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Description: S The present invention relates to the breeding of swiftlets of the genus Aerodramus and/or Collocalia in an edible bird's nests production facility for producing large quantities of nests. And a highly efficient method for harvesting nestssafely. Such a facility configured to breed swiftlets for their nests helps in conserving wild species of endangered swiftlets.BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTIONS Present method of obtaining edible bird's nest involves collecting and harvesting nests of wild swiftlets in their natural habitats such as mountain caves and limestone cliffs for consumption causing irreversible disruptions and damages to thedwindling populations of endemic wild swiftlets. Poachers have been known to raid established roosts of protected and endangered species of swiftlets in national parks and wildlife preserves at night to steal edible bird's nests. The saying, "earlybird takes the worm" and "finders-keepers" epitomizes the mentality of poachers as in the wild the first to strike takes all, leaving nothing for late corners. Such that nest poachers indiscriminately destroys un-hatched eggs, killing swiftlet chickstoo young to fly to safety, disrupting their reproductive life-cycle, threatening their very survival such that some species of swiftlets in South East Asia are fast approaching extinction. As with the rest of the global wildlife trade dealing inprotected and endangered species of plants, animals and related wildlife products, the supply chain of the lucrative bird's nest trade is steeped in a traditional hierarchy of shadowy contacts cloaked in secrecy and black-market deals. Dealers areunable to proof the legality of their supply sources. Unscrupulous dealers have been known to pass off imitation products and fakes as genuine edible bird's nests. Some nest-processors employed harmful chemicals and detergents in the treatment of neststo improve the market value of the commodity to the detriment of consumers. The birds called Cave Swiftlets o