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Nike Du n k

Nike Dunk High "Stussy World Tour" Black-Drk Blue AJ1057
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk High "Shima Shima III" Blue-White AJ1056
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk High "OLYMPIC" Golden AJ1055
$184.77 $95.99
Nike Dunk High Challenge Supreme
Nike Dunk High Challenge Supreme "UNION L.A." AJ1053
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk High Supreme "BE TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL" Colorful AJ1054
$184.77 $95.99
Nike Dunk High Premium Stealth White-Black-Silver AJ1052
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk High White-Silver AJ1051
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk High Supreme Varsity Maize Yellow AJ1049
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk High Supreme Spark "DESTROYERS" Red AJ1048
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk High White-Silver AJ1047
$184.77 $95.99
Nike Dunk High Premium "DJ AM" Red-Black AJ1046
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk High Anthrct Black-Blue AJ1045
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk High (LTD) "NEWSPAPER" Red-Blue AJ1044
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk High Premium Dark Blue AJ1043
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk Low Michael Desmond Black AJ1072
$184.77 $95.99
Nike Dunk Low "HOLLAND" Red-Black AJ1070
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk Low "CAVES" Orange-Yellow AJ1069
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk Low Premium White-Black AJ1067
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk Low "MEXICO" White AJ1066
$184.77 $95.99

Nike Dunk Low Supreme "ONE PIECE" Brown AJ1065
$184.77 $95.99
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About Nike Dunk
In 1998, Nike began production of the Dunk once again.Initial versions were classic university colors, but
the new team colors was not made before. The dunks released from 1998 to 2000 provided a support of
nylon tongue and arch, as distinguished from emissions mate today. At this point, Nike often released the
same mate in two different versions consisting of reversed colors. In general, the reintroduction of the
dunk proved to be a great success and production numbers have since increased to meet growing

The Ni k e Du n k hit the streets in 1988 the time which was indeed one of the best years for Michael
Jordan and Nike. It was during the 1987-1988 season that A i r Jo r d a n proved that he was, without a
doubt,the greatest player in Basketball History. C h ea p Ni k e D u n k H i g h d u n k s b s h o es s a l e
online,buy discount dunk sb nike shoe,order high quality dunk sb now fast delivery.We've Got Nike Dunk
Shoes! Shop Online.
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