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                                              Hawaii Real Estate Sales Remain Strong
                                                                By Brittney Foster

    The potential for real estate investment in Hawaii remains strong despite some reports which
indicate statewide sales prices have decreased somewhat over the past year. In fact, home sale
statistics actually indicate that prices are higher than they were just one year ago across the board

Maui On Maui 68 homes were closed on in April and while more than 50% of them did sell for less
than $700,000 the median sales price is still higher than this time last year; $16,000 higher, in fact.
Further study of April Maui real estate sales statistics indicate that while most home sale prices did
remain below the $700,000 mark this was not due to a reduction in sales prices but can more
accurately be attributed to the fact that more sales shifted to districts on Maui that have traditionally
been more affordable than other districts. In fact, half of the April sales were concentrated in just two
Maui districts: Kihei and the central plain. In districts where median prices rose into the millions, such
as Napili, Kaanapali, Maui Meadows and Wailea, there were only a few sales. This data would
certainly indicate that while sales remain strong on Maui, they are shifting to more affordable and less
affluent districts.

Even though it seems sales in higher priced districts have tapered off somewhat, this is certainly no
indication there is a lack of buyers for these areas. The fact that Maui has consistently ranked as the
top destination island keeps buyers interested in purchasing second homes as well as retirement
homes. The bustling activity of Lahaina Town continues to bring in tourists interested in restaurants
perched on the beach as well as live music and theatre venues while Kaanaplai offers plenty of
amenities such as luxury condos and shopping opportunities to keep residents and tourists alike

Big Island Median sales price for Big Island real estate have shown one of the largest increases in the
state, up almost $200,000. While there have been such reductions in prices, these were primarily
focused on homes that were admittedly overpriced when first entering the market. For the most part,
homes prices on Big Island remain historically high. The lowering of overpriced homes has allowed the
real estate market on Big Island to stabilize with an increase in inventory. This has allowed buyers to
gain more choices in Big Island real estate, leading many real estate professionals to predict that we
may be approaching the beginning of a buyers market.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

Kauai Kauai real estate home sales have shown an increase of $140,000 over the past year,
indicating a bright future for continued activity. When sales on neighboring islands were showing a
reduction sales on Kauai remained strong. These sales translated to an overall increase of 25% from
last year. While interest rates remain relatively low, both investors as well as individuals interested in
non-foreign tropical retirement locales are ranking Kauai as one of the first options for real estate


While it is true that there was somewhat of a reduction of sales in Oahu real estate in March and April,
sales in May, more than made up for that slowdown by increasing almost 10% from this time last year.
This new record allowed the median home price to hit over $665,000. Not only were homes sales
prices higher, but the number of homes going to closing also increased in May over last year; from 366
in May 2005 to 374 this year, as revealed by the Honolulu Board of Realtors. Further study of sales
records indicate that the slowdown of prices in early spring could be attributed to heavy rainfall. Once
the weather cleared, Oahu real estate sales recovered. Market conditions now indicate strong sales
activity, expected to continue throughout the year and beyond.

Considering all aspects of the Hawaii real estate market, the slight fluctuations we’ve experienced over
the past few months have done nothing to diminish overall sales activity. More and more people are
recognizing the benefits of enjoying the lush tropical setting of the Islands while reveling in the security
remaining in the USA can provide. After the initial shock of 9-11 passed, individuals interested in
retiring as well as those looking for vacation options realized foreign locales were no longer as
attractive and began looking for safer alternatives. The Hawaiian Islands provides all the comforts and
familiarities of America while retaining an environment that somehow still feels like another country
altogether. As large segments of the Baby Boomer population begins the retirement phase of their lives
it is anticipated the Hawaiian real estate market will remain strong.

Hawaii real estate has been said to be the most beautiful property one can own. We specialize in big
island real estate and all the other islands. Vist us today at

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                             How to Profit from Luxury Hawaii Real Estate Investments
                                                 By Carolyn Neill Allyson Blackard

Top 10 Rules for investing in Hawaii Real Estate Property

When you invest in Luxury Hawaii Real Estate, we all know that it is not that simple, however it is so
beneficial to most, that it is all well worth the work. As you are working towards success, there are
some rules that are very useful to follow that can help you succeed and profit from all your
investments. Let us share them with you.

1 When looking at Luxury Hawaii Real Estate Property, be willing to make offers, even if you are not
quite sure you want the property.

When a great deal is on the market, it doesn't stay long!

2 Make money when you buy Luxury Hawaii Real Estate Property; don't count on appreciation (an
increase in the value of property).

3 Build a network and take good care of them. The more people you know, the better deals you'll
come by.

4 Partner for the resources you don't have; money, credit, knowledge or time.

We all have grey areas, but together anything is possible.

5 Plan your work and make it happen: Operate from a clearly written vision statement.

If you don't know what you want, you will fall for any deal. There are a lot of great deals out there, but
they're not for everyone. Some people have different connections, so you need to figure out your
strengths and plan for YOUR perfect deal, not The perfect deal.

6 Treat investing like your own business: Devote regular time, keep regular records and choose
investment according to preset criteria.

7 Hire professionals (Luxury Hawaii Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers etc.) and take their advice.

You can save thousands of dollars more than it'll cost you.

8 Add value as many ways as you can.

When you buy a home in Hawaii there are cheap, easy ways to add thousands of dollars of value.

9 Be your buyer/tenant: Who are they? What is important to them? How do they live?

If you put yourself in your ideal customer's position, then you can build a paradise they can't resist.

10 Never stop learning.

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Always be open to the new ideas in Luxury Hawaii Real Estate; there is always room to learn.

Buying Luxury Hawaii Real Estate and investing in it is a high detailed, very beneficial, and useful
process. Following these simple rules, and paying attention to all the meticulous details will help
assure you success in all your investments, whether in on Oahu, in Hawaii, or in another Country.

We are Carolyn and Allyson, your luxury Hawaii Real Estate Agents, and we make it our duty to
provide you with all the vital information for buying and selling homes in Hawaii. As residents of Oahu,
we have easy access to all the knowledge you need.  Please visit out site at : We look forward to helping you own a home in Hawaii, your piece
of paradise!

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