human     human reforestation.
                      tampering is bound to
                      disturb an ages-old
There is no such thing There are              Overfishing eventually reduces
as free lunch          consequences for every the fish populations to
                       action                 unsustainable levels.
Examine the case study on China’s
      Three Gorges Dam
 Pros ( briefly list in    Cons (List in point
 point form the              form the arguments
 arguments in favour of      against it)
 the project)
1                         1
2                         2
3                         3
      Pros and Cons of China’s Three Gorges Dam (answers)
   18200 MW of electricity                       Large financial investment
   Flood control                                 Displacement of over 1 million people
   Source of water for irrigation                Flood control not as effective as reported
   Creation of a deep,navigable waterway         Navigation will not be without
                                                   problems,costs,and risk
    upstream,thereby increasing trade
    between the interior and the coast of         Silting will create problems with the
    China,thereby increasing living
    standards in the interior                     Built in a n active tectonic zone,leading to
   A reduction in the country’s reliance on      Fields downriver will be deprived of
    coal-fired energy systems,reducing the         valuable silt deposits held behind the dam
    emissions of greenhouse gases                 Pollution from human and industrial waste
                                                   will be pumped to the lake from coastal
                                                  Resettled people will require new living
                                                   and farming space
                                                  Reduction in river fish stocks
                                                  Endangered species will come under

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