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									Day 2: Picking Your Offers

This is probably one of the most common questions. It can be quite daunting to find
offers with so many options out there. How do you know which offer is a winner?

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret… YOU CAN’T. The truth of the matter is you can’t
guarantee an offer is a winner. In fact there are offers you might do well with that others
simply can’t get to work. The only way to find a profitable campaign is by testing.

Let me explain my philosophy in affiliate marketing: Launch, Launch, Launch, Optimize,
Then Launch Some More!

If you launch 2 – 3 campaigns a day, with tracking set up properly, I guarantee that within
a few weeks you will find a winner. It may not be the monster that makes you $1,000 per
day, but it will be profitable, and more often times than not, also scalable.

Look at it this way: 80/20 rule (which I live by)… 80% of your campaigns will FAIL!
That means if you launch 10 only 2 will do break even or better. Lets say those 2 you got
to make you $10 a day. With this logic to find one or two that makes you $100 a day you
would need 10 profitable campaigns or 100 campaigns tested total. So that means to find
a monster that makes you $1,000 a day it can take over 1,000 campaigns in testing.

Don’t worry though, I have a system for maximizing your chances of finding a winner
faster and with less testing budget.

I looked at campaigns I’ve had success with and asked myself what they have in
common? The following are keys to finding profitable offers on mobile display.

TEST 1: Does the offer have mass-market appeal? In other words if 100 people saw the
offer you would want the maximum amount of people to be interested. Take dating for
example. Males who are single (and some that cheat) in the US alone account for at least
15% of the population, so offers in this vertical pass the first test.

TEST 2: Does the offer work on phones? You’ll be shocked as to how many offers out
there simply don’t look right, or have functionality that doesn’t work. Here is what I do to
test the offer and make sure that it works properly.

                           © Copyright 2011 MobAff LLC                                    1
   •   Use the following firefox plugin which allows you to pose as an iPhone Default
       User Agent
   •   Want to test other phones add this to the above plugin Default User Agent
   •   Change the resolution of FF browser to that of a phone (iPhone4 960 x 640 px)
       You can use this plugin

TEST 3: Does the offer have a simple path? Remember people on phones aren’t going to
fill out extensive complicated forms. Make sure the offer has a simple path from the first
page to the conversion. For example, if you’re running a mobile subscription, ask your
rep how the user confirms their subscription. Is it a simple reply Yes to text or do they
have to go back to the webpage and enter their pin. Little things like this make a HUGE
difference on mobile.
PROTIP – Another clue as to whether an offer might be good to test if it you see it on
more than one network. Remember to follow the origin use and track the
redirects to ensure you’re getting the offer near the top and not brokered from 3 other
network. Use a service like oDigger to spot offers you want to run. Remember that
payout and EPC aren’t everything since these numbers can easily be inflated by
unscrupulous netowrks.

Once you select your offers contact your rep and ask how they have performed in the past
or are currently performing. Ask them for any tips that might help you get profitable
including how much volume they are producing, what kind of EPC, which countries
perform best, how much budget and cap they have, which handsets are performing, which
carriers are doing best, and anything else you want to know.

Unlike traditional web CPA offers, the WAP offers are a bit limited. This will change, so
always keep your eye out for new offers and get on them first before others pick up on
the trend. First to market is always easier then trying to muscle your way in. With that
being said, there are still more than enough offers for you to drive traffic to RIGHT

Here are the type of offers I’ve had success with:

   •   Mobile Path (Sivler-Path)
   •   Ringtones (Thumplay and Jamster)
   •   Crush Quiz (Private Offer)
   •   Dating (MeetMoi and Adult Dating)

                           © Copyright 2011 MobAff LLC                                  2
   •   Promo Offers (Win an iPad)
   •   Lead Generation (Pre Paid Cards)

Daily to Do: Start poking around the various networks and make your short list of 3
offers that you might want to test. Grill your account reps about the offers and try to get
as much intelligence about what is working. Use the tools above to test the offer paths to
get a better idea of what a user might have to go through. Keep in mind forms that are
easy on web are a pain on phones so look for offers that keep it simple. Don’t be afraid to
pick international offers.

                           © Copyright 2011 MobAff LLC                                  3

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