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									                  The Wayne Witness
The Official Newsletter of      Wayne Lodge #112                               F & A M, of Westland, Michigan
  York Rite, R.A.M. – Wayne Chapter #182          OES – Nankin Chapter #238        Rainbow – Wayne Assembly #72
Chartered January 14, 1859                          Issue #2                                2010 – August

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  The Wayne Witness                                                  Table of Contents – August, 2010
                  The official newsletter of
                                                                     Notes from the Editor …………………..……..…. 1
          Wayne Lodge #112                                           Table of Contents ………………………………… 2
                                                                     How to Get The Witness & Reader Contributions 2
     37137 Palmer Road, Westland, MI 48186-3964
                    734-721-7950                                     Upcoming Events & Activities ……….....…. 3
                                      Short Talk Bulletin – Benjamin Franklin ……… 4
                                                                     What is an Intender? ……………………………. 6-8
    The Witness is published and distributed monthly,                Humor ……………………………………..…… 10, 25
      shortly before each Regular Business Meeting,                  Lodge & Temple Officers & Comm. Members 12-13
          which is the 2nd Monday of each month,                     Poem – America For me! ……………………….. 13
              by Brother Editor Paul Libke,                          Birthdays …………………………………………. 15
         who is solely responsible for it’s content.                 Let’s get Going – Masonic Renewal ………… 18-20
          Articles for publication must be signed,                   Poem – The Touch of the Master’s Hand …….. 22
but may be published anonymously, if desired, and agreed             Eastern Star & Rainbow News …………………. 24
       to by the Editor and the Worshipful Master.
                                                                     Royal Arch News, Wayne Lodge Website & F/B 25
                                                                     The Bricklayer’s Accident Report (More Humor) 26
 Please send any materials / photos for inclusion to:
                                                                     Irish Blessing – Surgery News – Round Table …. 27
      Paul Libke, Editor, The Wayne Witness
                                                                     Poem – Fraternally Yours ……………………….. 28
             Cell Phone: 734-748-6464                                Calendar – August & September, 2010 ... 30

Page 2          Issue #2 – August, 2010             Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan               The Wayne Witness
      Upcoming Events & Activities                     ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
                                                       Sep 28 6:00p       Masonic Temple Association
   Wayne Lodge #112 & Appendant Bodies
                                                       Tue                Directors’ Meeting
 Also see the Calendar on the back cover, the whole-
                                                               7:00p      Wayne Fellowcraft Club
    page Flyers, The Trestle Board, & our Website.
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         Oct 4 7:30p        Wayne Lodge #112 – EA Degree
Every Mon & Tue No Lodge Mtg. Except Aug 09.           Mon                JW Presides
August 7:00p         Discussion – Lodge Operation      ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
                     & Ritual Practice                 Oct 5 7:30p Tue Royal Arch Meeting
                     WB David Dossette (PM)            ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         Oct 6 6:00p        OES Dinner – all welcome
Sep 17 4:00p-8:00p Wayne Lodge Spaghetti Dinner        Wed 7:00p          Memorial Service – all welcome
Fri                  See Flyer – pg 9                          7:30p      OES Annual Elections
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Aug 9 7:30p          Wayne Lodge #112 Bus. Mtg.        Oct 11 7:30p       Wayne Lodge #112 Bus. Mtg.
Mon                  All other Aug Mondays –           Mon                JD Presides
                      No Mtg.                          ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         Oct 11-14          Eastern Star
Aug 13-15            Alpena All Degrees Day (Sat)      Mon-Wed            Grand Chapter in Battle Creek
Fri     9:00a        Sign-up sheet in Lodge – pg 23    ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Sun     9:00p        WM John Bradley 734-728-2866      Oct 12 7:30p Tue Royal Arch Meeting
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Aug 28/9 10:00a-     MiCHIP Program                    Oct 15 4:00p-8:00p Wayne Lodge Spaghetti Dinner
Sat-Sun     -5:00p Wayne Wheel Festival                Fri                See Flyer – pg 9
                     WB Roger Moore (PM)               ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         Oct 16 7:00p       Annual Installation of Eastern
Aug 31 6:00p         Masonic Temple Association
Tue                  Directors’ Meeting                Sat                Star Officers - Refreshments After
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         Oct 18 7:30p       Wayne Lodge #112 – FC Degree
Sep 6 7:00p Mon Wayne Lodge #112 – No Mtg
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         Mon                SD Presides
Sep 7 7:30p Tue Royal Arch Meeting                     ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         Oct 24 8:00a-1:00p Pancake Breakfast – Flyer pg 5
Sep 8 6:30p          Eastern Star Dinner               Sun                Rainbow Girls
Wed 7:30p            Stated Meeting                    ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         Oct 25 7:30p       Wayne Lodge #112 – EA Degree
Sep 13 7:30p         Wayne Lodge #112 Bus. Mtg.        Mon                SS Presides
Mon                  JW Presides                       ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         Oct 26 6:00p       Masonic Temple Association –
Sep 14 7:30p Tue Royal Arch Meeting                    Tue                Directors’ Meeting
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––                 7:00p      Wayne Fellowcraft Club
Sep 17 4:00p-8:00p Wayne Lodge Spaghetti Dinner
Fri                  See Flyer – page 9                Oct 30 5:00p       MM Degree Part 1
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         Sat     6:00p      Dinner
Sep17-19             Myrtle Lodge #89 – Flyer pg 11            7:00p      MM Degree Part 2
Fri-Sun              Hosting Salyersville, KY Lodge    ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
                     For MM Degree – KY Style
Sep 20 7:30p Mon Wayne Lodge #112 – FC Degree          The Main reason for creating this newsletter, The
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         Wayne Witness, was to bring more news about up-
Sep 22 6:00p         OES Potluck Dinner – B’day &      coming Events & Activities to more Members – espe-
                     Friends Celebration
Wed 7:30p            OES Initiatory                    cially those Members who are a bit unsure of what is
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         happening with our Lodge, and don’t get any infor-
Sep 25 5:00p         MM Degree - SW Presides – Pt 1    mation about what is going on, because they don’t
Sat     6:00p        Dinner – Widows’ Night            come to Meetings regularly. We want you to be in-
        7:00p        MM Degree Part 2 – Flyer pg 14    formed so that you will have more incentive to come
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––         to Meetings – we want to see more of you! If you
Sep 26 8:00a-1:00p Rainbow Pancake Breakfast           know of any Happenings that we are not publishing,
Sun                                                    please help us by letting us know about them.
Sep 27 7:30p Mon Wayne Lodge #112 – EA Degree

The Wayne Witness       Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan         Issue #2 – August, 2010        Page 3
            Short Talk Bulletin                                1730   Initiated in St. Johns Lodge in Philadelphia
                                                               1732   Drafted By-laws for St. Johns Lodge
           MWB Benjamin Franklin                               1732   Elected Jr Grand Warden of Pennsylvania
         1706-January-17 ~ 1790-April-17                       1734   Published the first Masonic book in America enti-
                                                                      tled, “Masonic Book,” which was a reprint of An-
             By M.J. “Doc” Van Oosten, PM                             derson’s Constitution of the Freemasons.
                   Michigan Mason                              1734   As Grand Master of Pennsylvania, with the aid of
                                                                      his Brothers in St. Johns Lodge, laid the corner-

