Freelance translator's presentation resumé by Abby Rupsa


									Freelance translator’s presentation resumé
Name:                              Hans Schouten
Business name:                     Supporter Translations
Postal address:                    Fideliohof 64, 2402 ET Alphen aan den Rijn,
                                   The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce Reg.:          28067044 CoC Leiden
E-mail address:          
Telephone:                         +31 (0172) 422 816
Age:                               56
Brief career overview:                High school 1969
                                      Higher Vocational English 1973
                                      Until 1992: various employments in international
                                      shipping & transport, specializing shipment of
                                      horticultural products to England, Ireland, USA &
                                      Canada. Management level from 1981 onwards.
                                      Activities featured intensive international contacts by
                                      all means of communication, including frequent
                                      travelling for customer and agency relations, business
                                      negotiations, exhibition presentations, etc.
                                      Mid 1992 until 1995: career pause in connection with
                                      (successful) transplant of kidney and pancreas, and
                                      subsequent training in financial administration and
                                      editorial/secretarial skills.
                                      Present self-employed activities commenced mid
Present service activities:        Translator, editor, journalist, copywriter.
Translation/edit language pairs:   English/Dutch; Dutch/English; Dutch creative writing.
Fields of specialization:          Medical, Business, Marketing & Finance; Computer &
                                   Software; Religion.
Choice of specific translation        Orthopaedic appliances inserts, ±300,000 words;
experiences (subject matter;          EN>NL; 1997-1998; Harvard Translations, Inc.
languages; project                    Bible studies, 2 paperbacks = ±80,000 words; EN>NL;
duration/frequency; client):          1996; Loizeaux Brothers/Initiaal.
                                      Airport maintenance & business consultancy reports;
                                      NL>EN; frequent, 1996-1999; Amsterdam Airport
                                      Dental appliances product manuals & professional
                                      articles; EN>NL; 1997-2000; HiText SA, Brussels.
                                      Docudrama television script (artist’s life story); EN>NL;
                                      23,000 words; Daniel Television Productions BV.
                                      Various technical/medical and literary texts; frequent;
                                      Taalcentrum-VU, Amsterdam.
                                      HP hardware registration program localization project;
                                      1999; Harvard Translations, Inc.
                                      Operations manual for digitally operated printing press;
                                      EN>NL; 30,000 words; 1998-1999; Sykes Belgium NV.
                                      Automated cardboard processing machine manual;
                                      40,000 words; 1999; HSN Linguistic Services Ltd.,
                                      Medical program on acute stroke management; Sep.
                                      1999; 40,000 words; Taalcentrum-VU, Amsterdam.
                                      Quarterly newsletter for major US/EUR investment
                                      funds organization; 1999-2001; Harvard Translations.
                                      Training course on neurology; 2000; 80,000 words;
                                      Taalcentrum-VU, Amsterdam.
                                      Computer game manual (casino); 2000; 5,000 words;
                                      Excel Translations, Inc.

    S u p p o r t e r                       T r a n s l a t i o n s
                                 Linguistic & phonetic word analysis consultancy for
                                 major US brand consultancy company; 1999-2001;
                                 Harvard Translations, Inc.
                                 (Parts of) Medical Encyclopaedia/Manual for insurance
                                 physicians; Mar/Jun 2000; 60,000 words out of
                                 300,000; MediLingua Medical Translations BV.
                                 Airline cabin instructions and announcements for
                                 Canadian aviation company; 2000-2001; HSN
                                 Linguistic Services Ltd., Toronto.
                                 Editing translations of revised manual for
                                 mammobioptic apparatus; 2000-2001; 20,000 words;
                                 Harvard Translations, Inc.
                                 Operation Manual for electroporation cancer therapy
                                 apparatus; 2001; 12,000 words; Global Language
                                 Operation Manual for MRI Injection System; 2001;
                                 11,000 words; MediLingua Medical Translations BV.
                                 Product manuals & inserts for various pharmaceutical
                                 & medical (especially cardiovascular, cerebral surgery
                                 & MRI) appliances & devices; frequent, 2001-2004;
                                 ForeignExchange Translations, Inc.
                                 “Codes of Conduct” for several multi-national
                                 companies in medical and metal-working industries;
                                 Various medical, med-technical, biomedical,
                                 biochemical and pharmaceutical manuals, instructions
                                 for use documents, product inserts and study reports
                                 on a wide range of subjects/products in cardiology,
                                 gynaecology, in vitro diagnostics, orthopedic devices,
                                 neurovascular surgery, etc., for MediLingua Medical
                                 Translations BV, ForeignExchange Translations,
                                 Taalcentrum-VU, SGS Documentation Services, Tek
                                 Translations, Lionbridge Technologies, Global
                                 Language Solutions, Tipping Sprung LLC, SDL
                                 International, Globalization Group, Lexi-tech
                                 International, LinguaLinx, Network Languages Ltd.,
                                 Language Professionals, Capella & McGrath, MT-G
                                 Medical Translations GmbH, Linguaset Ltd., Atkins
                                 International Associates, KJ International Resources,
                                 Geo Language Services,, a.o.;
Work equipment & software:   Intel Pentium 4, 2.60GHz., 1024 MB RAM; 80 GB HDD; in
                             SHO network configuration with Lexmark scanner, Ricoh
                             Aficio 1018D printer/copier, file & web servers; ADSL; FTP
                             site; 50s CD; HP CD-Writer; WIN2000; MS Office XP;
                             Trados Freelance 7.5; SDLX 2006 Standard; Adobe
                             Acrobat 7.0 Standard; WinZip; etc.
     Linguistic quality is essential. Always.

    S u p p o r t e r                 T r a n s l a t i o n s

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