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									                     PENN STATE ABINGTON FACULTY SENATE
                              2007/08 MEMBERSHIP
                                 December 4, 2007

Faculty Senate Council (meets 10 days prior to monthly Faculty Senate meetings)

Chair                                      Binh Le
Chair-elect                                Tram Turner
Past Chair                                 Tom Brown
Secretary                                  Ellen Brennan
Parliamentarian                            Martha Leva
Member-at-large                            Steve Stace
Academic Support                           Mike McVoy
Academic Environment                       Yvonne Love/Kathleen Fadigan
Faculty Affairs                            Ayoub Ayoub
Finance Committee                          Tram Turner
Student Affairs                            Debbie Casey
Pedagogy and Retention                     Tom Warms
Curricular Affairs                         Lonnie Golden/Jim Smith
Admissions and Recruitment                 Ron Zigler
Advising                                   Barry Goluboff

Division I:   Arts & Humanities
       Eleonora Adams    Sp09
       Andrea Levy       Sp08
       Charmaine Ijeoma  Sp08
       Winnie Morgan     Sp09
       Stephen Stace     Sp09
       Karen Weekes      Sp08

Division II: Science and Engineering
       Ayoub Ayoub        Sp08
       A. Feldman-Rosen Sp08
       Barry Goluboff     Sp09
       Joyce John         Sp09
       Kenneth Johnson    Sp08
       Mike McVoy         Sp09

Division III: Social Science (Library & Military Science)
       Ronald Zigler        Sp08
       Debra Casey          Sp09
       Martha Leva          Sp09
       Judy Newman          Sp08
       Shelly Novack        Sp09
       Tyrone Burkett       Sp08

Fixed Term II
Carl Schmiedekamp Sp09

Faculty Advisory Committee – holds monthly meetings with the Chancellor
Chair                            Binh Le
Past Chair                       Tom Brown
Chair-elect                      Tram Turner


Judy Newman                      (08)
David Ruth                       (10)
Mel Seesholtz (alternate)        (10)

                                Committee Membership

Academic Environment
Kenneth Johnson                  (08)
Tom Warms                        (08)
Yvonne Murphy-Love (co-chair)    (08)
Joyce John                       (09)
Ellen Furman                     (08)
Kathleen Fadigan (co-chair)      (08)
Tracy Reed                       (09)
Student member                   TBD

Academic Support
Mike McVoy (chair)               (08)
Lisa Morris                      (08)
K. Weekes                        (08)
Tom Smith (DH)
Joan Raudenbush, Registrar
James Foreman
Eva Klein
Matt Wayman
Student member                   TBD

Admissions and Recruitment
Anna Feldman-Rosen                (08)
Winifred Morgan                   (09)
Ronald Zigler (chair)             (08)
Gale Siegel (DSL)
Steve Mostert, Enrollment Management
Gary Calore (DH)
Student member                   TBD

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Barry Goluboff (Chair)          (09)
Andrea Levy                     (08)
Tyrone Burkett                  (08)
Judy Newman (College Rep)       (08)
Jane Owens (DCE)
Ellen Brown
Carol DeBunda
Student member                  TBD

Curricular Affairs
Lonnie Golden (co-chair)        (09)
Jim Smith (co-chair)            (09)
Richard Grande                  (08)
Janice Margle                   (09)
Peter Johnstone (AD)
Leah Devlin (DH)
Jane Owens (DCE)
Sam Stormont (Head Librarian)
Student member                  TBD

Faculty Affairs
Ayoub Ayoub (Chair)             (08)
Hae-Won Kim                     (08)
Tramble Turner                  (08)
Stephen Stace                   (08)
Steve McMillan                  (09)
Judith Newman                    (08)
Blaise DeSesa                   (09)
Alan Soble                      (09)

Finance Committee
Tram Turner (chair)             (09)
George Smeltzer                 (08)
Karen Weekes                    (08)
Pierce Cintas                   (09)
Janice Margle                   (09)
Bud Alcock                      (09)
Binh Le                         (08)
Dan Mueleners

Pedagogy and Retention
Tom Warms (Chair)
Renee Drobish                   (09)

