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                                                        Staging A Home For Sale
                                                             By Kirsten Hawkins

   So your house is up for sale. It's a good house, well-priced for the neighborhood, and in decent
repair. But nobody's buying. What's wrong?

The fact is, you might be looking right past the problem. You've lived in your house day in and day out,
and you're accustomed to it being, well, your house. It takes a leap of faith and imagination to picture
another family living within those familiar rooms. If it's hard for you to imagine someone else living in
your house, then chances are, it's hard for potential buyers to imagine living there, too.

A new fad sweeping America is called "house staging." This is, essentially, "de-personalizing" a house.
Staging means making small changes to decor to make it easier for potential buyers to imagine
themselves and their possessions in the house. It's a subtle skill, and it works.

Staging can be a difficult process if you're still living in the home while you're showing it. But keep in
mind that when it sells, you're going to be moving anyhow. Take advantage of this opportunity to start
packing, and start with the things you use the least but see the most: Your decorations. It might be a
little uncomfortable at first living in a house with stripped of photographs and refrigerator magnets, but
it's worth the effect it will have on walk-throughs. When people see a house without personal effects, it
reminds them of a showroom or a model home, and makes it easier for them to imagine their own
belongings in the rooms. Think about it: Would you, as a buyer, feel more at home in a living room
crowded with photos of someone else's kids, or a living room with clean walls and a vase of flowers on
the table? The former makes you feel like you're intruding. The latter makes you feel the room's

Speaking of walls, it's important to take a good look at your color choices. For staging purposes,
soothing neutrals are the best choices for your walls. Although it's easy for a buyer to paint the house
once they move in, the psychological effect of seeing paint colors that clash with their furniture or taste
could cost you a sale.

Finally, staging involves one other major step: See your rooms in a new way. Just because your family
has always had the computer set up in one corner of the bedroom doesn't mean it has to stay there.
Do some experimenting and try putting the computer in an alcove off the front door, or behind a dining
room wall. Create new, practical spaces with your furniture to show buyers the potential in each room.
Try placing a small sofa or table and chair in the office and making it a sitting room instead. All houses

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have plenty of possibilities. The trick is finding the potential in your house, and displaying it in an
effective way so buyers will be excited about making those rooms their own.

Kirsten Hawkins is a real estate expert from Nashville, TN. Visit for
more information on real estate, mortgages, and finding the house of your dream.

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                                          Home Design - Mixing & Matching Fabrics
                                                         By H John Johnsen


 Home staging can possibly give your home a quick sale and high return on your investment. So, to
archive this you will need to stage your home. Unless, of course, your area is selling like hot cakes.

 But, today's volatile marketplace is starting to climb down from up high and the prices are getting to
somewhat reasonable levels. So now especially, you will want to have your house stand out from the

 Staging is not only about clearing out clutter and re-arranging furniture, but could also include painting,
redecorating and landscaping. The best way to evaluate the big ticket items is to look at your home. Is
the kitchen old, worn and un-inviting? How about the bathrooms? Are they old and outdated? These
upgrades usually bring a good return on your investment, but plan carefully and use neutral colors.

 You can also speak to your realtor, but keep in mind they want to sell your home, so they may not
want you to take the time to update. So, ask how much more your house can sell for with the
upgrades. Ask others (friends, family and neighbors) also and try to decide on a price for your house.
But be flexible and decide what's important. Do you need to sell quickly or for the right price? Your
realtor can help with those decisions, so tell them what you want and expect in the sale of your house.


• Non-staged homes were on the market an average 30.9 days. Staged homes /12 time less.

• Staged homes average 5-10% more than the asking price.

 • A survey of 2,772 mixed properties indicated that 129 of these homes were staged and they sold an
average of 13.9 days and 6.3% over the asking price.

 Home staging can be done by you or you can hire a professional to do the work. Keep-in-mind that if
your home is going on the market today, you will want it to look it’s best to prospective buyers. A nice
looking home sells quicker and at a better price. How many times have people looking for a home said;
“We looked a lot of homes and all needed work or were messy.” You want a buyer to fall in love with
your home once they enter.

 Would you purchase a home that was in lousy condition? Of course not. So; why would you show your
house if there were things that needed to be fixed or repaired? Home buyers can be very savvy when
shopping for a house. So; you should also be as savvy when preparing your house for sale.

 Home staging can be a simple process if you can do the work yourself. But it can also be financially
rewarding if you have to hire some one to do the work for you. How? In the fact that your house will be
more price competitive and can sell faster than the houses without home staging.

H. John Johnsen is a Designer and Writer for Home Design and other web sites.

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