XY7700 In-Dash Double-Din Car Stereo GPS MultiMedia Player with 7.0 800x480 HD Digital LCD Touch Screen by ElKyra


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XY7700 In-Dash Double-Din Car
Stereo/GPS/MultiMedia Player with 7.0 800x480
HD Digital LCD Touch Screen"
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                                                          Product Feature
                                                          q   7" 800X480 HD Digital LCD touch screen
                                                          q   SiRF Atlas - IV, dual-core, ARM11 CPU,533MHz
                                                              ARM11+264MHz DSP: High Performance, power
                                                          q   Support GPS navigation system(Software is not
                                                          q   Advanced FM/AM radio system with AV-in: Rear
                                                              view camera
                                                          q   Build-in Bluetooth chipset: Connect to the
                                                              Bluetooth cell phone to make and receive
                                                              hands-free calls
                                                          q   Read more

Product Description
Your new car navigation and multimedia systems will allow you to determine your exact position and navigate
to and from your destinations, as well as support such multi-functions as audio/video playing, e-book reading,
picture browsing, FM/AM, Analog TV/ISDB-T, Bluetooth hands-free, AVIN, AV-out etc. Read more

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