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            Three Pitfalls To Avoid When Looking For A Property To Buy And Flip And Re-sell
                                                                 By Joel Teo

    One of the methods used by most real estate investors is to purchase a distressed property either
because of foreclosure or because of its run down state and renovating it and reselling it for a profit.
However this method has several pitfalls for the unwary and I will highlight three of them here in this

Pitfall #1- The surrounding neighbourhood Ever wandered into a neighbourhood and wondered why
property prices there were always lower than the rest of the district? One of the key things therefore is
to take some time to walk around the neighbourhood in which your potential real estate investment is
situated and then observe. Things to look out for include drug haunts, many broken down houses
which are a good hangout for organised crime. Vandalism on walls that is not painted over represents
a bad sign as it could indicate that the area is potentially crime ridden. Thus you want to avoid a bad
neighbourhood as buying a property there and fixing it up would not get you a much higher price on the

Pitfall #2- The physical state of the property Some times, even when the property is found in a good
neighbourhood, there has to be a reason why the property price is at a bargain. If you are new to
property inspection, bring a contractor, a structural engineer or architect along to inspect the property
and tell you whether there are any hidden faults. In addition, bring along a prospective real estate
agent that will do the rentals listings for you or resell the property for you to provide you with an
independent assessment of the property. This incidentally is in line with Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind
principle which states that to be successful, surround yourself with smarter people than yourself so that
you can boost your own success.

Incidentally if you are interested in foreclosures and auction property, always make it a point to spend
some time to examine your real estate investment property before attending an auction since you want
to ensure that you are bidding on a piece of property that is not termite ridden.

Pitfall #3- Legal Title Sometimes the legal title of the property may be more than meets the eye and
this is why the price of the property is below the market. There could be for instance two lenders with
mortgages on the property and as such your legal liability could be way more than the cost of one
mortgage. Make your purchase contract, conditional upon due diligence by your attorney.

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For the same matter, not all foreclosure and auction sales are a bargain, spend some time looking
around the neighbourhood and look out for things that may affect the legal title of your property like
unpaid property tax liens on the property, rezoning or some new development down the block that may
affect your legal title. One thing that sometimes people overlook is the concept of access to land in the
form of easements and tenements so remember to ask your attorney about this especially if the
property that you are looking at is landlocked.

In conclusion, when looking for your next bargain buy and re-selling bargain property investment,
spend some time thinking about these three important considerations. Take massive action today and
reach your real estate investment goals.

Joel Teo runs a real estate investment website with articles and information on real estate investing at
http://www.realestateinvestment101.info. To learn how you can start making money with no money
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                                                Flipping Commercial Real Estate
                                                                By Kim Lee

 Are you interested in making money with commercial real estate? If so, one of the best ways that you
can do this is by flipping these properties. Chances are that you have heard of flipping residential
homes. But there are a lot of people who are not aware that this can be done with commercial real
estate as well. Flipping the commercial real estate is a great way for you to make a lot of money. But
just like most things, you need to know what you are doing before you can get started flipping
commercial real estate.

The first step of flipping commercial real estate is to find a property that fits the mold. After all, you are
not going to be able to flip a property that is already in great condition. You will instead have to find
something that is a bit run down. This way, you can buy at a low price and then sell for much more.

Once you have located a property, the next step is to negotiate the best possible price with the seller.
Remember, flipping commercial real estate starts with getting a good deal on the sale price. The
cheaper that you buy the property for, the more you are going to be able to make when you resell it in
the future.

After you buy the property, the real fun starts. This is when you actually begin to flip it. During this
process you will want to do whatever it takes to get your property up to par with the rest of the real
estate in the area. While you are doing this, make sure that you keep a close watch on your budget.
Remember, the only way that you make money is to keep costs to a minimum and then sell at a high

As you can see, flipping commercial real estate is a great way to make money. If you think that you are
up to buying, fixing, and selling, you will want to look into this way of investing. Even though flipping
commercial real estate is not right for every investor, there is a large group or people who make a
killing this way.

For more Information check http://www.rentinsingapore.com

Kim Lee writes for Singapore's Rental Portal http://www.rentinsingapore.com

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