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                                                       Advice On Selling A House
                                                              By Steven Gillman

  Maybe you've read lots of advice on selling a house. But do you know the biggest mistake many
people make when selling a house? Not understanding real estate value.

You see, it doesn't matter what you think your home is worth. It doesn't matter what youdid to make in
nicer for your family. The value of your home is determined by buyers. What you enjoyed about your
house may be irrelevant when it's time to sell. Think in terms of what buyers want, and use some of the
following advice on selling a house.

 1. Know the market. What other similar houses have sold for? Have those examples ready to show
potential buyers.

 2. Decide on a minimum price - the price below which you just won't move. Don't tell your agent what
this minimum is, but negotiate with any buyers who make an offer near or above it.

3. Concentrate on the visible things first. A new mailbox is often a good idea. When buyers fall in love
with the house before they even enter it, they forgive a lot of problems.

 4. Clean the neighborhood. If a neighbor's yard is a mess, give their kids $10 to pick up the yard.
Spend $20 to put flowers in any common-areas, and buyers will have a better first impression of the

 5. If you or your agent aren't getting many calls, try something new. Is more advertising necessary? Is
the price too high? If price is the problem, drop it fast. That perfect buyer might pass on by while the
the home is still over-priced.

 6. Listen to prospects. They'll be more objective than you. If you hear several times that the kitchen is
dark, get out the white paint.

 7. Find the average sales time for your area. If your house is taking longer than average to sell, there's
a problem, and usually it's the price.

8. Ask your real estate agent what she plans to do - before you sign a listing agreement. Write down

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

what she says, and hold her to her promises.

 9. If there are known problems, such as an old roof, get an estimate for repairs. The sellers may want
a $7,000 allowance for a new roof - until you show them your $4,000 estimate.

 10. Do improvements that can realisically get you at least a two-to-one return on investment. If $300 to
seal the driveway is likely to add $600 to the sales price of the home, do it. Always consider first those
things that are most visible.

There are dozens of things you can do to sell your house faster, and get a better price. Start with the
ones that will get the most "bang for your buck." Also, read and USE good advice on selling a house.

Steve Gillman wrote the book: Cheap Homes - How To Save Thousands Buying Your Next House. It
comes with a home selling guide. To learn more, and to see a photo of the beautiful home he and his
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                              Want to Stop Repossession of Your House - Contact Us
                                                         By Oliver Wingrove

Somebody who stays in borrowed house may face the situation that the lender is taking repossession
of the house. At this point he must do something to stop it rather than sitting idle. If a person has a
record of repossession then his credit rating becomes bad as well as he gets a bad name as a result it
becomes more difficult for him to borrow a house in the future in addition to losing the present house
and in turn moving out. If the owner has started court proceedings or his stay is within the grace period
then it is high time to do something as the next step could be eviction from house. At this point of time
one should act very fast to stop repossession of the house, though the choices are very limited. Still at
this moment one should know what are the options available to him and act on those options rather
than doing nothing.

 Selling the house is one of the options available to prevent repossession. Selling the house through an
agent is not that feasible as in that case one has to leave the house anyway. The other way of selling
the house and still stay in it is to sell it to a company that allows rent it back to you after selling. In this
way one can stay in the same house and can buy back the house in future if his financial condition
improves. The monthly rent and the price of the house for buy back can be fixed at the time of selling.

 This type of selling of property should be done to a specialist company only. We come to picture at
this juncture. One can apply online to us if he is intending to sell his property to us by providing a few
details about his property. Details like locality of the property, type of the house and the current price of
the house. These details about the house will help us to give the rough estimate of the amount that we
can pay for the property verbally. Depending upon the mutual agreement on the rough price of the
property we send our representative for actual evaluation of the actual price of the house and giving all
the detailed information regarding sale of the house. After the initial meeting with our representative if
one agrees for sale of the house then we guide him through the initial steps and start the process, also
we show him how to stop any legal proceedings, if any that have been initiated against him.

 If the lender begins court proceedings then it becomes difficult to complete the process, so it is
advised to start as soon as one comes to know of repossession if he does not want to be thrown out of
his house. The whole process of selling of house takes only about a couple of weeks. Thus within a
short time one can sell his house to us and get the money to repay the loan to the lender and become
mortgage as well as worry free.

By choosing to sell property quick you could avoid
losing your home to the lender through repossession. However usually you would also have to move
out. Oliver Wingrove one of the UKs leading experts in real estate offers you another option, sell a

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