O                                                                     stone of the building – Independence Hall.
         ne reason for wanting to study Masonry is that so
         many great men have found it worthy of such deep      1735   -1738 Served as Secretary of St. Johns Lodge
         study.                                                1738   In a letter to his Mother, he wrote, “Freemasons
                                                                      have no principles or practices that are incon-
One of these greats stated that, “Masonry didn’t always               sistent with religion and good manners.”
say exactly what it meant, but that the real truth of Ma-      1749   Appointed Provincial Grand Master of Boston.
sonry is hidden in the ritual rather than being revealed by    1750   Disposed as Provincial Grand Master and imme-
it.” This great Brother said, “We don’t sell the secrets of           diately appointed Deputy Grand Master by his
Masonry; when a man pays for his degrees, we only sell                successor.
him the tools that he might use then to dig out the secrets    1752   Appointed to committee for building the “Free-
for himself.”                                                         masons Lodge” of Philadelphia.
Many of these great Freemasons played an important part        1760   Appointed Provincial Grand Master of Philadel-
in the forming of this great nation. One such great is none           phia.
other than Benjamin Franklin, who in my humble opinion,        1766   Affiliated with Masonic Lodges in France.
was the most prominent and zealous member in the history       1778   Assisted in the Initiation of Voltaire in the “Lodge
of the Craft, as well as the founding of this country.                of the Nine Sisters” in Paris.
                                                               1778   Officiated in the Lodge of Sorrow, or Masonic
This Brother’s great deeds have been                                  Funeral Services, of Voltaire.
overshadowed by the person of                                  1779   Elected Worshipful Master of the “Lodge of the
Brother George Washington who,                                        Nine Sisters” and served in this station for two
while a member of the Craft, and is so                                years.
honored by every Mason in the Unit-                            1782   Became an honorary member of the Respectable
ed States, has Masonic accomplish-                                    Lodge de St. Jean de Jerusalem.”
ments which can in no way approach                             1785   Elected honorary member of the “Lodge des Bon
those of Benjamin Franklin, whose                                     Amis.”
birthday we don’t celebrate and very                           1786   At the feast of St. John the Evangelist (December
few people even know.                                                 27) in the dedication of a sermon delivered at the
                                                                      request of the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge of
Benjamin Franklin was born on Jan-                                    Pennsylvania by Rev. Joseph Pilmore in St. Paul’s
uary 17, in the year 1706, and was the greatest of Ameri-             Church in Philadelphia, was referred to as “An Il-
can diplomats; a hero of the “War of Independence;” an                lustrious Brother whose distinguished merit
author, and a philosopher. His invaluable discoveries as a            among Masons entitled him to their highest ven-
scientist are to this day esteemed as fundamental additions           eration.”
to prudential knowledge.                                       1790   On April 17, Most Worshipful Brother Benjamin
                                                                      Franklin passed to the Grand Celestial Lodge
This great statesman founded the University of Pennsylva-
nia, was a founder of the American Philosophical Society,
and an organizer of the “Junta,” a debating society. He       As we ponder over the many accomplishments of this busy
also received many honorary degrees:                          man who could find time to “follow the sessions of Free-
  Doctor of Laws        University of St. Andrews             masonry as though he were a brother of leisure,” can we
  Doctor of Civil Law Oxford                                  really believe in our hearts and minds that our Lodge and
  Master of Arts        Harvard, Yale, William & Mary         it’s work demands too much of our time?
He was one of five appointed to the committee to draft the    Freemasonry and the United States needs more Ben
Declaration of Independence. Yet his formal education         Franklins. Now that we have recently marked the 260th
was only of two years duration as a young lad in Boston,      anniversary of some of his great work, why not, all of us,
Massachusetts. But true to the teachings of Freemasonry,      make a pledge to try and emulate this great Patriot and
he was a lover and student of the “Arts and Sciences.”        Mason, or at least try to leave our Lodge, community, and
                                                              Country with just a little something to remember our pass-
Among his more notable Masonic accomplishments are the
following, and these are only a few:

Page 4         Issue #2 – August, 2010          Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan               The Wayne Witness
          Pancake Breakfast
Rainbow Girls – Wayne Assembly #72
                                         September 26
                                            8:30am – 1:00pm


Pancakes, Syrup, Juice
    Sausage, Coffee
                                          In the spacious
                                         and comfortable
                                        Lodge Dining Room
                                   Wayne Masonic Temple
                                    37137 Palmer Road
                                                 (Just east of Newburgh)

                                        Westland, Michigan
The Wayne Witness   Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan   Issue #2 – August, 2010   Page 5
            What Is An Intender?                                   Purpose of the Intender Program
           Grand Lodge of Michigan
                                                         The Intender Program has but one major objective;
                                                         to teach the fundamentals of Freemasonry to every

T       he term “Intender” comes to us direct from
        the old operative Lodge of Scotland. More
        than 119 years before the first Grand Lodge
was formed, the Intender was an important official in
the Lodges in Scotland, entrusted with the instruction
                                                         candidate, so he may become a Master Mason in fact
                                                         as well as in name. It's as simple as that!

                                                         Please note particularly the word fundamentals, for
                                                         this Program does not go beyond those elements
of new candidates. At that time the word “intend”
                                                         which are basic to our Craft, i.e., the principles and
meant: to stretch out, extend, expand, increase, in-
                                                         practices with which every Craftsman should be fa-
tensify. Therefore, the Intender was a faithful com-
                                                         miliar if he is to bear with honor the proud title of
panion and teacher whose duty it was to stretch out,
                                                         Master Mason. It is not the purpose of the Intender
extend, expand, increase, and intensify the knowledge
                                                         Program to produce Masonic “scholars” or to give
and understanding of the younger craftsman in the
                                                         the candidate advanced Masonic education. It seeks
Science of Masonry.
                                                         to have him understand the Masonic way of life, that
                                                                      he may properly conduct himself as a
The Schaw Statutes, an elabo-
                                                                      Mason before his Brethren and before
rate code of organization first
                                                                      the world at large.
drawn up in 1598 by William
Schaw, Master of Work and
                                                                     This Program supports the traditional
General Warden of the Masons
                                                                     maxim that the Fraternity has the inher-
of Scotland, are found in the
                                                                     ent right to insist that each of it’s vota-
minutes of the Lodge of Edin-
                                                                     ries shall be well grounded in his Mason-
burgh (Mary's Chapel) No. 1.
                                                                     ic duties and responsibilities; and it also
                                                                     embraces the equally important idea that
These Statutes provided that
                                                                     he should understand clearly the Frater-
an Intender be chosen by each
                                                                     nity's obligation to him.
new Fellowcraft, while the
Lodge of Aitchison's Haven
                                                                      If, during this process, there is ignited
provided Intenders for both
                                                                      within the candidate that “spark” which
new Entered Apprentices and
                                                                      urges him to seek more and more Ma-
new Fellowcrafts. In time the
                                                                      sonic Light, and thus to become an ear-
office of Intender became so
                                                                      nest and diligent student of Freemason-
important that the youngest
                                                                      ry, then the Program will have a plus
Master was chosen for this ex-
                                                                      value for him and for the Fraternity, for
acting service.
                                                                      among such Masons will be found the
                                                         future leaders of our Craft.
In recent decades the emphasis has been changing
from merely producing Masons proficient in the ritu-
                                                         In this fast-moving age with it’s many demands on
als to that of producing educated Masons – Masons
                                                         every man's time and the numerous opportunities af-
who not only love their ritual and know how to pre-
                                                         forded him for spare-time diversions, we find Free-
sent it effectively, but who also have an ample
                                                         masonry in the position of competing for his atten-
knowledge of the background, the aims, and the pur-
                                                         tion. Failure to realize this can only result in dues
poses of the Fraternity. It is here that the Intender
                                                         paying Members who never come to Lodge, receive
becomes an important factor in developing an intelli-
                                                         no positive benefit from their Membership, and
gent membership and a capable leadership to sustain
                                                         whose help to the Craft is limited.
and advance Freemasonry throughout the coming ag-
                                                                             ( continued )

