Dr. Stefano Incerti by Abby Rupsa


									Dr. Stefano Incerti
Accredited freelance translator from German and English into Italian (mother tongue Italian)
Specialized scientific and technical translations

Curriculum Vitae                                                                                    (November 2008)

                                                               WEB: www.stefanoincerti.it
         Personal Details                                      Tel: +39.349.780.88.37
                                                               Fax: +
   Address: Via Costituzione, 13/b                             Mail: incerti@wde.it
    41014 Castelvetro di Modena                                > Skype: wde.it (call me free)
          Modena - Italy                                       VAT - IT 03077770364
                                                               Italian F.C. NCRSFN72D10L885X
Verified Member: PROZ.COM
                                                               Date of birth: 10.04.1972
                                                               Place of birth: Vignola (MO) Italy
                                                               Nationality: Italian

       Working Languages             I am a freelance translator from German and English into Italian and have,
                                     amongst other things, 10 years experience in the ceramics industry. I am
         Mother tongue: Italian      specialized in translation, editing and proof-reading of scientific and
         Excellent language skills
                                     technical texts, documents, publications, dissertations, presentations,
         in: English and German
                                     standard production directions, technical writings, internal laboratory
         Language skills in:
                                     reports, advertising and brochures as well as general texts, software and
                                     web pages.

            Education                1.   Graduation from commercial high school (ITC) “Agostino Paradisi” in
 As of 1998: Numerous stays in
                                          Vignola (Mo) - Italy
 Germany, Holland, Austria and
constant private and professional
   connections to German and         2.   1997: Diploma of Interpreting and Translation at the Mantova Institute
     English speaking areas.              for Interpreters and Translators – UNIVERSITY OF MANTOVA – Law 11-
                                          10-1986, n° 697 D.M. 26.12.1993 – Diploma Nr. 013/97.

                                              Thesis: Trade shows and exhibits abroad (AUMA – Report about the trade
                                              show industry 1995-1996)
                                              Fiere ed esposizioni all’estero (AUMA – Report about the trade show
                                              industry 1995-1996)

                                              Thesis: Friendly prodding and other sources of change in Cuba (Mauricio A.
                                              Stimoli amichevoli ma condizionati e altre fonti di cambiamento a Cuba

        Work Experience
Freelance translator. Cooperation    Since 1998 Language consultation for businesses and participation in fairs
     with agencies and direct        (SPOGA and PRACTICAL WORLD – Cologne / CERSAIE – Bologna /
   customers in Italy as well as     CONCRETE – Birmingham, BAU – Munich). Furthermore regular
 abroad (companies, businesses       collaboration with touristy and agricultural enterprises
       and public utilities).

                                     1999: 9 months agency internship at PR-/Advertising Agency
                                     Globussystem, Bologna

                                     2000: DTP: 30 days intensive training for specialists of the graphic
                                     industry (Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver,

                                        2000-2005: Part-time translator and leader of the following language
                                        courses: German for Italians & Italian for foreigners. Furthermore:
                                        Language consultation for companies of ceramics and plastic industries.

                                        2003: Foundation of the individual enterprise WDE. it (www.wde.it) – book-
                                        layout, web design, text editorships and translations, generation of
                                        Corporate Identities and catalogues.

                                        As of 2004: German courses for adults as well as German instruction in an
                                        elementary school for the committee for the promotion of German in Italy.

                                        2005-2006: Internal employee of a plastics company, sales department,
                                        responsible for the German market. Participation in international fairs.

                                        Since 1995 I have been translating documentation related to printing,
                                        prepress workflows, printers, etc. Main customers: Canon, Lexmark,

                                        Since 2007 I have been editing documentation and press releases related
                                        to automotive industry. Main customers: Johnson Controls, Audi, Fiat,
                                        BMW. (Reference letter concerning this jobs available on request)

                                        2008 (on going project): Translation GER>IT - Frequency inverters
                                        manuals of NORD (BU0500 - BU0700 BU trio 300 etc.)

                                        2008 (on going project): Translation GER>IT – Manuals, pricelists,
                                        website, press articles: SolarTechnik TiSUN

                                        Last year’s most important projects

                                        During 2007: Various EN>IT - GER>IT technical translations related to
                                        MP3 Players
                                        Food preservation manuals
                                        Pallettiersystems > Graber AG
                                        Manuals related to Printing machines > GER>IT (Lexmark) - EN>IT
                                        (Canon x2)
                                        Manuals for Candy Microwave Ovens > EN>IT
                                        Manuals for Coffeemaker – Toaster – Water Kettle > EN>IT (FAR)
                                        Localization Agfa printing Software >GER>IT (Agfa)
                                        Manuals for Abrasifkopf GER>IT (BHDT)
                                        Localization EN>IT Chemical software for (EB-SOFT)
                                        Translation GER>IT Security Fire System Device Technical manual for
                                        Translation EN>IT Soft Tissue Filler – (TEI Biosciences Inc)
                                        Translation GER>IT – Handbuecher / Dokumentationstexte Regler

                                        - Various Website localizations EN>IT Chemical Company website (food
                                        - Proofreading job for BNP Paribas EN>IT (BNL POSitivity Website)
                                        - Powerpoint presentations regarding EN>IT Human resources
                                        - GER>IT Translation of "Fragebogen" for marketing research institutes for
                                        instance Vorwerk and others
                                        - GER>IT Translation “Bohrschrauber” Manual for a drilling machine “Mister
See also enclosed past experiences CV

