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                            from Dr. David Wheeler

March 5, 2002

Dear Customer,

I have some new case histories concerning Primordial M-Water™ and MPS-GOLD™ 100 Aloe Vera extract. I
would also like to review some basic principles about my plans to add network marketing as an option for the
Primordial M-Water. I also received an update from a patient here in the Portland area where my offices are at
concerning her health changes.

A customer who has been purchasing MPS-GOLD 100 for several years ordered a bottle of the Primordial M-
Water. She was totally surprised by the change in her health. Here is her story. (Be sure to click to to read more about the science behind Primordial M-Water as a perfect
Living Water and more testimonial reports from doctors and the general public from around the world)

Linda H.
    “I have been a long time customer of Dr. David Wheeler’s MPS-GOLD 100 and have always appreciated how
wonderful this supplement is for the immune system. I never started taking MPS-GOLD 100 for any pronounced
health problems, but I still have had nagging health issues on a smaller scale as compared to having some serious
     I have called and talked to Dr. Wheeler several times about his products, which I have really enjoyed because
he is very accessible for someone who has so many customers to deal with. He has always encouraged me to try
the Primordial M-Water, but I have always resisted doing so because I just couldn’t get conceptually how water
could heal me. I mean, water is just water, isn’t it? And I didn’t really understand the whole issue of water
needing to be vibrationally and energetically balanced that Dr. Wheeler has written about, although I know I have
should have read more closely all of the information he has written about Primordial M-Water and the importance
of what he calls Living Water. I couldn’t have been more wrong in my assumptions about the importance of
Primordial M-Water for my health!
    I finally ordered a bottle of Primordial M-Water and followed the instructions of adding two teaspoons to a
gallon of my drinking water, and drank a couple of liters of this activated water a day as well as a small amount of
the concentrated Primordial M-Water right when I wake up and right before I go to sleep.
    I know now what my biggest resistance was to using Primordial M-Water. I have not liked drinking any kind
of water in the past. I have noticed that water usually just sits in gut like a stone and I feel very uncomfortable.
And I have generally not liked the taste of water. But from the first drink of activated water I enjoyed the taste as
well as noticing that water did not sit in my gut! Instead water seemed to saturate throughout my body very
quickly. I noticed that my urination seemed to have more volume during the day. After going back and reading
the literature about Primordial M-Water I can understand experientially what Dr. Wheeler is talking about in
terms of the hydration of water to go into the cells and out of the cells smoothly to flow through the body. I now
like drinking water for the first time in my life and drink a whole glass all at once. Primordial M-Water makes my
daily drinking water taste great!
    I have had a tendency to become very tired during the day. Now I have a lot more physical energy than before.
I also feel generally much happier and clearer mentally. I have had chronic constipation for a few years now, and
after just a few days of drinking M-Activated Water I started having regular bowel movements. My daughter-in-
law mentioned to me the other day that my skin looked great and that my face had a much younger appearance. I
asked Dr. Wheeler about this comment and he said he has heard many comments from people about M-Water
making the skin and face look much younger, healthier and more radiant. He said that the body heals from the
inside out and the skin is a reflection of inner health, with Living Water as the most healing component of day to
day life.”

This is a case history from a person who read the story I wrote about how the Aloe Vera supplement MPS-GOLD
100 saved my life. She developed devastating health problems from chronic parasites just as I had. (Be sure to
read my complete life saving story at )

Nancy B.
  “I had parasites for five years (medically diagnosed) before finding out about Dr. David Wheeler’s products. I
was near death with all the complications from having parasites. My gut was so swollen and inflamed that I could
hardly stand the pain. I wasn’t really digesting my food and had constipation so bad that I hardly ever had any
kind of a bowel movement, even after taking laxatives. I could hardly get out of bed because I had no energy, my
body was filled with pain and could hardly walk when I did get up.
   I have been taking the Aloe Vera supplement MPS-GOLD 100 that Dr. Wheeler developed for three years now
and it really saved my life. All the swelling in my gut went down, my digestion returned to normal and the
chronic constipation disappeared with normal bowel movements returning. I became less and fatigued over time
from taking MPS-GOLD 100 every day and eventually was able to go out and work every day like a normal
person with a lot of physical energy! I read Dr. Wheeler’s life saving story from taking MPS-GOLD 100 so I
really understand what he is talking about in terms of the pain, fatigue and hopelessness that can result from
chronic parasites in the gut.”