Page 6       Issue #2 – August, 2010        Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan             The Wayne Witness
           ( continued from previous page )
                                                           Third, the Intender is charged with the responsibility
It is necessary to capture the interest of the Candidate   of giving adequate fundamental instruction to each
from the start, and there is no better time to do so       candidate assigned to him. He becomes his faithful
than when he is receiving the Degrees, and immedi-         adviser, friend, and teacher from the time his petition
ately thereafter. This Program for Masonic Light will      has been balloted upon until he becomes a proficient
do much to arouse the Candidate's interest and in-         Master Mason.
crease his desire to take an active part in the work of
the Lodge. The use of this Program will make the           Here is the basis of the Intender Program: The can-
Candidate a better Mason and a permanent asset to          didate's source of instruction will be the five Candi-
Freemasonry and to the Community.                          date Booklets which are presented to him as he pro-
                                                           gresses through the degrees, and such other material
                     The Method                            as may be supplied from time to time by the Grand
                                                           Lodge Committee on Masonic Service and Education.
The Intender Program is
based upon the simple                                          The Recommended Procedure is Quite Simple
truism that the average
man will learn more                                        1. After the Worshipful Master has declared a peti-
quickly and more ef-                                       tioner elected to receive the degrees, he immediately
fectively when he re-                                      appoints an Intender for the candidate and reminds
ceives individual and                                      him of his duties. These duties include contacting the
personal attention                                         signers of the petition and the members of the Inves-
from an instructor.                                        tigating Committee, therefore these names should be
Group or class in-                                         written down for the benefit of the Intender. The
struction has it’s                                         Secretary can send these in a letter to the Intender
place in Masonry as                                        informing him of his assignment.
well as in the field of
general instruction.                                       2. The Intender will then immediately contact his
                                                           candidate, explain to him that he is to be his Intender
But the fact remains that many advantages accrue to        and make the necessary arrangements to meet with
the pupil, and the teacher, when “the attentive ear        him and his wife.
receives the sound from the instructive tongue.” It is
not for naught we are reminded that “thus, through a       3. The Intender will meet with his candidate at any
succession of ages are transmitted unimpaired the          convenient place, where comfort and privacy is as-
most excellent tenets of our Institution.”                 sured, although the most common location will be the
                                                           candidate's home. When he is satisfied that the can-
The Intender Program seeks to re-establish the “at-        didate understands all the subjects discussed in the
tentive ear” and the “instructive tongue” by a method      booklet “Your Quest For Light” (and having an-
that is both simple and practical in this modern day       swered such proper questions as the candidate may
of rapid tempo, when time is an important factor in        ask of him) he should discuss the purpose and brief
every man's life.                                          history of Freemasonry and present the candidate
                                                           and his wife with the second booklet, “Some Back-
First, the Program places the responsibility for ade-      ground For An Aspirant.” (The Investigating Com-
quate candidate instruction squarely upon the Lodge,       mittee may have given the petitioner a copy of “Inter-
where it rightfully belongs.                               esting Facts About Freemasonry,” in which case the
                                                           Intender should be prepared to discuss this also.)
Second, the Lodge in turn delegates the responsibility
to a small group of experienced and faithful members
who are known as Intenders. A small Lodge will need                             ( continued )
but few Intenders, while a large Lodge will need pro-
portionately more.

The Wayne Witness         Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan            Issue #2 – August, 2010        Page 7
           ( continued from previous page )                As you continue to meet with the new brother, you
                                                           will discover that you will run out of topics of your
In all contact with the candidates the Intender should     own and your pupil’s invention. Under these circum-
nurture an atmosphere of informality and make his          stances the Intender Handbook will be particularly
pupil feel that he is a faithful friend, adviser, and      useful – it is suggested that as a minimum you simply
teacher – and that such is the prevailing spirit among     go over the questions and answers contained in the
all Freemasons. A stilted or “formal” approach to the      appropriate section of the Handbook.
duties of instruction will do much to defeat the very
purpose of this Program.                                   7. After the candidate has been seated as a member
                                                           of the Lodge, the Intender’s duties increase rather
4. After this meeting, the Intender should arrange to      than diminish. By this time, the Intender and the
pick up the candidate the night of his initiation or ar-   candidate should be close friends and companions.
range to meet him at the Temple at a specified time.       From that time on for the period of at least one year,
The pre-initiation duties thus will have been complet-     the Intender should see that the Brother attends lodge
ed, but the candidate should not receive his first de-     meetings regularly, explain to him the forms, cus-
gree until this has been ac-                                                        toms, and procedures peculi-
complished.                                                                         ar to our Masonic meetings,
                                                                                    the various jewels worn by
5. During the times that the                                                        our officers, and the em-
candidate (and later “Broth-                                                        blematic meaning of the var-
er”) is at the Temple, the In-                                                      ious jewels and rod orna-
tender should act as a per-                                                         ments.
fect host, introducing him to
the brothers present and see-                                                        The Intender should careful-
ing to it that he is comforta-                                                       ly select a varied diet of Ma-
ble and at ease. Under no                                                            sonic activities, arranging to
circumstances should the                                                             take the new member on vis-
candidate be left alone ex-                                                          its to other lodges, that he
cept for the brief period re-                                                        becomes acquainted with the
quired to change clothes.                                                            procedure of visitation. He
                                                                                     should be made acquainted
6.    The same procedure                                                             with our Masonic Home and
should be followed after the candidate has received        have the Grand Lodge Home Endowment Fund and
each degree, presenting Booklets No. 3, “The Entered       the Lodge Charity Fund and charitable program ex-
Apprentice,” No. 4, “The Fellowcraft,” No. 5, “The         plained to him. The Intender should find out the in-
Master Mason.”                                             terests of the new Brother and report these to the
                                                           Worshipful Master, that his talents may be utilized in
Bearing in mind that his major objective is to instruct    the best interest of the Lodge. Many more means of
the candidate in Masonic fundamentals – that both          service to the new Brother, and to the Craft, will sug-
the candidate and the Craft may profit thereby – the       gest themselves during the year in which the Intender
alert and diligent Intender will encourage his pupil to    will act as a “big brother” to the new member, ap-
ask appropriate questions. Some men by nature are          pointed to guide and direct him in this new adventure
hesitant or “retiring” yet they are as eager to learn as   as a member of our Fraternity.
others. In such cases, the Intender, can do much to
arouse his pupil’s interest by voluntarily giving him      Remember, Brother Intender, yours is the golden op-
some of the information in the Handbook – particu-         portunity to mold a new Brother into a Mason who is
larly those points which are essential to his future       well qualified to travel and work as such.
Masonic life.

Page 8        Issue #2 – August, 2010         Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan           The Wayne Witness
           Spaghetti Dinners
          By Wayne Masonic Lodge #112
             Fridays, 4:00-9:00pm
            August 6, September 17,
              & October 15, 2010

                            Only $6.00
Spaghetti, Coffee
  Rolls, Salad
                                           In the spacious
                                          and comfortable
                                         Lodge Dining Room
                                        Wayne Masonic Temple
                                         37137 Palmer Road
                                               (Just east of Newburgh)
                                            Westland, Michigan
The Wayne Witness   Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan   Issue #2 – August, 2010   Page 9
                    Masonic Humor                                         Good News … and Bad
              Think You’ve Heard it?

Q      : How many Masons does it take to unscrew a
       light bulb?                                          P     at & Bill had been Wayne
                                                                  Lodge Brothers for many
                                                                  years. They had promised
                                                            each other that the first to go to
                                                            the Grand Lodge above would
A: It's a secret!
                                                            return to tell the other whether
Q: No, really, how many Masons does it take to screw        there really were Lodges in
in a light bulb?                                            Heaven and what they were like.
                                                            By and by, it came to pass that Bill went first.
                      A: Okay. Three. One to screw it
                      in, one to read the minutes of the    One day shortly after, Pat was working in his garden
                      previous light bulb replacement,      when he heard a whispered voice, “Pssst Pat!” He
                      and one to sit on the sidelines and   looked around but saw nothing.
                      complain that this wasn't the way
                      they USED to screw in light           A few moments later he heard, now quite clearly,
                      bulbs.                                “Pat! It’s me, Bill!”

