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					By Anne Dixon

iPhone complaints started flying around the internet almost as soon as
the first people who purchased it were able to activate it. Last year,
and even now, the iPhone is the tech gadget everyone "has to have." Their
sales continue to be phenomenal, even surpassing Apple's own
expectations. Many of the iPhone complaints are minor compared to the
incredible capability of this electronic gadget. Here are a few
workarounds to general complaints:

There are numerous places online to download music, movies, applications,
games and more for the iPhone. A complaint made by iPhone owners is the
very slow download speed the iPhone experiences.

Many people workaround the slow download speeds by consciously scheduling
when they plan to do downloads for their iPhone. Although, this does not
increase the download speed, planning can reduce the aggravation of
waiting and waiting.

When the iPhone became available for purchase in June 2007, to activate
it as a cell phone, you were required to signup (lock in) to a 2 year
contract with AT&T. This caused a huge complaint by many who 1) don't
like to be told who they have to use as a cell phone service; 2) don't
particularly like AT&T service; and so on.

Los Angeles CNN reported on September 1, 2007 "Code to Unlock iPhone
Cracked" Their story explained that "anonymous developers" have created
software enabling the iPhone to be used by ANY phone network and will be
selling the software program soon.

The unlocking software became available and people "unlocked" their
iPhone from the AT&T 2 year contract, or purchased an iPhone, then
"unlocked" it. Apple did an "upgrade" which was supposed to make the
unlocking software obsolete. The "anonymous developers" quickly
"upgraded" the unlocking software. It seems that these software
developers may be able to overcome any locking features Apple may

The "anonymous developers" have now made the most current iphone unlock
software online, free. They also give you easy to follow instructions on
"jailbreaking" the iphone, unlocking it and activating it. If you wish to
use your iPhone on a cell carrier of your choice, you can download the
free unlock software.

An iPhone complaint that has even generated a lawsuit, concerns its
battery and its battery life. The iPhone battery is sealed within the
device and cannot be changed. You can not change it for a longer lasting
battery or if it becomes defective.

Most cell phone owners are used to being able to change the battery of
their cell phones at will. When the iPhone came out with the sealed
battery, many new owners were upset because they were not made aware of
this restriction up front. This lack of communication from Apple has
turned into a lawsuit.

A way to insure you continually have battery "juice" is to purchase
several iPhone recharging docks and make sure you locate them in
convenient places. Keep one at home, at work, in your purse, backpack or
brief case. This way, when your iPhone battery charge goes down, you can
easily plug it in to the recharger.

The largest memory capacity available for the iPhone is now 16GB.
Initially, the first iPhones available were only 4GB and 8GB. People have
complained about the low amount of memory available, especially if they
are used to 20GB iPods. They desire more memory because there are so many
fun downloads available, yet they all take up memory! Unfortunately, at
this time there are no workarounds to increasing your iPhone's memory
capacity other than buying a new iPhone with the largest memory capacity
of 16GB.

Apple is listening to their iPhone customers. They are quickly
incorporating changes to new models planned in the future to help
eliminate complaints. Remember, the iPhone is a very new, and like no
other device. If we give Apple time, I have no doubt, they will have it
almost "perfect" for most users.

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