Art and Community

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					Art and Community
                                 Katie Claussen
   Equitable Sustainable Community Development
                                      Dr. Nyden
                                        Soc 370
                                       Fall 2004
Arts’ positive impacts on
• Improved achievement for children and adults
• More extensive social networks
• Fosters sense of community
• Facilitates interaction and relationships among
  diverse groups
• Can be resource for community regeneration
• Visual projects can improve looks of
• Fosters sense of accountability and
  responsibility in community
Local Examples
• Exploratory Research
• Meetings with 3 Organizers from Uptown
  – Mary Ellen McGarry, ED, People’s Music School
  – Patricia Murphy, ED, Beacon Street Gallery
  – Sarah Jane Knoy, ED, ONE Community Organizing
• Meetings with 3 Organizers from Logan Square
  – Dawn Marie Galtieri, ED, aurorArts alliance
  – Joyce Fernandes, ED, ArchiTreasures
  – Rosita DeLaRosa, Logan Square Neighborhood
People’s Music School
• Founded 1976
• People connecting through one common language, music
• Community School
   – Offers free, high quality music instruction and performance
   – Program open to everyone
   – Helps create a sense of family among students and their families
• Students required to take part in efforts to build and maintain
   – Program facilitates a sense of community responsibility
   – Board of directors made up of students or parents
• Funding
   – Illinois Arts Council
   – City Arts II
   – Foundations and corporations
   – Personal donations
Beacon Street Gallery
•   Founded 21 years ago
•   Brings together over 100 different cultures – gives them all a voice
•   Believe that art is a catalyst for change
•   Numerous programs for community
     – Exhibitions and performances by local artists
     – 21st Century Community Learning Centers, local elementary
        school program
     – Arts Impacting Achievement, using art as tool in classroom, 3-
        year study
     – Master Artist, program for at-risk youth in local community
     – Funding, varies with project
         • City Arts
         • MacArthur Fund for Arts and Culture
         • National Endowment for the Arts
         • Marshall Fields
         • Individual donations
ONE Perspective
• Few art organizations involved with ONE
   – Attempts to utilize and highlight local arts did not succeed
• Local art orgs serve community beyond Uptown
• Arts in Uptown have reputation for being connected with
• ONE has received some criticisms for not building bridges with art
• Several examples in Uptown of grassroots art
   – People’s Music School
   – Beacon Street Gallery
   – Scrap Mettle SOUL
   – Theaters, including Pegasus (Harry Truman College)
• ONE sees potential for creating these relationships, but connection
  to gentrification, costs and lack of free space are challenges
aurorArts alliance
• Young organization, 5 years
• Logan Square – home to many community activists – strong civic
• Aims to connect community activists, artists, performers and
  educators with each other and Logan Square
• Builds bridges and strong creative relationships
• Fine Arts for Kids of Logan Square (FAKLS) -After-school program
  for kids – fine arts education
• Involves community groups, volunteers, artists, dancers, actors,
  musicians, media specialists, performance companies
• Vaudeville Underground, variety shows include local artists, 7 shows
  a year
• Organization homogeneous, but is working to diversify
• Funding
   – Donations
        • Monetary contributions, art supplies, musical instruments,
          business services, time and resources
• Founded 1996, grew from public safety concerns
• Works with communities all over metro Chicago to unite youth with
  local community
• Raises community involvement in the urban landscape – redesign
  public spaces through participatory design and construction
• Artists and architects work youth to identify spaces, train them in
  project development, and build spaces
• Example results: community garden, parade or community event,
  murals, a school park, a bus stop
• Brings art into shared community spaces and enhances physical
• Funding
   – Donations, volunteers, local business sponsors
LSNA Perspective
LSNA works with and benefits from aurorArts alliance and
  Redmoon Theater programs
   – LSNA donates space for aurorArts after-school art programs
   – LSNA involved with Redmoon Neighborhood Arts Programs
      • “The Dramagirls Program”
      • “Winter Pageant”
      • “Shrine Workshop Vehicle”
• Benefits to Logan Square Community
   – Expose children to creative expression
   – Improves overall achievement
   – Foster relationships between middle-school children and senior
   – Builds stronger community relations
• Numerous other art programs that foster strong
• Grassroots art            • Art orgs are giving
  organizations do exist      individuals a voice
• Connections between       • Key to arts and
  art and community           community
  are benefiting Logan        development is a
  Square and Uptown           common language
  and beyond                • Opportunities exist for
• Art has potential to be     further collaboration
  stratifying but also to     between art orgs and
  be unifying                 neighborhood
Art Alive in the United Kingdom
• Digbeth, UK
  – Factory converted into art center draws new residents
• Penzance, West Cornwall, UK
  – Community re-establishes festival tradition
  – Residents come together throughout the year to prepare for the
  – Draws tourist to the small town
• Other Community Art Organizations
  – “The Blackie” - a community art venue that houses cultural events
    such as exhibitions, art workshops and programs, youth residencies and
    performances. Its main purpose is to offer a place for the community to
    come together and share in cultural events.
  – Liverpool Network Theater Group – “They aim to produce the
    very best in community theatre, to encourage participation in community
    theatre at all levels, to develop new writing and new performance, and
    to use theatre to include, encourage and inform” (News from Nowhere).
• Liverpool named European Culture Capital 2008
  – Provides possible advantages and disadvantages