Q. Come on, get serious, how many Masons does it            “Bill!” Pat exclaimed, “Are you in Heaven?”
take to change a light bulb?
                                                            “Indeed I am” said Bill.
A. All right. After much research, this tricky ques-
tion can now be answered. It takes 20, as follows:          Pat paused for a while to get over the shock and then
                                                            said “Well, Bill, are there Lodges up there in Heav-
1 – To borrow a ladder, donate the bulb, and install        en?”
                                                            “There certainly are, Pat. There are Lodges all over
2 – To complain that the light doesn't work.                and they are quite magnificent – equal or better to
                                                            Wayne Lodge #112. The meetings are well attended,
1 – To pass the problem to another committee, the           the ritual is word perfect, the festive board fantastic,
    Temple Board, or the Master of the Lodge.               and the spirit of Masonic Fellowship is all pervasive.”

3 – To do a study on light in the Lodge.                    “My goodness, Bill,” said Pat, “It certainly sounds
                                                            very impressive, but for all that you seem rather sad.
2 – To check out the types of lights the Knights of Co-     Tell me old friend, what is the matter.”
     lumbus use.
                                                            “Well, Pat, you are right. I have some good news and
3 – To argue about it.                                      some bad.”

5 – To plan a fund-raising dinner to raise money for        “OK, so what's the good news?”
    the bulb.
                                                            “The good news is that we are doing a 3rd degree this
2 – To complain, “That's not the way we did it be-          coming Wednesday!”
                                                            “Great” said Pat. “What's the bad news then?”
1 – To order the brass memorial plate and have it in-
    scribed.                                                “You're the Senior Deacon!”

Page 10         Issue #2 – August, 2010         Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan            The Wayne Witness
Field Trip (short one):
                    To Myrtle Lodge #89
                    Belleville, Michigan
                  For the Return Visit of
             Salyersville, Kentucky Lodge #769

      And a Special Master Mason
       Degree – Kentucky Style!
                                               (Y’all gotta see it to believe it!)

    Special Invitation to all Master
     Masons of Wayne Lodge #112
 Saturday, September 18, 2010
                                       Grilled Steak Dinner with all trimmin’s
                                            $20.00 – RSVP by September 6
                                        for Details & Reservations (required):
                                           Contact Myrtle Lodge Secretary
                                          WB Ken Carr – PM – 734-787-9454
                                      Or: Paul Libke, Wayne Lodge 734-748-6464

                                     Brothers Come from all around for this
                                         Fantastic Master Mason Degree!
                                        Get your reservation made early!

                                           Myrtle Lodge #89 located at
                                                515 Main Street,
                                              Belleville, Mi 48111
The Wayne Witness    Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan           Issue #2 – August, 2010   Page 11
             Lodge Officers – 2010                               Lodge Committee Members – 2010
       Name       Last               Office                         Candidate Instr.:      George Armstrong SD
       John       Bradley (PM)       Worshipful Master
       Gil        Albanice           Sr. Warden                     Prep Steward:          José Lopez (PM)
       Garry      Palucki            Jr. Warden
       Dennis     Bramigk (PM)       Treasurer                      Assoc. Stewards:       Robert Halladay   Paul Libke
       Rick       Ruhland (PGM)      Secretary                                             Harry Williams    David Blinn
       Herb       Wyngard (PM)       Chaplain                                              Gene Rorabacher   Curtis O. Scott
       George     Armstrong          Sr. Deacon                                            Thomas J Henley   Chris Ward
       Larry      Casterwiler        Jr. Deacon                                            Gerald Murray     Rod Johnson
                                                                                           Aaron Mertes      Craig Nichols
       Keith      Anderson           Sr. Steward
       Bud        Prough             Jr. Steward                    Delinquent Dues:       Garry Palucki JW
       Sam        Fite (PM)          Marshall                                              George Armstrong SD
       Roger      Moore (PM)         Tiler                                                 Larry Casterwiler JD
       Bernard    Brewer (PM)        Jr. Past Master
                                                                    Lookout:               Garry Palucki – JW
                          Emeriti                                                          Elliot Walters (PM)
       James      Zimmerman          Marshall
       Donald     Toms               Organist                       Masonic Home:          Larry Casterwiler – JD
       Robert     Sumner             Steward
       Louie      Waggoner           Steward                        Trestle Board:         Bernard Brewer (PM)
       William    Thompson           Steward
                                                                    Widows:                Roger Moore (PM)
                                                                                           Benjamin Creech (PM)

          Masonic Temple Association                                OES Liaison            Benjamin Creech (PM)
           Board Members – 2010                                     Public Relations       Larry Casterwiler – JD
                                                                    & Community            Bud Prough
     Name           Last               Office                       Involvement:           David Blinn
     David          Dossette (PM)      Pres.                                               Rod Johnson
     Roger          Moore (PM)         1st VP                                              Bernard Brewer (PM)
     Bernard        Brewer (PM         2nd VP
     Richard        Ruhland (PGM)      Sec                          Beacon Project:        Don Quarles
     Roy            Watts (PM          Treas.
     John           Bradley            Lodge Representative         Driving:               John Bradley (PM) – WM
     Mark (Buddy)   Evans (PM)         Trustee                                             Gil Albanice – SW
                                                                                           Donald J. Toms
     Bruce          Farmer (PM)        Trustee
                                                                    Scholarship:           Rick Ruhland (PGM) Secretary
            This Board meets on the Last Tuesday                                           Roger Moore (PM)
                  of each month at 6:00pm.                                                 Dennis Bramigk (PM) – Treasurer
                                                                                           Roy Watts (PM)
                 Fellowcraft Club
                                                                    Masonic                Craig Nichols
          Harry Williams            President                       Education:
          José Lopez (PM)           Secretary/Treasurer
          Dennis Bramigk (PM)       Team Captain                    Masonic                Roger Moore (PM)
                                                                    Renewal:               Gil Albanice – JW
 The Fellowcraft Club meets at 7:00pm on the Last Tuesday of                               Garry Palucki – JW
      each month (except July, August, and December.)                                      Rick Ruhland (PGM) Secretary
                                                                                           Donald J. Toms
            The Annual Meeting is in November.
                                                                    Web Masters:           Don Quarles
     The Fellowcraft Club assists the Worshipful Master                                    Rick Ruhland (PGM) Secretary
          in conferring the Master Mason Degree.                                           Bernard Brewer (PM)
                                                                                           Paul Libke – WW Editor
Every Member of Wayne Lodge #112 is extended an invitation
   to join the Fellowcraft Club and labor in the quarries.          The Wayne Witness: Paul Libke – Editor

                                                                                        ( continued )

Page 12          Issue #2 – August, 2010           Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan                 The Wayne Witness
   Lodge Committee Members – 2010                                                    America For Me
                          ( continued )                                             By Henry Van Dyke
       History,               George Armstrong SD       MM
       Lecture, &             José Lopez (PM)           EA         'Tis fine to see the Old World, and travel up and down,
       Charges                Gil Albanice – JW         EA H L        Among the famous palaces, and cities of renown,
                              Benjamin Creech (PM)      FC        To admire the crumbly castles, and the statues and kings,
                              Garry Palucki – JW        FC H L      But now I think I've had enough of antiquated things.
                              John Bradley (PM)         MM H L