            How I Work                  As a specialist for translation of scientific and technical documentation I
                                        know how important it is to translate your statements clearly and
                                        doubtlessly using correct terminology. I know that translating is an art. I
                                        offer you a professional translation service from German and English into
                                        my mother tongue Italian. I am efficient and perfectionist a skilled
                                        professional who know his grammar and accent. Translating is not only
                                        about conveying the feeling of the original; accuracy is supremely
                                        important. All work is carried out in accordance with your statements and
                                        can be transmitted to you per e-mail, fax or postal service.
            Services                 Newspaper articles, press releases, information and advertising -brochures,
Translation, Editing/proofreading,
                                     advertising texts, company-newsletters, business profiles and
  Website localization, Software
                                     presentations, web pages, guides, menus, catalogues, correspondence

                                     Technical field: Manuals and operation instructions, software and
                                     catalogues, glossary, web page localization

                                     Technology and Science: Ecology - environmental protection -
                                     agriculture - nutrition and groceries - ceramics - interior
                                     architecture and design – electro technology - energy
                                     management - civil engineering - telecommunications,
                                     information technology, railroad, energy production and
                                     distribution, glass industry, chemistry, plastics processing

                                     Law and Economy: Marketing - business letters - contracts

                                     General areas of expertise: Art, culture and tourism, gastronomy and wine

         Other Services              If you are interested in further details, please feel free to contact me
                                     without obligation.

    Computer and Software            DTP/WEB: Excellent skills in Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash and
   CAT-Tools: TRADOS 7.0 and
                                     Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Freehand, HTML, Java, Actionscript.
         Multiterm 7.0.
                                     Skills in: PHP, Visual Basic, C++, ASP, MySQL, Corel Draw.

                                     Workflow <.XML> files management with TagEditor for Indesign
                                     and PDF importing.

                                     CAT-Tools: TRADOS 7.0 and Multiterm 7.0.
                                     Excellent skills in Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint)
                                     Operating system: Windows XP (+), rudimental Linux-skills

                                     Hardware: PC Dual Core 2 DUO – RAM 2Gb – graphics: 512Mb Nvidia –
                                     scanner HP with OCR – LaserJet HP – Inkjet HP – CD/DVD-burner – ADSL
                                     Connection 20 Mb
                                     Laptop ACER Aspire 3100 sempron 3400+

                                     Iomega 250 Gb Storage system with redundant back-up

                                     English > Italian
           Glossaries                Mechanics – Automotive – Clothing – Industrial - Virology - Politics – Legal -
                                     CNC machines - Immunology - IT Tech – Technical related terms (general)
                                     - Mechanics - Dentistry - Economy - Extruders - Work Materials -
                                     Technical machinery - Journalistic glossary - Paper manufacture -
                                     Finance -

                                     German > Italian
                                     Drehmaschine – Economy - Legal – Electricity – Automotive - Medicine -
                                     General diseases - Industrial machines - Medical - Industrial machines -
                                     Electro hydraulics

           References                    1.   Dr. Carlo Cavani - Neos International srl
                                              Formigine MO
                                              Tel. +39.335.6460870,
                                         2.   Dr. Ivan Ebaldi - Multicer srl
                                              Formigine MO
                                              Tel. +39.335.230066
                                         3.   Mrs. Ditha Panke and Alessandra Micheli - DELTA International
                                              CITS GmbH
                                              Tel: +49 228 94867 59
                                         4.   Mrs. Petra - MERLE & SHEPPARD LANGUAGE CONSULTING GmbH
                                              Tel: +49. // 695.879-12
                                    will gladly provide you with information about me.

                                    Available on request:
                                    - DipTrans (Diploma in Translation of Institute of Linguists)
                                    - Certificate of University exams
                                    - Reference from past employers
                                    - Details on translation work (products translated)

                                    My rates depend on the word count in the source language, the technical
                Rates               contents of the text, the desired date of delivery and the file format. I will
                                    gladly provide you with an estimate free of cost and without obligation
                                    after seeing your text.

                                                                   Trados rates:
                                                                   Repetitions-100% matches                       30%
                                                                   99%-85% matches                                60%
                                                                   84%-0% matches                                 100%

      Professional Guidelines               represent their credentials, capabilities and experiences honestly
                                            answer, courteously, inquiries related to services, fees and available equipment,
                                            accept only assignments that they have the knowledge, resources and time to do well
                                            disclose, prior to accepting any assignment, any biases that may have relevance
                                            agree, before work starts, what is to be delivered, as well as how, when, and who will
                                            bear any delivery cost
                                            agree, before work starts, on payment amount, timing and currency, and who will bear
                                            any payment cost

                                            treat all sensitive information as confidential, and take steps to protect that
                                            take any and all steps necessary to ensure consistent delivery of work of a high
                                            professional standard
                                            accept responsibility for the quality of work they deliver, even when that work has been
                                            do not attempt to change, after work has begun, agreed-upon terms (except by mutual
                                            do everything possible to meet agreed-upon terms, even when unforeseen problems are

                                            do not directly contact end clients, or subcontractors, without permission
                                            attempt to resolve disputes directly among parties involved
                                            strive to continually improve their own skills
                                            do not unjustly criticize other professionals or their work
                                            capitalize on opportunities to further the industry as a whole
                                            do not engage in conduct or communication unbecoming of a professional

I hope my offer has sparked you interest and would be pleased to hear from you.

Best regards,

Dr. Stefano Incerti

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