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Hello friends of Neil Johnson,

Here's twenty sites that allow you to create back links for free. For each site, I list the
page rank, and I also include a short description of each site. In my regular packets, each
site comes with detailed instructions on how to place links; because most of these sites
are well known, I have dispensed with the detailed instructions for this packet.

If you want to get even more sites in my PR5+ packets each week, go here:


Each week you'll get a packet just like this, with 20 PR5+ sites to place your links on.

Here are the twenty sites:

1. PR9 Member Blog
     Blogger gives you unlimited dofollow backlinks, and it is owned by Google, and
     thus probably favored in the ranking. You should definitely include a blogger blog
     or two in your arsenal of backlinks.

2. PR8 Member Blog
     Yeah, not free. It costs $8.95 per month. However, because it is not free, it also is
     not inundated by spammers. Your backlinks from this high authority site count for
     much more, as a result, in Google's ranking algorithms.

3. PR5 Member Blog
     A very nice independent and free blogging platform, it has high authority, a lot of
     traffic, and its pages rank well in Google. Must-have for any back linking strategy.

4. PR6 Member Blog
     Another member blog platform with some nice layouts and good link juice.

5. PR8 Document Sharing Site
     Scribd is the doyen of docshare sites – it's been around the longest, has the most
     authority, and has the most traffic. Upload an article with some embedded links,
     and the site will convert it into a document with live dofollow links.

6. PR6 Document Sharing Site
     Docstoc is my current favorite among docshare sites, because Google is having a
     long-lasting love afair with it. They have excellent on-page SEO, and the pages
     rank well and provide nice link juice to your sites.
If you want to get even more sites in my PR5+ packets each week, go here:


7. PR8 Buzz Creation Site
     This site allows people to discover sites that match their interests. You as the
     poster get a backlink to your site that passes both traffic and link juice. Include
     this in your backlinking plan, for sure.

8. PR5 Info Collection Site
     Amplify works as follows: you're surfing the web, find something interesting, and
     want to publish it for other people to see. So you “clip it” to your Amplify page,
     and from there it gets pushed. Easy to get a good backlink from it.

9. PR8 Bookmarking
     Just as Scribd is the king of docshare sites, Delicious is the top of the line for
     bookmarking. It has enormous, server-melting, amounts of traffic, and it gives you
     a dofollow link which gives you a powerful boost in the rankings.

10. PR7 Bookmarking
      Trust Yahoo! to have two or three of everything, LOL. Yahoo! already owns
      Delicious, so its not entire clear to me why they also have this bookmarking site,
      but they do – and what's more, it's not as flooded with spam as other such sites.

11. PR7 Bookmarking
      Another old-timer site for bookmarking, Mr Wong goes for “funky”. What's more,
      it has several country specific versions which each have a different domain and so
      will count for a separate domain in Google's calculation. Just search for “Mr
      Wong” and you'll find all the country specific versions.

12. PR9 Video Site, DOFOLLOW in profile! Owned by Google!
      Many don't know that YouTube actually gives you a single dofollow link in your
      profile, and therefore it's not as widely used as it should be, for backlinking. You
      can also pay someone with a high pagerank profile to give you their backlink,
      you'll be surprised how easy it is to get someone to do that for a few bucks.

13. PR8 Social Site, DOFOLLOW profile! Owned by Google!
      Again, a relatively unknown fact is that you can create dofollow links on a profile,
      and besides, Google+ pages rank extremely well in Google, giving you both
      traffic and link juice. A must have in any backlinking campaign.
If you want to get even more sites in my PR5+ packets each week, go here:


14. PR6 Social Site
      Gather is high authority, many profiles contain lots of information and are thus
      easily indexed by Google, and the profile gives you dofollow links.

15. PR6 Social/Blogging Site
      Teenagers seem to favor this, especially after the closure of GeoCities. But we do
      not mind, a backlink is a backlink, and because the profiles are very text-rich, they
      get indexed by Google.

16. PR7 Blog Directory
      Submit your blog to this directory and get a dofollow link. Free too!

17. PR6 FREE Press Release Distribution
      Press releases are a pain to write – very constrained style, and very limited
      backlinking opportunities. But they do provide one huge advantage – press
      releases rank very fast and very well in Google. It's easy to see why: first, they
      contain content that is very easy for Google to analyze and classify, and they're
      time-sensitive, so Google has an incentive to include them fast in the rankings.

18. PR6 Free and Paid Press Release Distribution
      Similar to

19. PR7 Member Blog
      The Atom community hosts sophisticated blogs, and gives you dofollow links. It
      has a good amount of traffic and because of its high pagerank it is one of the most
      authoritative blog hosters.

20. PR7 Member Sites
      The site hosts your private sites for free, and gives you dofollow links
      to any off-site destination. Use off-site links sparingly, the webmasters know
      how valuable these links are, and they will delete any site that looks spammy.

So there you have it, twenty high page rank sites that are often overlooked as sources of
backlinks. You will benefit greatly from placing your links on these sites, because of the
sites' high site authority and high page rank.
If you want to get even more sites in my PR5+ packets each week, go here:


Yours In Success,

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