Chaser Prescreening by EqrIcW


									                          UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS
                             Kilo Company 3rd Battalion
                             Marine Corps Recruit Depot
                                1500 Iwo Jima Avenue
                          San Diego, California 92140-5696

                                                                       IN REPLY REFER TO
                                                                       13 Jan 10

From:     Company 1stSgt, Kilo Co, 3rd RTBN, RTR MCRD, S.D., CA
To:       Commanding Officer, Brig Company, MCB Camp Pendleton, CA

Subj:     CHASER CLASS 17 JUNE 2011

Ref:      (a) Base Regulation P5000.2K Chap 4 Para 4020

1. The following Marines have been screened and found qualified for the
subject training per reference (a).

RANK               NAME          SECTION          SSN       GT   AGE    TIS/TIG
2ndLt     Motivator, I. M.       Co K.           1234       99    19   9YRS/6YRS

2. Personnel listed above are directed to “main side” JRC Classroom,
Building 130132 on Friday, 17 June 2011. Uniform will be seasonal utilities.
Attendees are to bring military ID, pen and notepad. Personnel arriving
after 0715 will be dropped.

3.     POC at this command is 1stSgt Qui-Jada at 524-0000.

                                           J. E. QUI-JADA

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