       Bowling Tourney:       Doug Gotterson                        So it's home again, and home again, America for me!
                                                                   My heart is turning home again, and there I long to be,
                                                                  In the land of youth and freedom, beyond the ocean bars,
                                                                  Where the air is full of sunlight, and the flag is full of stars.
             Funerals & Memorials:
                                                                     Oh, London is a man's town, there's power in the air;
       Owen McGill (PM) Chairman 734-728-1373                        And Paris is a woman's town, with flowers in her hair;
       John Bradley (PM) – WM                                     It's sweet to dream in Venice, and it's great to study Rome;
       Gil Albanice – SW                                            But when it comes to living, there is no place like home.
       Roger Moore (PM)
       Mark (Buddy) Evans (PM)
       David Dossette (PM)
                                                                   I like the German fir-woods, in green battalions drilled;
       & All Officers of Wayne Lodge #112                                        I like the gardens of Versailles,
                                                                                 With flashing fountains filled;
                        Brethren,                                 But, oh, to take your hand, my dear, and ramble for a day,
                                                                               In the friendly western woodland,
  This is the last duty we owe, and the last honor we can pay,                    Where Nature has her sway!
                      to a deceased Brother.
              We should, therefore, attend funerals                           I know that Europe's wonderful,
            and memorial services whenever possible.                            Yet something seems to lack!
      Memorial services are generally held in the evening,                     The Past is too much with her,
         while funeral services are held in the morning
                        or early afternoon.
                                                                                And the people looking back.
  If you wish to have your name added to the funeral call list,    But the glory of the Present, is to make the Future free;
       contact the Committee Chairman at 734-728-1373.             We love our land for what she is, and what she is to be.

                       Hospitaler:                                 Oh, it's home again, and home again, America for me!
                                                                             I want a ship that's westward bound,
        Owen McGill (PM) – Chairman 734-728-1373                                   To plough the rolling sea,
                 & All Lodge Members                                        To the blessed Land of Room Enough,
                                                                                    Beyond the ocean bars,
                   Any Brother who is sick,                       Where the air is full of sunlight, and the flag is full of stars.
       or knows of a brother who is sick or hospitalized,
                       is asked to contact
       the Chairman of this Committee at 734-728-1373,
                  or the Lodge, 734-721-7950
           with such information as soon as possible.

The Wayne Witness             Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan                  Issue #2 – August, 2010              Page 13
                          Master Mason
                         Degree & Dinner
                         & Honoring the                      Widows
                                      of Masons of

          Wayne Masonic Lodge #112
          Saturday, September 25, 2010
          First-class, Catered Dinner – Only $10.00
                          Reservations Required
      Brother JW Garry Palucki – 734-427-1903
       Master Mason Degree – Part 1 – 5:00pm
              Senior Warden Presiding
           Dinner & Honors: 6:00pm
           Master Mason Degree – Part 2: 7:00pm
                                      In the Spacious and Comfortable
                                             Lodge Dining Room
                                      Wayne Masonic Temple
                                       37137 Palmer Road
                                              (Just east of Newburgh)
                                        Westland, Michigan
Page 14     Issue #2 – August, 2010     Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan   The Wayne Witness
                    Birthdays                                              Birthdays
                       July                                                 August
Day      Year       Name                                       Day      Year     Name
 1       1960       Gus E. Mady PM                              1       1963     Joseph M. Kenworthy
 3       1932       Thomas P. Elliott                           1       1980     Aaron J. Brown
 4       1945       Frank Timpko                                2       1935     Marvin S. Chandler
 4       1957       Bradley Belcher                             3       1920     Allan Bryson
 5       1975       Samer A. Ismail                             3       1921     John C. Turkily
 6       1917       Michael H. Mertes                           3       1945     Gary L. Vann
 6       1944       Jerome E. Glass                             3       1949     Darrell C. Turman
 6       1969       Harold L. Rediske II                        4       1943     Robert J. Stokely
 7       1924       Joseph E. Bumgardner                        5       1937     Hershell Elswick
 7       1932       Robert K. Douglas                           5       1949     Roger D. Moore PM
 7       1972       Arnold R. Hunter                            7       1934     Gerald R. Carter
 9       1931       Ivan F. Lewis                               8       1909     Awtrein O. Thorn
 10      1941       Donald G. Keck                              8       1930     Jean D. Larevitzear
 11      1920       Roy C. Sands                                8       1939     Noel R. Boone
 11      1927       James H. Coleman                            9       1918     Lilburn E. Alley
 12      1959       Frank W. Dougherty                          9       1947     William V. Hartwick
 15      1928       Fred H. Schneckenberger                     10      1918     Denis Scott
 15      1963       Steven M. Vuletich                          10      1939     Robert W. Hall
 15      1983       Johnny G. Bradley II                        11      1920     Harley J. Hendricks
 16      1931       Jack W. Robinson                            14      1927     William J. Hartley
 16      1936       Gale T. Moore                               14      1934     Carl R. McDaniel
 16      1940       Edward E. Nawotka Jr                        14      1956     Christopher W. Eder
 16      1943       Jack E. Pitsenbarger                        14      1971     Patrick L. Chiles
 16      1947       Jerry W. Smith                              15      1929     Herman E. Clark
 16      1948       William F. Riddle                           15      1932     Eugene L. Vowles
 17      1922       Newton J. Smith                             15      1945     Ernest L. Woody
 18      1924       Louis Carreiro                              16      1949     Reginald C. Taulbee Jr.
 18      1927       Lawrence P. Lee                             16      1950     Larry D. Sword
 18      1942       Willie C. Downey                            17      1938     Raybern E. Battles
 19      1942       Robert C. Beyer                             19      1922     Irvin Courtney
 19      1953       Michael R. Bierbaum                         19      1928     Don I. Bowyer
 19      1962       Kevin J. Barthold                           19      1942     Chester H. Doak
 20      1936       Hugh G. Ramsay                              20      1932     William B. Knight
 20      1940       Harry F. Williams                           21      1935     Henry B. Noble
 20      1940       Robert V. Williams                          21      1958     John P. Jones
 20      1947       James T. Daniel                             22      1927     Richard L. Jungclas
 21      1931       Robert T. Glazier                           22      1946     Gary J. Malaney
 21      1935       Thomas Presnell                             24      1950     Michael A. Johnson
 21      1943       Henry W. Drouillard                         25      1934     Franklin D. Gomoll PM
 21      1950       Robert C. Jefferson                         26      1940     Richard P. Brindle
 22      1952       Claude D. Morrell                           27      1942     Craig M. Bylo
 23      1948       Ralph H. Bigelow                            27      1947     Donald R. Goodish
 24      1929       Edgar A. Mitchell                           28      1922     Robert D. Thornton
 24      1949       George E. Armstrong                         28      1939     Lawson Nelson
 25      1949       Edmond D. Dick                              29      1926     Harry C. Coy Jr
 25      1951       Frederick A. Thom                           29      1927     Paul D. Tackett
 27      1934       Jack K. Tanis                               30      1918     John S. Griffith
 27      1964       Harry J. Torigian                           30      1963     Kevin R. Graham
 28      1937       Jack L. Bell                                31      1943     Benjamin F. Creech PM
 28      1975       Rex A. Umney
 30      1939       James E. Carr

The Wayne Witness       Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan         Issue #2 – August, 2010      Page 15
Want to Learn How to Run a Lodge?

 Want to Study & Practice the Rituals?

                     Wayne Lodge #112
              Come join us on Mondays & Tuesdays,
              During the Months of July & August.

                 7:00-pm to 8:30-pm
             The only exception to Each Monday Night is
                 The Second Monday of each Month
          When the Lodge has their Regular Business Meeting.

   This promises to be a lively experience,
 Under the tutelage of WB David Dossette – PM

          Come on Down & Toil In
           The Quarries with Us!

