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Description: S This application is a U.S. National Stage application claiming the benefit of prior filed International Application No. PCT/JP2006/318875, filed Sep. 22, 2006, in which the International Application claims priorities from Japanese ApplicationNumbers 2005-299329 (filed on Oct. 13, 2005) and 2006-024851 (filed on Feb. 1, 2006) the entire contents of which are incorporated herein by reference.TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to a microscope apparatus.BACKGROUND ART A method for spatially modulating illuminating light is known a method of observing a specimen such as a biological specimen or the like with super-resolution (see patent documents 1, 2, non-patent documents 1, 2 or the like). According to thismethod, the spatial frequency of the structure of the specimen is modulated by spatially modulated illuminating light, and information of the spatial frequency having high resolution exceeding the limit of resolution is contributed to the image formationof the optical system of the microscope. However, in order to observe a super-resolved image, a modulated image of a specimen (modulated image) is required to be demodulated. The demodulation method is roughly classified into two kinds of methods, optical demodulation (see non-patentdocuments 1, 2) and calculation-based demodulation (see patent documents 1, 2). The optical demodulation is implemented by re-modulating the modulated image by using a spatial modulator such as a grating or the like. Patent Document 1: JapaneseUnexamined Patent Application Publication No. Hei 11-242189 Patent Document 2: Specification of U.S. Re-issued Pat. No. 38307 Non-patent Document 1: W. Lukosz, "Optical systems with resolving powers exceeding the classical limit. II", Journal of theOptical Society of America, Vol. 37, PP. 932, 1967 Non-patent Document 2: W. Lukosz and M. Marchand, Opt. Acta. 10, 241, 1963DISCLOSUREProblems to be Solved However, the calculation-based demodulation needs much time because compli