I reported on Anne M here in the Portland area where I try to see patients on a part time basis in the midst of my
research, writing and international consultations to doctors and the general public. Anne is my patient. I reported
several weeks ago that Anne was able to resolve her long standing TMJ dysfunction in her jaw and upper back
and neck pain. She had been seeing a dentist and a different chiropractor than me for several years on a regular
basis, without any substantial relief.

I reported several weeks ago that almost all her pain was gone and her jaw stabilized, which was primarily due to
taking both the Primordial M-Water and MPS-GOLD 100 every day. She is still stable and pretty much pain free!
It just goes to show that the body has the infinite power to heal if given right input – drink perfect Living Water
and effectively bolster and balance the immune system.

With Primordial M-Water

I recently sent out two emails announcing the start up of network marketing for Primordial M-Water. In one of
these emails I included a questionnaire. I got some negative comments but mostly positive ones. I must say that in
the case of the few negative comments I got about making Primordial M-Water available in the context of
network marketing involved people who did not read all the information I provided. Some people simply detest
network marketing – that is definitely very clear to me now! But please, please read the information about what I
am trying to accomplish with network marketing before it is just the same old thing!

I would like to summarize the network marketing option involving Primordial M-Water. Please read this
carefully, and you will see that I am trying to set up a different model for network marketing than has ever been
undertaken before.

● Dr. David Wheeler’s company does not need to invoke network marketing concerning the sales
  of Primordial M-Water. The sales after three years of just direct sales are sky rocketing! But the
  goal is to inform as many people as possible about Primordial M-Water, and network marketing
  will help accomplish the education of as many people as possible.

● There will only be one product for network marketing: Primordial M-Water

● There will be both direct sales and network marketing available to customers.

● No one has to become involved in the network marketing component unless they choose to,
  even if sponsored by a distributor.

● There are no extra fees to become a distributor – the only fee is buying at least one bottle of
  Primordial M-Water every month.

● If a customer has already purchased Primordial M-Water, they can sign up without any
  additional purchase, and then continue to purchase Primordial M-Water every month to remain
  active as a distributor.

● The compensation plan is simple: a unilevel plan without any matrices or other hard to
  understand components for compensation.

● If a distributor purchases one or two bottles a month, their down line is 4 levels deep and if
  three or more bottles are purchased, the down line is 7 levels deep.

● There will be a 50% payback from gross network marketing sales back to the distributors

● On the first purchase from someone directly sponsored a distributor receives 1/4 of the sale.

● There are Founding Distributor plans to receive as much as 6% of the gross network marketing
  sales and an option to receive referrals for orphan distributors (those distributors who came on
  board without a sponsor). There is a limit of 200 distributors for all pools to receive up to 6% of
  the gross sales from network marketing sales.

● The total emphasis is health benefits first and the compensation plan second – no pushy tactics

If you are interested in finding out more about the Network Marketing opportunity for Primordial M-
Water, please email me with your physical address to send the Network Marketing Info Packet when it
becomes available. Also, please email me with any questions about this opportunity. .
The special offer for this issue of my Update Email is the following (expires March 15, 2002):

Buy 12 bottles of Primordial M-Water (16.9 ounces per bottle) at the discounted price of $216.00 plus
shipping (works out to the low price of $18.00 per bottle) and receive a free ½ ounce bottle of MPS-
GOLD 100 that has a full retail price of $119.00.

Buy 24 bottles of Primordial M-Water (16.9 ounces per bottle) at the discounted price of $432.00 plus
shipping (works out to the low price of $18 per bottle) and receive a free one ounce bottle of MPS-
GOLD 100 that has a full retail price of $190.00.

Online Ordering: You can order online and then send a separate email stating that you are taking
advantage of one of the special offers. To order online, click to . The
email address to inform the staff of your special offer is .

Ordering by Phone: For US and Canada, call toll free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to 1-800-760-
3530 and state your order with pricing and the special offer to the operator.

Ordering by Fax: The US and international fax number is the same: 503-771-6908. Be sure to include
your complete name, address, zip or postal code, credit card number and exp date, and the exact order
with special offers.

Ordering by US Mail: Using the address listed below, send a money order, cashier’s check or some
other secure form of US funds. No personal or business checks are accepted for mail in orders if they
are not secure and guaranteed. Email for shipping costs first to

Online Ordering:
Toll Free Ordering Department in the USA: 1-800-760-3530
International Ordering: 503-771-6992
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