ecomaine example postcard by sW5qEPE


									                                                                   DO RECYCLE

   Recycle with ME
                                                        Paper, Plastic, Metal, and Glass
                                                           Can All be Mixed Together
                                                         Newspapers & inserts

    Recycling works for Old
                                                         Magazines, mail & catalogs
                                                         Paper bags
                                                         Office paper & envelopes

  Orchard Beach and we’re                                File folders
                                                         Wrapping paper
                                                         Hard cover books
asking you to recycle, too.                              Phone books
                                                         Paper plates (clean)
                                                         Milk & juice cartons
          We’ve made it easy for you                     Drink boxes & aseptic containers
                                                         Cardboard boxes
with Single Sort recycling at our                        Cereal boxes
                                                         Gift boxes
transfer station & Silver bullet                         Pizza boxes
Recycling Receptacle. Just combine all                   Water bottles
                                                         Milk jugs
your recyclable items in one container                   Detergent bottles
                                                         All containers marked with #1-#7
(no need to separate materials by                          (except Styrofoam)
                                                         Plastic grocery/ shopping bags
type or by color) and put all your                         marked with #2 or #4
trash in another.                                        Tin cans
                                                         Aerosol cans (empty)
                                                         Aluminum cans/foil
          Then, take it to our transfer                  Pots & pans
station, and empty each container                        All glass bottles & jars (all colors)
                                                                      DON’T RECYCLE
under the corresponding sign.                            Batteries, alkaline
                                                         Clothing & shoes
          It’s easy.                                     Diapers
                                                         Food (but you can compost)
                                                         Kitty litter
          It’s fast.                                     Knives
                                                         Light bulbs, incandescent (trash),
                                                             compact fluorescent light bulbs
          It works for ME.                                   (return to store)
                                                         Needles & sharps
                                                         Paper napkins & Paper towels
Transfer Station Hours: Monday - Saturday
                                                         Plastic bags: trash bags, bread bags,
7:15 am to 2:00pm located at 99 Dirigo Drive             llllfrozen vegetable, snack/sandwich,
                                                         Plastic envelopes
Silver Bullet Recycling Receptacle location: Radley’s    Plastic wrap or film
Market parking lot located at 2 Cascade Road             Potato chip bags
                                                         Propane cylinders
                                                         Ribbon & bows
Printed on 100% post-consumer and with ecomaine, our
                                                         Styrofoam® or polystyrene foam
municipally-owned, non-profit recycling facility.            (even if marked #6)
                                                         Vinyl (siding, bumper stickers, etc.)
                                                         Waxed boxes & paper
           All containers should be empty & Flattened    Wood

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