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									                       Home address:                   Phone: +7 921 7944267
                       ul. Budapeshtskaya 91, 1-132    Fax: +7 (812) 7710695
                       192283 St. Petersburg, Russia   E-mail:

                                 Andrey Schitin
Personal           Date of birth: 20.11.1970

Education          1997-2002: St. Petersburg State University, Philological Faculty,
                   Department of German Philology, translator/interpreter

                   01.10.1999-30.09.2001: Germany, University of Bremen
                   Main subject: Germanistic
                   Secondary subject: International economic relations

                   Many professional trainings (computers, translation                       and
                   interpretation, technical and economic courses and so on)

Languages          Russian: Native
                   German: Professional level
                   English: Professional level

Language pairs     German -> Russian
                   English -> Russian
                   Russian -> German

Speed              2,500 words/day and more, fast turnaround

Rates              Translation: from 0.08 EUR per word/0.70 EUR per line (55

                   Proofreading: from 0.03 EUR per word/25 EUR per hour

                   Appreciable rebates are quite negotiable for bulk-jobs (25,000+
                   words) or long-term projects. The rates may be set either in EUR, or
                   in US$. For very small jobs flat fee 25.00 EUR can be applied.

Main translation   ERP
areas*             Software localizations
                   Machine building
                   Industrial automation systems
                                                 1                    Andrey Schitin’s CV
                                                                    Last update 06.10.2008
                       Motor-car construction
*The areas depend on   Home appliances
the language pair

Experience             10.11.1998 - Present time: part time freelance translator/interpreter

                       17.12.2003 - Present time: PROMT Company, SAP Project Leading
                       Translator, SAP Project Power User (localization of SAP software,
                       terminology maintenance, general management of localization
                       process). All translations are done from English and German.
                       Participated in translation projects for the following SAP solutions
                       (modules, components, service packs, terminology):

                       ECC Direct Industries and Mill Products
                       Transaction Banking 3.0
                       ERP 1.0
                       EHS (EA-APPL)
                       GTS 3.0
                       SCM 5.0
                       SBO Terminology
                       ECC 6.0
                       cProject Suite 4.0
                       GTS 7.0
                       CCM 2.0
                       Online SAP Catalog Content Management 2.0
                       Enterprise Portal Content Q4/2005
                       Service Packs SAP R/3 Enterprise

                       01.07.2002-19.08.2003: Representation of German Association of
                       Public Universities in the Russian Federation (translator/interpreter,
                       project coordination/organization).

                       14.06.1993-03.07.1997: OOO "Karina" (translator/interpreter).

                       02.12.1990-0606.1993: OOO "Vektor" (translator/interpreter).

PC skills/             Advanced user of Windows 98, 2000, XP, MS Office, Internet and e-
Software               mail, translation memory software (Transit, SDL Trados (SDL
                       TRADOS Certification), DejaVu, WinTrans, Alchemy Catalyst,
                                                   2                        Andrey Schitin’s CV
                                                                          Last update 06.10.2008
                           SDLX, Multilizer etc.), electronic dictionaries, DTP (QuarkXpress,
                           PageMaker, InDesign, Adobe Acrobat) etc.; able to learn any new

Hardware                   Intel Core 2, 1.80 GHz, 1,00 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, permanent
                           internet access (cable), scanner, laser printer etc.

Several Projects*             • Manuals for wrapping machines (English -> Russian, over
                                35,000 words)
                              • HIMA Software Manuals (German -> Russian, over 175,000
                              • Connecting diagrams hand-book, Moeller (German -> Russian,
                                over 75,000 words)
                              • Helps for Moeller Software (German -> Russian, over 50,000
                              • EPLAN Software (German/English -> Russian, terminology
                                work (more than 2000 terms), GUI localization (over 40,000
                                words), translation of help files (over 200,000 words)
                              • HSW2 Software, developed and implemented by Häfele GmbH
                                & Co KG (German -> Russian and English -> Russian, GUI
                                localization, about 100,000 words)
                              • Repair manuals for Opel (German -> Russian, over 100,000
*The projects are done
                              • Localization of the web site of a German polymer producer
for translation agencies        (German -> Russian, about 7,500 words)
and direct clients            • etc.

Some                          • Synergium: A reliable partner, prompt in communication,
testimonials                    friendly, good as a specialist of his subject and also as a
                                linguist. We will certainly work with you again!
                              • Mutscheller High-Tech Translation: Highly professional - Top-
                                quality results, punctual and reliable service, and very friendly.
                                A pleasure to work with!

                                                      3                        Andrey Schitin’s CV
                                                                             Last update 06.10.2008

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