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					                                                   Network Marketing Company
                                                   CareLock programs are unique for Network
                                                   Marketing Companies. We can offer your
                                                   organization the opportunity to pay your distributors
                                                   through a mobile mone account which sits in a secure
                                                   FDIC insured bank. The distributors that have bank
                                                   accounts can simply transfer their funds to their bank
                                                   account for easy access. Distributors without accounts
                                                   can easily qualify for their own prepaid MasterCard®.

You can either use a CareLock designed card with your company’s name as a 4th line embossed
on the card or brand a card with your company logo and/or an image allowing your distributors
to have an additional recruiting tool as they use their card in everyday situations.

Because distributors get paid immediately instead of waiting for checks you can increase
retention. No more waiting several days for a check in the mail. They will know as soon as their
commission has been paid via instant alerts on their mobile phone and/or by email. They can
then send funds to a spouse or child in college in seconds after they receive their funds.

Your distributors will save valuable time and money by not going to a bank or retail check
cashing outlet to deposit or cash their check, which gives them more time to concentrate on their

Save the high cost of merchant account by using mobile mone for your business also. It is simple
and easy to set up and allows distributors to purchase products saving the company the high
merchant fees.

Never issue another lost or “out of cycle” checks and now rewards for outstanding performance
can be done at anytime without the high cost of extra checks being sent out.

A Distributor Advantage Recap

        Get paid immediately versus waiting several days for a check.
        Get instant notification that your money is in your account and instant access to your
         money with your branded prepaid card.
        Save time by not going to the bank or retail check cashing outlets to deposit or cash your
        Quickly grow your business and attract new customers with your branded prepaid card.
        Send money to friends or family anywhere in the world using your mobile phone.
        Sign-up new distributors instantly using your mobile phone.
        Save money by not spending $3.00+ to receive each check
        Show cutting-edge financial technologies go hand-in-hand with their emerging business.

  *Please note: CareLock Prepaid MasterCard cards are only used to pay affiliates and is not offered for sale
through any network marketing company or direct selling company for monetary gain

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