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									Name_________________________________Date ____________ Per_____

            Balloon Powered Race Cars
I. Objectives:
    to create a balloon powered race car for maximum speed and distance
    to learn how to use the formula Speed= Distance / Time

II. Materials:
    balloon(s) (I will provide you with up to 2 balloons.)
    straws (I will provide you with 2 straws. This may be used as your bearing, something for the axel to turn
         inside, and to be connected to the balloon to blow into.)
     axel (The straight stick that holds the wheels. I will provide with a material you can use as your axels.)
     various materials to construct the race car (YOU need to provide!)
          Body of car and wheels
     I will only give materials for one set. If you need another set I will charge you 10 cents
      for each balloon and each wooden stick (axle)
     Bring a box or bag to store your materials in, with your name and period marked clearly

III. Rules:
    The car must be powered by no more than 2 balloons. (It will be 10¢ to replace a balloon.)
          o The car must be powered by the size of the balloon I give to the class. You may not bring in your
                 own bigger balloon.
     You can build the car out of anything.
     It must have at least three wheels. Wheels are defined as anything that is round and
      goes around.
     The wheels can NOT be wheels from a toy car. They must be made out of something that
      was not originally meant to be used as wheels.
     The car may not leave the ground and must be entirely assembled in class.
     The car must be capable of traveling at least 3 meters.
     You will work with a partner that can only be from this class.

IV. Procedure:
    You will bring in materials from home and assemble your car in class.
    On race day you will race your car 3 times to see if it can go the required 3 meters.
    All cars will be displayed in the classroom.
    V.       Project Worth: ______________                      1. Furthest Distance Traveled           30 pts
                                                                     10pts/1 meter Ex: distance 2.3m=23pts
    VI.      Materials Due: ______________                      2. Design Sheet/On Task            5 pts
                                                                3. Brochure                      20 p ts
    VII.     You will work in class on this                     4. Actual Car                     10 pts
             assignment on:____________                         Extra Credit:
                                                                Can receive up to 5 pts extra credit if
    VIII. Race Day!!________________                            your distance is more than 3 meters
                                                                (distance= 4 m = 5 pts e c)
                                                                5 points extra credit will be given for
                                                                Best Looking Project Most Creative
                                                                Farthest Distance Traveled
Tri– fold brochure: BALLOON CAR
  I. Tri-fold Brochure: (Each person creates their OWN)
          1. Front flap: Name of Car, Designer(s) of Car (1pt)
          2. Inside of brochure
               A. Materials used- list all materials (2pts)
               B. List the modifications (changes) you made to create a better car as
                  you built it. (2pts)
               C. Extremely detailed drawing of your car with the following
                  measurements: (5pts)
                              a. Car height, Car width, Wheel width, Mass of car
               D. Date table listing: (2pts)
                              Race     Distance (m) Time (s)    Speed (m/s)

  Time (s)
                 E. One graph showing the 3 speeds of the car (2pts)
             3. Back of brochure
                 A. Conclusion in your brochure:
                     1. What was the average speed of your car (with your calculations)?
                        2. Explain why you liked or disliked working on this activity. (1pts)
             4. Overall appearance of brochure- Neat, clearly labeled sections- (3pts)
                               Design Sheet
Name of Race Car:                           Partner:

Materials Needed (List what the material is and who is bringing it):

Design #1 (Label all parts including body, wheels, balloon(s), straw(s)
Names_________________________________________________ Per____ Date______
                            BALLOON RACE CAR SCORE SHEET
Balloon Vehicle Performance
                                               Show your work for the calculation below:
RACE Distance (m) Time(s)         Speed(m/s)
                                               What is the average speed of your car
 #1                                            in its 3 races?

1. Furthest Distance Traveled                                _____30 pts
    10pts/1 meter Ex: distance 2.3m=23pts
2. Design Sheet/On Task                                      _____ 5 pts
3. Brochure                                                  _____ 20 pts
4. Actual Car                                                _____ 10 pts
Extra Credit:
Extra Credit:
Most creative        Furthest       Best Looking             _____

Can receive up to 5 points extra credit if your _____
  distance is more than 3 meters (avg. dist. =4m, then would get 5 points extra credit)

                                   YOUR TOTAL _______/65

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