                         Wayne Masonic Temple
                          37137 Palmer Road
                                    (Just east of Newburgh)
                                    Westland, Michigan
Page 16   Issue #2 – August, 2010    Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan   The Wayne Witness
The Wayne Witness   Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan   Issue #2 – August, 2010   Page 17
                Let’s Get Going!                          2. We need to do lots of good works for the commu-
                                                             nity, and then,
              Improving Masonry in
                The 21st Century                          3. We need to tell the community about the good
                  Anonymous                                  works we are doing for them (where it isn’t obvi-

M         embership in Masonry is continually de-
          clining. Don’t believe it? Here’s the pic-
                                                          4. To tell the community about what good things we
                                                             do (3, above,) we must engage the talents of Mem-
                                                             bers, or outside professionals, who can positively
                                                             and consistently inform the public of our identity
                                                             and of the many good works that we do, including

                                                             a. For the community – we do many good works
                                                                for the improvement of our local community:
                                                                first, by the actual works that we do; and se-
                                                                cond, by being good men, which adds to the
                                                                value of the community. This is, without a
                                                                doubt, the most important activity of Masonry
                                                                that the public wants to know about.

                                                             b. For individual men – we take good men and
                                                                make them better – which also improves our
                                                                families and our community as a whole.

What’s the reason for this decline in membership?            c. For families – we involve them in our good
It’s because:                                                   works.

   A. We have lost our relevance in a modern world           d. For children
      with severe time constraints, and                         – ours and all
                                                                those of the
   B. We have lost the identity that distinguishes              community –
      Masonry: from other men’s organizations;                  we help to
      and as a group that practices good works for              teach them,
      the community – especially for children.                  through ex-
                                                                ample, fun,
Why have these things happened? Because we have                 and benevolent experiences, the value of hav-
stopped investing our energy into Masonry – because             ing good character and giving to their commu-
we have lost our identity – even in our own eyes – it’s         nity, while providing them with a safe, happy,
a vicious circle!                                               educational, and fun environment.

So, what can we do to turn things around? This is            e. Our Country – we teach, and show, the value
what I suggest:                                                 of Patriotism.

1. We need to reestablish the positive identity of Ma-       f. The World – it’s a better place because of the
   sonry to the community, and to the men in it, so             good works that we do, and because we fill it
   that more men will want to be a part of our Fra-             with better men, families, and kids.
   ternity. To do this, we must do 2 and 3, below:
                                                                                ( continued )

Page 18        Issue #2 – August, 2010        Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan          The Wayne Witness
          ( continued from previous page )                   f. A program that appeals to his desire to be a
                                                                better man – in his character, intellect,
5. To do good works for the community (2, above,)               knowledge, and spirituality, and to that of his
   we must recruit and engage young men that have               spouse and children.
   lots of energy and a serious commitment to do that
   good work in the community.                               g. A program that offers Leadership skills:
                                                                training and experience.
6. To be able to recruit energetic, committed, young
   men (5, above,) we must offer a desirable experi-         h. A lot of fun! (Maybe this should be first on the
   ence for a man that includes:                                list!) This goes hand-in-hand with all of the
                                                                above, and helps to generate fellowship.
   a. A program that
      includes his Lady                                      i. A program that encourages his spiritual devel-
      and Children, be-                                         opment. Yes, this is a delicate subject. But
      cause we have a                                           Masonry is, without a doubt, a fraternity that
      limited amount of                                         encourages it’s members to be active in their
      time to do any-                                           own religion, whatever that may be. Indeed,
      thing in this busy,                                       the first requirement to be a Mason is the be-
      frantic, modern                                           lief in a Higher Power, whatever one perceives
      world, and young                                          that to be. We shouldn’t be so skittish about
      men     want      to                                      this, or be afraid to let this aspect of our
      spend what time                                           Brotherhood shine. It is one of the things that
      they have with                                            makes us unique among the various men’s
      their spouse and                                          groups – not a religion, but a spiritual atmos-
      children. (Indeed,                                        phere with freedom of religion!
      the wife insists on it!) If we don’t do this one
      thing, we will never be able to bring our           In most of our Lodges, we do two things, rituals and
      brightest, ablest, young men into active roles in   business meetings! Is that why we are Masons?
                                                          We have become a group that exists only to perpetu-
   b. A high degree of Fellowship – something a           ate ourselves, and our rituals. Oh yes, rituals are im-
      man finds very little of in this modern world.      portant – extremely so. But they should not be the
      We can be the alternative to some other fel-        REASON we exist – they should only add to the expe-
      lowship-generating, but otherwise undesirable,      rience of BECOMING a Mason, and of LEARNING
      activities in which young men participate.          to be a better man. They contain valuable lessons
      This is a result of doing all of these things:      about life, and by no means should they ever be al-
      working shoulder-to-shoulder, accomplishing         lowed to become unimportant. Indeed, we should
      goals, and having fun together.                     improve our ritual skills, and make sure that we all
                                                          know what their true lessons mean and offer to us.
   c. A program that offers him a chance to do good
      work for the community, to support his benev-       We have meetings that bore
      olent nature.                                       our members so severely that
                                                          we joke about getting one
   d. A program that offers him recognition for the       done in the shortest, record
      good work he does. We all like to get credit        time! If we hate them so
      for our efforts.                                    much, why do we keep doing
                                                          them in the same format?
   e. A program that offers him, and his Lady, and
      his Children, a way to meet many new friends                             ( continued )
      and community leaders.

The Wayne Witness        Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan            Issue #2 – August, 2010        Page 19
          ( continued from previous page )                I learned more about some fellow Masons and their
                                                          families doing that, in one afternoon, than I’ve done
Why not make our meetings fun, informative, and           in years of Lodge business meetings or rituals. That
interesting? Let the details of our business be han-      is fellowship at it’s best!
dled in executive sessions of the Officers and Commit-
tees. Anybody that wants to know what’s going on          That is also the kind
can attend those sessions, but the majority of our        of Lodge project that
Members don’t care! And don’t want to waste their         really increases the
time with them. And that’s why they don’t show up.        image, or identity, of
                                                          Masonry in the com-
Sure, there are a few business matters that need to be    munity. People not
brought before the entire Membership, but it doesn’t      only get the benefit of
have to take 2 hours to do it. We have become far too     our service, but get to
much, creatures of habit – habits that don’t contrib-     see who we are, and
ute to our fellowship, or fun, or to our good works for   why it might be a
the community.                                            great idea to become one of us.

                                                          And that brings us back to the question: how do we
                                                          stem the loss of Members, and rebuild our wonderful
                                                          Brotherhood with new, active Masons?

                                                          The key to it all is to be a group of men that strives,
                                                          continuously, to do good work for the community,
                                                          while involving our spouses and children. There it is
                                                          in a nutshell. Can we do this? Absolutely!
                                                                           Let’s get going!
                                                          [This article is one of many on this topic – Masonic
                                                          Renewal – that the Editor hopes to include in every
                                                          issue of The Wayne Witness. We welcome your ideas
                                                          on the subject, and hope that you will offer them as
When do we spend any time at all just enjoying pure
                                                          comments on published articles, or as complete essays
fellowship with each other? Or just sitting around
                                                          of your own.]
and talking, or shooting pool, or watching an interest-
ing movie about Masonry? Almost never is the an-
swer to those questions. We get our fellowship in
business meetings (that we hate,) and in the very few
community projects that we offer.

                       Some of the best times I’ve
                       had in Masonry are when I
                       have done a community pro-
                       ject, like the MICHIP Pro-
                       gram. I felt good about doing
                       something for the area kids,
                       but I also got to work side-
                       by-side with my Brothers, as
                       well as with some of their
wives and children, and to do a lot of chatting with
them between “customers.”

