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Description: This application claims priority of Chinese Patent Application No. 201020114140.9 filed on Jan. 29, 2010.BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The invention relates to a Venetian blind, more particularly to an apparatus for making a composite blind slat of a Venetian blind. 2. Description of the Related Art Early blind slats are made from thin metal plates, such as by forming thin aluminum or ion plates into curved plates of arcuate cross-section, followed by coating the surfaces of the curved plates. Such metallic blind slats are expansive,heavy, and inconvenient and have poor thermal insulation properties. In order to address the drawbacks of the metallic blind slats, the metallic blind slats have been replaced by plastic slats, such as PVC slats which are lighter and easier to operate. However, because PVC can not be recycled and decomposed biologically, it is an increasing trend to prohibit PVC products in most countries in the world. Many attempts have been made to seek environment conserving substitutes for PVC blind slats. Forexample, the applicant of the present invention proposed a method of making blind slats using recycled fly ash as a major material. However, the fly ash blind slats are not widely accepted as they are heavy and inconvenient to handle. Therefore, thereis a need of blind slats that are environmentally friendly and that can be handled conveniently.SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION Therefore, a main object of the present invention is to provide an apparatus for making a composite blind slat from an environmentally friendly pulp fiber web. According to the present invention, an apparatus for making blind slats comprises: a feeding unit adapted to feed a pulp fiber web; an impregnation tank disposed downstream of the feeding unit and containing an impregnating liquid forimpregnating the pulp fiber web; a conveying roller assembly disposed within the impregnation tank for immersing and conveying the pulp fiber web within the im