DOD GS600 Car Black Box DVR _ GPS Logger 1920x1080 HD

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DOD GS600 Car Black Box DVR & GPS Logger
1920x1080 HD
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                                                           Product Feature
                                                           q   High Definition Video Camcorder; 1920 x
                                                               1080@30FPS FULL HD video resolution
                                                           q   GPS Logger with GPS Google Earth Map
                                                           q   Wide vision 120 degree angle; Infrared Laser to
                                                               check viewing angle
                                                           q   Loop Recording; Supports up to 64 GB Micro SD
                                                           q   Collision Data protection: when encounter heavy
                                                               hit, the device will automatically protect the
                                                               earliest and latest 3 files so they can't be deleted
                                                           q   Read more

Product Description
High Definition Video Camcorder is equipped with high-resolution (1920x1080 @ 30fps) video recording
feature,and uses the most advanced H.264 video compression technology to provide much longer recording
time. GS600 can be integrated with GPS Navigator. For users who always drive at night, GS600 reinforce the
night recording quality. When the storage space is full,it can automatically cover the earlier segment. Wide
angle 120 degree: GS600 with ultra wide-angle lens installed in your car can allow you to shoot the panoramic
view. Support up to 64GB Micro SD memory card GS600 support for all major brands of SD cards, SD expansion
slot is up to additional 64GB capacity, high-capacity storage space. After the car start, GS600 will record
automatically and search for the GPS signal, after the car been turned off about 5 seconds, it will save the file
and shutdown automatically. AV-OUT or HDMI output, through remote controller. Through AV cable and HDMI
cable, you can output the reltime video on in-car screen, GPS navigator and car-use digital TV, or any
screen/device which support AV-In and HDMI-In. Through the remote controller you can adjust GS600 settings
and playback videos. GS600 receives the GPS signals and records the "time", "date", "speed" and "GPS logs" at
the same time. Through the software, the video and the Google Map can be played at the same time, all the
path will be displayed on the map, it would be very convenience for the vehicles management of companies.
When an impact occurs GS600 will protect the previous, present and next video files automatically. If there is
no additional screen on your car for in-put, GS600 has a considerate design: the laser pointer, which can be
used to confirm if the scope is suitable. After the installation of GS600, pressing the laser button and it will
point out the relative location of lens. Pressing the sound recording off button, the device will record no voice
but only image. Read more
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DOD GS600 Car DVR Black Box Camera with GPS

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