Curriculum Vitae Chien-Shan Tsai by Abby Rupsa


									                                            Curriculum Vitae

                                              Chien-Shan Tsai
            Personal details

            Born 27th September 1979                      83 Hollybrook Way
            Mobile (UK): 07857704099                      Littleover
            Email:                  Derby
                                                          DE23 3TU


            1998 – 2002 Shih Chien University
                        Department of Applied Foreign Languages
                        Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration

                               •   The aim of the department is to train students with full English
                                   skills (i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing), knowledge of
                                   business and any other techniques related to business enabling
                                   them to be more competitive in the international trading field. With
                                   respect to the target, the courses during the four academic years
                                   were divided into two cardinal aspects: English and business
                               •   During the English courses, the training was subdivided into three
                                   levels: fundamental, advanced and specific fields. In order to
                                   advance my English capabilities, I participated in advanced
                                   English modules of listening, oral and reading. In order to expand
                                   the future potential careers available to me, I also participated in
                                   specific English training courses including Journalistic English,
                                   English Composition Translation and Interpretation. These specific
                                   courses provided my inspiration to further study translation in an
                                   undergraduate programme as well as to enable me to act as an
                                   interpreter as well as a translator in trading companies.
                               •   With regard to my business training, I was instructed in Business
                                   Management, Economics, Secretarial Science, practice in
                                   International Trade, Business English, Business English Writing
                                   and Marketing Management. Due to this previous training, I was
                                   capable of doing international business in both trading companies
                                   and manufacturers for three years before I participated in a
                                   postgraduate programme at the University of Sheffield.
                               •   Computer skills are considered a basic and central part of doing
                                   business thus I was also trained with the following courses:
                                   Introduction to Computer Science, Word Processing, Data

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                                  Processing as well as Internet and World Wide Web Applications.
                                  Due to this training, I am able to type at a high speed around 60
                                  words per minute; in addition to that my techniques include full
                                  packages of software including Microsoft Word, Excel and

            2006 – 2007 The University of Sheffield
                        Department of Translation Studies
                        Degree of Master of Arts
                           • In the one year postgraduate programme, I learned how to translate
                              different types of texts in several fields from the English-Chinese
                              Translation course and also learned how to operate translation
                              tools from a Translation Technology course. Therefore, I am
                              capable of translating different sorts of texts and operating
                              translation memory systems, such as TRADOS. In addition to that,
                              I also participated in other specific courses such as Screen
                              Translation, Translation Theory and Translation Genre. In the
                              Translation Genre programme, I focused my studies on children’s
                           • My dissertation project explored the translation quality produced
                              with the assistance of translation memory system and finding out
                              which type of texts work best with it. Through the experiment, I
                              have learned how to set up and conduct an experiment as well as
                              proof read the participants’ translations.

            After graduation, I devoted myself into the competitive trading field and applied what I
            had learned at university to business. I was an overseas trading sales assistant for both a
            trading company (Homlan International Coperation Ltd.) and a manufacturer (Kuching
            International Ltd.) for two years. My main job was selling the products and being a
            communicative bridge between the company and the clients. Besides this, my work was
            involved in promoting products, finding new clients and new products, providing after
            service for the clients, buying materials or merchandise from other manufactures,
            translating, interpreting (English-Chinese), shipping as well as any other administrative
            duties. During this period as an overseas trading sales assistant, I found my interests in
            translation and interpretation thus I gave up the job and decided to have my further study
            on translation in England.


            Dr Jody Byrne
            Personal Tutor

            Modern Languages Teaching Centre
            Arts Tower - Floor 2
            University of Sheffield

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            Sheffield, S10 2TN

            Tel.: +44-(0)114-2220758
            Fax: +44-(0)114-2754674

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