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Katherine Kearns                       (08)
Kathleen Fadigan                       (09)
Anna Feldman-Rosen                     (09)
Shruti Gupta                           (09)
Marcus Roux                            (09)
Andy August (Honors)                   (09)
Anne Prior (LC)                        (09)
Steve Mostert, Enrollment Manager
Peter Johnstone (AD)
Tom Smith (DH))

Student Affairs
Debbie Casey (chair)                   (09)
Joyce John                             (09)
Joan Rubin                             (08)
Lisa Morris                            (08)
Jane Owens
Gale Siegel
Tracy Reed
Jose Rodriguez
Lauren Lubarsky (SGA)
Student members (2)                    TBD

Abington College Promotion & Tenure Committee
(5 tenured at associate/full rank, 2 alternates at 1 associate and 1 full rank)

       Elected (3)
       Eric Ingersoll          Sp08
       Linda Miller            Sp08
       Leonard Mustazza        Sp08

       Appointed by Chancellor (2)
       James Alcock        Sp08
       Karen Halnon        Sp09

       Alternates (2)
       Martha Kemper           Sp08
       Ellen Knodt             Sp08

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Division P & T Committees

      Social Sciences            Arts & Humanities        Science & Engineering
      R. Zigler             08   D. Ruth             08   H. Medoff           08
      J. Newman             08   W. Mistichelli      08   A. Ayoub            08
      F. Sessa              09   E. Adams            08   A. Schmiedekamp     09
      L. Golden             09
      Sean Griffin          09

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       Instructional Review (7 tenured)

       Teaching Award Winners (3)
       David Ruth         Sp 09
       Karen Weekes       Sp09
       Lothar Redlin      Sp08

       Associate/Full Rank (4)
       Open position to be filled Fall 07, ending Sp 09
       Carla Quinlisk         Sp08
       S. Stutman             Sp09
       A. August              Sp09
       S. McMillan            Sp09

       Alternates (2)
       B. Montemurro         Sp09
       B. Mistichelli        Sp09

Faculty Awards Committee (6 continuing appointment)

Division Representatives
I Division of Arts and Humanities:                                 Andy. August   Sp09
II Division of Science and Engineering:                            Hae-Won Kim    Sp09
III Division of Social Sciences, the Library and Military Science: Debra Casey    Sp09

       Teaching Award Winners (1)
       David Ruth         Sp10

       Research/Scholarly Activity Award Winner (1)
       Ayoub Ayoub          Sp10

       At-large (1)
       Mel Seesholtz         Sp08

       Alternates (2)
       Frances Sessa         Sp10
       Sean Griffin          Sp10

       Academic Affairs. Rep. – Tom Smith


Judy Newman, Sp08
D. Ruth – Sp11
M. Seesholtz

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University Faculty Senators
       Martha Leva          2011
       Tramble Turner       2011
       James Smith          2008
       Ann Schmiedekamp 2009
       Ellen Knodt          2010
       Student Senator – Kenneth Alman - 2008

Alternates (in order of election results):
       Andrew August (2010)
       Patricia Clayton (2011)
       Tom Brown (2011)

Senate Committee Assignments
       Ellen Knodt         Curricular Affairs
       Ann Schmiedekamp Senate Council
       James Smith         Faculty Affairs
       Tramble Turner      Committees & Rules

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                                NON SENATE COMMITTEES

Faculty Review Committee

L. Devlin
Tom Smith              Division Heads – non-voting
Gary Calore

B Montemuro            09)
K. Johnson             09) 3 elected (one from each division)
E. Adams               08)

H. Medoff              09 Alternate – appointed

L. Mustazza            08     2 appointed
S. Gupta               09

Program Coordinators

E. Ingersoll
R. Avanzato
P. Clayton
L. Morris
F. Sessa


English – W. Mistichelli
History – Andrew August
Language – Pierre Cintas

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                          DIVISION COUNCILS


Lisa Morris
Anthony Gyapong
Frances Sessa
Patricia Clayton
Matt Wayman


Ellen Brennan
Andrew August
Bill Mistichello
Bryan Polk
Y. Murphy Love
Ellen Knodt
Pierre Cintas


Kevin Cannon
Robert Avanzato
Tom Warms
Lothar Redlin
Eric Ingersoll
Edward Dressler

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