Page 20        Issue #2 – August, 2010        Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan           The Wayne Witness
     Child ID Program     Sponsored by The Grand Lodge of Michigan & the:

       Wayne Masonic Lodge #112
      August 28th & 29th – 10:00am to 5:00pm – at the Wayne Wheelfest
   The 2010 Wayne Wheelfest will be held on the grounds of
              Goudy Park, 3355 S. Wayne Road
    East side of Wayne Road, North of Michigan Avenue.
          The 2010 Wheelfest Parade will take place
         Saturday, August 28, beginning at 11:00am.
            See complete details of the Festival at:

The Michigan Child Identification Program – MICHIP
– is a Lodge-based, community-action initiative that is
sponsored, scheduled, and organized by the Michigan
Masons, through the Grand Lodge of Michigan.
At a MICHIP Event, Masons set up the equipment and enlist the volunteers necessary to gener-
ate individual, completed, child-identification packages that are given to a child’s parent or
guardian to take home for safe keeping (we keep nothing but a permission form.) It is the re-
sponsibility of the parents to then provide the package to law enforcement if their child becomes
missing, as an aid to recover their child. Each child progresses through the several stations of
                            the Event (it takes about 10-15 minutes) generating an identifying
                            item at each station and placing them in his or her package. Parents
                            are reminded to take the package with them on trips and vacations (it
                            does no good leaving it home) as it can be immediately provided to au-
                            thorities to aid in the recovery of a child that is missing or presumed
                                   For more information, or to volunteer to help,
                                              Send an E-Mail to the
                                       Chairman of the Mi-Chip Program:
                                             WB Roger Moore – PM

The Wayne Witness     Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan       Issue #2 – August, 2010   Page 21
                      The Touch of the Master's Hand
          'Twas battered and scarred, and the auctioneer
               Thought it scarcely worth his while
              To waste much time on the old violin,
                   But held it up with a smile.
            “What am I bidden, good folks,” he cried,
               “Who'll start the bidding for me?
             A dollar, a dollar, then two! Only two?
             Two dollars, and who'll make it three?”
            “Three dollars, once; three dollars, twice;
                  Going for three ...” But no,
           From the room, far back, a grey-haired man
             Came forward and picked up the bow.
                                  Then, wiping the dust from the old violin,
                                    And tightening all the loose strings,
                                    He played a melody pure and sweet
                                         As a caroling angel sings.

                                    The music ceased, and the auctioneer,
                                     with a voice that was quiet and low,
                                  Said: “What am I bid for the old violin?”
                                       And he held it up with the bow.
                                “A thousand dollars, and who'll make it two?
                                 Two thousand! And who'll make it three?
                                Three thousand, once; three thousand, twice;
                                       And going and gone,” said he.
                               The people cheered. But some of them cried,
                                      “We do not quite understand.
                              What changed it’s worth?” Swift came the reply:
                                    “The touch of the Master's hand.”
                                     And many a man with life out of tune,
                                      And battered, and scarred with sin,
                                 Is auctioned cheap to the thoughtless crowd,
                                           Much like the old violin.
                                    A “mess of potage,” a glass of wine;
                                         A game; and he travels on.
                                   He is “going” once, and “going” twice,
                                   He's “going” and he’s almost “gone.”
                               But the Master comes, and the foolish crowd,
                                       Never can quite understand,
                             The worth of a soul, and the change that's wrought,
                                    By the touch of the Master's hand.

Page 22       Issue #2 – August, 2010       Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan   The Wayne Witness
               WM’s Field Trip:
       Alpena-Hopper Lodge #199
   For an All-Degree Day
   (EA, FC, MM) – Outdoors!
                    Arthur K. Laatz PM, Secretary
         For the Members of:
       Wayne Masonic Lodge #112
             Saturday, August 14, 2010
  (Some of us are leaving Friday – returning on Sunday)
                                          Details still Pending
                                       This is our WM’s Field Trip
                                        WM John Bradley – PM
                                       See Alpena-Hopper Website
                                            for latest details:
                                               Alpena Lodge at:
                                            1020 US Highway 23 N
                                              Alpena, MI 49707
The Wayne Witness     Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan   Issue #2 – August, 2010   Page 23
    The Order of the Eastern Star                            The Order of the Rainbow for Girls
 Nankin Chapter #238 – Westland, MI                                Wayne Assembly #72
      Calendar July thru December 2010
July & August – Dark                                      T       his past month, 15 Rainbow girls and pledges
                                                                  from Wayne Assembly, went to Grand As-
                                                                  sembly which was held at the Masonic Path-
                                                          ways. We had 5 adults stay the time with the girls
                                                          and were very happy to have Mom and Dad Ruhland
September 8, Dinner 6:30 PM, Stated Meeting 7:30
PM.                                                       and Dad Denis Scott join them to see Kerrie Quarles
                                                          and Lucy Szostek receive their Grand Cross of Col-
September 22, Birthday & Friends Night Celebration,       or. Denise Hinch, our Pledge Mom, received an
6:00 PM, Pot Luck dinner. Call Secretary, Barb, for       award for outstanding service to the order as well.
head count (734) 844-7266. Initiatory 7:30 PM.            We were very proud to have Kaitie Szostek serve our
                                                          state as Grand Charity last year and are very happy
October 6, Dinner 6:00 PM, Annual Memorial 7:00           to have Valerie Oliver and Jennifer Penegor become
PM, Everybody is welcome for the memorial. Annual         Grand Representatives this year. On a sad note,
Meeting & Election of Officers 7:30 PM.                   Kaitie Szostek and Kerrie Quarles received their ma-
October 11 – 14, Grand Chapter in Battle Creek, MI.
                                                          If you know a young lady between the ages of 11 and
October 16, Annual Installation of Officers 7:00 PM.      20 who might be interested in Rainbows, please give
Refreshments after.                                       us a call. We also have an active pledge group led by
                                                          Denise Hinch for girls between ages 5 and 11.
November 10, Stated Meeting 7:30 PM
                                                          We wish to thank Wayne Lodge and Nankin Chapter
November 17, Practice 7:00 PM                             for allowing us to serve your dinners this past year.
                                                          We have enjoyed getting to know each of you and
December 1, Christmas Party 6:00 PM. Pot Luck.            look forward to serving you again. Please don't hesi-
Bring $5.00 gift for a man or woman and 3 or 4 Crazy      tate to call if we can be of any assistance.
Bingo gifts.
                                                          Mom Otte
December 8, Stated Meeting 7:30 PM
We will post next year’s meetings at a later date.

We hope to see you at our dinners and events. You
are always welcome.

                               For any information
                                   please call:
                               Barbara Buchanan,


Page 24        Issue #2 – August, 2010         Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan         The Wayne Witness
             Royal Arch Masonry                              Wayne Lodge #112 Website
             Wayne Chapter #182
                                                           Are you using the website of Wayne
                                                           Lodge #112? There is a lot of valuable
                                                           information there, such as:

                                                             Welcome Message from our WM
                                                             List of Officers
                                                             Mark your Calendar
                                                             Highlighted Event of the Month
                                                             Mission & Vision
                                                             History of the Lodge
           This spot is reserved                             Petitions
           for information from                              Becoming a Member
       the Royal Arch Chapter #182                           Web Links
                                                             Ladies Activities
                                                             Photos of Events
                                                             How to Contact Members of the Lodge
                                                             The Beacon Program
       Wayne Lodge Social Network                            The Michigan Child ID Program
                                                             Masonic Amateur Radio Club
Do you want to keep in touch with the happenings of
               Wayne Lodge #112?                           Just go to:
                  Go to this website:

Or, go to, then enter
“WayneLodge112 in the search box. When an entry
comes up for WayneLodge112, click on that and you
will be on the Lodge’s Facebook page.

You may have to create your own Facebook account
to do this – and if you need help, just call the Editor.

The Wayne Witness         Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan       Issue #2 – August, 2010   Page 25
    The Bricklayer’s Accident Report                         of the building in response to all of my screaming.
                                                             This explains why John is also absent today. He
                    More Humor
                                                             should be healed in a cou-
                                                             ple of months.

