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                                     The Garden Isle Calls More Than Just Tourists
                                                        By Megan Stansfield

    Kauai real estate is growing in popularity for investors who are looking for property to use for
vacation rentals. It is also very popular with people who are looking for a second home or a retirement
home. The beauty and serenity of the island makes it a premier choice in Hawaii real estate. There are
generally two choices in Kauai real estate, those being purchasing land to build a new home or
purchasing an existing home that is for sale. There are pros and cons to each and which type of Kauai
real estate you choose will depend on your needs as well as how quickly you wish to have something
ready. There are homes available for sale now but if you are building from new it may take a little time
to complete.

If you wish to purchase pre owned Kauai real estate, there are several homes that are available. The
market today is rich and prices are increasing every day with the popularity of the island. In order to
lock in a good price, purchasing sooner than later is advised as it is estimated the Kauai real estate
market will continue to grow. Since the laws of supply and demand show that there are more interested
buyers than available properties, the process for Kauai real estate will grow substantially over the next
few years. Many people who are looking to purchase a second home or retirement home are opting to
do it now before the rates increase any higher. This way they can rent out the home if needed until
they are ready to move into it. They have locked in a lower price and can get some revenue off the
rental until they are ready for a permanent move.

One of the advantages of living on Kauai is the low unemployment rate. However, this can also be a
slight disadvantage if you are building or remodeling a home. Skilled workers and craftsmen get a
premium wage, increasing the cost of the home. They are also in high demand which means if you are
in a hurry, you will likely either have to pay an increased cost or simply wait until your job can be
scheduled. For people investing in Kauai real estate by purchasing land, this can be aggravating.
However, if you are not in a hurry, such as for building your dream home or for a retirement home, this
is an ideal situation. You can contract with a builder, locking in the rates and not have to worry about a
time frame for completion. Also knowing you are not in a rush, the builder can take extra care in
assuring everything is done perfectly to your specifications.

For people investing in Kauai real estate land, there is another advantage. Land prices are also
increasing and locking in a tract of land will allow you to resell the land at an appreciated value to
someone who is looking for the perfect spot for their dream home. Even if you never intend on building

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a home on the land yourself, the land will be available to resell to someone else years down the road.
You can get a greatly appreciated value for the land and make a lot of money by simply purchasing
early. This is a trick a lot of investors use when purchasing land for investment only reasons. However,
as much as Kauai real estate is a great investment, many people are purchasing Kauai real estate not
for solely investment purposes but for their own use. The area is simply too beautiful not to be able to
take advantage of all it has to offer.

The majority of residents on the island are people who have Kauai real estate as a second home or
their primary home. Many people wish to enjoy the beauty of Kauai themselves and not use their
homes as an investment. Another option, though, for people who use their home only part time is to
contract with a management company to rent their home part of the time. During the time the family is
not in residence, they can garner revenue off the place on a daily or weekly rate. This is perfect for off
season travel when the family may not have use of the home. Instead of letting the home stay closed
and unused, it can generate some revenue. This can be used to make the house note during the time it
is not used by the family. This is a great alternative for people who live on the island part time only.

More information on Kauai Real Estate can be found on our site. We reccomend visiting Kauai before
investing in any property. Enjoy the island and its natural beauty Kauai Found

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                            Discover Something New Every Day On The Carolina Coast
                                                               By Tim Stewart

There's something about the Ocean Isle Palms in North Carolina's Ocean Isle Beach that's hard to put
your finger on. That's not to say that the area does not have something special to offer; it's quite the
opposite really. Identifying that special something about the Ocean Isle Palms is difficult simply
because there is so much to discover.

 Start with one of the most beautiful spots on North Carolina's Atlantic Coast - Brunswick County.
That's where you will find Ocean Isle Palms. Located in an area where coastal living is at its best,
Ocean Isle Palms ensures that residents are able to enjoy stretches of white sandy beaches, easy
access to the Intercoastal Waterway, and a sub-tropical climate that lets you enjoy your surroundings
year round.

 Of course, Ocean Isle Palms is not all about the water. While lakefront home sites are available, many
other sites are in wooded areas, natural preserves and, for those looking for a slightly more urban feel,
there are island-styled neighborhoods with palm-lined streets.

 With lakefront home sites, it seems as though it would be clear that Ocean Isle Palms does give
residents lake access, but it seems important to mention it anyway. The five acre lake within Ocean
Isle Palms is stocked for those who enjoy fishing and is a great spot for those who want to be able to
enjoy canoeing or kayaking. Those who are looking to launch larger boats, however, will find that they
are able to take advantage of a public boat launch just about a mile away.

 That's not to say, however, that Ocean Isle Palms is all about the water: though the lake, river and
ocean are all a big draw to the community for many, others are attracted to Ocean Isle Palms for other
reasons. A spa and clubhouse create quiet spaces to connect with others, to read, to workout and to
relax at the spa.

 For those looking to get outside, there are biking and walking trails throughout the area as well as
tennis courts within the Ocean Isle Palms Community. And, of course, as Ocean Isle Palms is only
about 20 miles from Myrtle Beach, it's safe to say that if you are passionate about golf, you will be able
to find a course nearby (there are more than 100 of them within an hour's drive from Ocean Isle

 With all that there is to discover within just a short distance from Ocean Isle Palms, there is something
for everyone - and that doesn't even bring up all of the beautiful home sites that are available. Perhaps
this is just a bit of foreshadowing about what life at Ocean Isles Palms will be like: living at Ocean Isle
Palms gives you a chance to get out there and enjoy everything that's available to you.

 Whether you hope to live in an area with beach access or you hope to have a home that will give you
the chance to discover something a little bit new every day, you'll find it at Ocean Isle Palms.

Tim Stewart is a contributing writer for Ideal Living magazine which covers planned and gated
communities like Ocean Isle Palms as well as other topics of interest to baby boomers. Request a free
issue at

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