Robotics & Automation May 2011 Univeristy Questions by AsimBeck


									                UEC006/UEC756/UEI853/UEI003                                    12. (a)With block diagram, explain briefly about machine vision in
         (only above code to be shaded in the Answer book #)                          Robot.
                    Bharath University, Chennai-73
           B.Tech,ECE & E&I,VI,VII,VIII Semester ,May 2011
           UEC8E1/UEC006(ECE - 2004)- UEC756(ECE - 2007)                          (b) What are the different types of position sensors used in
                                                                                      Robot and explain any one.
             UEI853 (EI - 2007) - UEI6E2/UEI003 (EI - 2006)
                        Robotics & Automation
                                                                               13. (a) Derive the dynamic equations for two-degree-of freedom
Time: 3 Hrs                                     Maximum: 100 Marks                     Robots.
                                                       (10 x 2)= 20                                                    (OR)
                                      Part A

                              Answer All Questions
                                                                                   (b) (i)Explain briefly various types of Grippers.
                                                                                         (ii)How will you construct a Manipulator ?
1. What is meant by End effector ?

2. State Asimov’s laws of robotics.
                                                                               14. (a) Explain Denavit-Hartenberg representation of forward
3. How will you determine HP of motor?                                                 kinematics equations of Robots.
4. What is the use of Forward and Inverse kinematics equations?
5. Draw a two-degree of freedom Robot Arm.
                                                                                   (b) Explain different Robot programming languages with
6. What is Work envelop in Robot?                                                     examples.

7. What is the need of Trajectory planning?
                                                                               15. (a) (i)What are Multiple Robots?
8. How will you select a Robot?                                                        (ii)Explain briefly about Robot cell design.
9. What are the different types of Robotic controllers?
10. Give four Robot applications in Manufacturing field.
                                                                                  (b) Explain in details any two applications of Robot in two
                                                                                     different fields.
                                       Part B                  (5 x 16 = 80)
                          Answer either (a) or (b) from each question                                                   ********
11. (a)What is Robot? What are the classifications of Robot?Also,explain
       advantages and disadvantages of Robot.

   (b)(i) Explain the Robot characteristics.
      (ii) Explain various generation of Robots.

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