I    am writing in response to your request for ad-
    ditional information in Block #3 of the Accident
    Reporting Form. I put "Poor Planning" as the
cause of my accident. You asked for a fuller expla-
nation and I trust the following details will be suffi-
                                                             At approximately the same
                                                             time, the barrel of bricks
                                                             hit the ground, and the
                                                             bottom fell out of the bar-
I am a bricklayer by trade. On the day of the acci-
                                                             Unfortunately, the barrel
dent, I was working on the roof of a new six-story
                                                             of bricks had smashed into a pedestrian on the
building. When I completed my work, I found I had
                                                             ground that also had heard the screaming and had
some bricks left over which, when weighed later,
                                                             stepped up to see what was going on. The poor soul
were found to weigh 240 lbs. Rather than carry the
                                                             never knew what hit him, but he did have insurance,
bricks down by hand, I decided to lower them in a
                                                             and his wife is much wealthier now.
barrel by using a pulley which was attached to the
top of the building at the sixth floor.
                                                             Further, now devoid of the weight of the bricks, the
                                                             barrel weighed only about 50 lbs.
Securing the rope at ground level, I went up to the
roof, swung the barrel out, and loaded the bricks
                                                             I refer you again to my weight. As you might imag-
into it. Then I went down and untied the rope, hold-
                                                             ine, I began a rapid descent down the side of the
ing it tightly to insure a slow descent of the 240 lbs of
                                                             building. In the vicinity of the third floor, I again
bricks. You will note on the accident reporting form
                                                             met the barrel – coming up now. This accounts for
that my weight is 135 lbs.
                                                             the two fractured ankles, broken tooth, and severe
                                                             lacerations of my legs and lower body.
Due to my surprise at being jerked off the ground so
suddenly, I lost my presence of mind and forgot to
                                                             Here my luck began to change slightly. The encoun-
let go of the rope. Needless to say, I proceeded at a
                                                             ter with the barrel seemed to slow me enough to
rapid rate up the side of the building.
                                                             lessen my injuries as I fell into the pile of bricks, and
                                                             the previously smashed pedestrian, and fortunately,
In the vicinity of the third floor, I met the barrel,
                                                             only three vertebrae were cracked.
which was now proceeding downward at an equally
impressive speed. This explains the fractured skull,
                                                             Unfortunately, another 3 people had rushed to the
minor abrasions, and the broken collarbone, as
                                                             aid of the first pedestrian and they were now pum-
listed in Section 3, Accident Reporting Form.
                                                             meled by my limp body. It is believed that all of
                                                             them will recover.
Slowed only slightly, I continued my rapid ascent,
not stopping until the fingers of my right hand were
                                                             Had it ended there, I might have made it to work
two knuckles deep into the pulley which I mentioned
in Paragraph 2 of this correspondence.
                                                             I am sorry to report, however, as I lay there on the
Fortunately by this time I had regained my presence
                                                             pile of bricks, in pain, unable to move, on top of the
of mind and was able to hold tightly to the rope, in
                                                             4 injured pedestrians, and watching the empty bar-
spite of the excruciating pain I was now beginning to
                                                             rel six stories above me, I again lost my composure
                                                             and presence of mind, and I let go of the rope.
As my hands were being integrated into the upper
pulley, my head slammed into the face of my fellow
worker, John Mason, who was peering over the side

Page 26        Issue #2 – August, 2010           Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan            The Wayne Witness
                            Irish Blessing                        Round Table Discussion
                                                                   Birmingham Masonic #44
                       May you always have work
                         For your hands to do.
                      May your pockets hold always
                             A coin or two.

                        May the sun shine bright
                                                        H       ave you ever wondered why something is not
                                                                working so well in Lodge and wish to find a
                                                                solution to help remedy those ills?

                         On your windowpane.
                       May the rainbow be certain
                          To follow each rain.

                        May the hand of a friend
                          Always be near you.
                       And may God fill your heart
                       With gladness to cheer you.

                                                        Your brethren at Birmingham Masonic #44 would
                                                        like to invite you to a special Round Table Discussion
                                                        being held with the goal of coming together and shar-
                                                        ing information on what works and what does not
          Upcoming Surgery News                         work.
          From Brother Robin Hinton
                                                        It is TIME that we learn from one another! Topics of

I    would like to
    let you know
    that I will be
having my second
heart surgery on
                                                        discussion include, but are not limited to, methods,
                                                        practices, communications, events, membership, and
                                                        fellowship. Bring with you all the information you
                                                        wish to share whether it be stories of success, or the
                                                        trials and tribulations that you and your brethren
August 4th at the                                       have struggled through.
U of M Hospital
in Ann Arbor. I                                         Be prepared to take lots of notes, as your brethren
had the first one                                       will undoubtedly be sharing a vast wealth of useful
in 1991 to replace                                      knowledge to help us all Live Better. All Officers and
a failing Aortic                                        brethren are invited.
                                                                      Hosting this event will be:
Now it seems I have developed an aortic aneurysm so                       Birmingham #44
they are replacing my aortic arch. Thank God for                       on August 26th at 7pm
plastic!                                                          at Birmingham Masonic Temple,
                                                                       37357 Woodward Ave,
Anyway, I will be out of commission for a while.                     Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
I want you Brothers to know that though I haven't                Help make the Craft better for all.
been as active in the lodge as I would like, my heart
(even the plastic parts) is with them.                                    Please RSVP to
                                                                          Randy Ravary at
My wife Becky will have information if anyone wants
to make inquiries. Her number is (734) 552-4607.
                                                                        or call 313-530-0285.

The Wayne Witness        Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan          Issue #2 – August, 2010         Page 27
                                  Fraternally Yours

        I met a dear old man today,                        “The wages of a Mason
         Who wore a Masonic pin.                           Are never paid in gold,
     It was old and faded like the man,             But the gain comes from contentment,
          It's edges worn and thin.                  When you're weak and growing old.

I approached the park bench where he sat,            “You see, I've carried my obligations
      To give the old brother his due.                       For almost 50 years.
    I said “I see you've traveled East.”           It has helped me through the hardships,
       He said, “I have. Have you?”                      And the failures full of tears.

      I said, “I have and in my day,                 “Now I'm losing my mind and body,
         Before the all-seeing sun,                   Death is near, but I don't despair.
           I played in the rubble                      I've lived my life upon the level,
   With Jubala, Jubelo, and Jubalum.”                   And I'm dying on the square.”

He said, “Don't laugh at the work my son,               Sometimes the greatest lessons
      It's good and sweet and true.                    Are those that are learned anew.
   And if you've traveled as you said,                And the old man in the park today
 You should give these things their due.                Has changed my point of view.

      “The word, the sign, the token,                    To all my Masonic brothers,
        The sweet Masonic prayer,                         The only secret is to care.
       The vow that you have taken,                      May you live upon the level,
     You have climbed the inner stair.                    And part upon the square.

Page 28     Issue #2 – August, 2010   Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan   The Wayne Witness
    Dining Room Available
           In the Wayne Masonic Temple
         Spacious and comfortable
            Lodge Dining Room
                    Seats 200 comfortably
            Very Reasonable
            Call for a quote
              Catering Available
                        Prepare Food Yourself
                     In our well-equipped kitchen
                         Hire your own caterer
         Graduations, Birthdays, Meetings, etc.
                    Wayne Masonic Temple
                     37137 Palmer Road
                              (Just east of Newburgh)
        Westland, Michigan 734-721-7950
The Wayne Witness   Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan   Issue #2 – August, 2010   Page 29
Page 30   Issue #2 – August, 2010   Wayne Lodge #112, Westland, Michigan   The Wayne Witness

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