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Power Plant Instrumentation May 2011University Questions


                       (only above code to be shaded in the Answer book #)
                               Bharath University, Chennai-73
                             B.Tech, E&I,VIII Semester ,May 2011
                             UEI801-Power Plant Instrumentation
                                    (common to 2006 & 2007 batches)
Time: 3 Hrs                                                                       Maximum: 100 Marks
                                                                                         (10 x 2)= 20
                                                   Part A

                                         Answer All Questions

1. List out a few electrical safety standards.

2. Define Purging.

3. What is the basic principle in Stream making?

4. How is the factor of evaporation obtained?

5. What is the importance of a free circulation in boiler?

6. List out the types of boilers.

7. Give a disadvantage of expansion and contraction by heat.

8. What is an Economizer?

9. What is Radiant heat?

10. List out the few types of cooling ponds.

                                                 Part B                                   (5 x 16 = 80)
                                    Answer either (a) or (b) from each question

11. (a)Explain in detail about the classification of area in Instrument system.

    (b) With a neat diagram, explain the intrinsic safety codes and safe systems.

12. (a)Explain the plant layout of Nuclear power station in detail.


    (b) What are the non-conventional energy sources available? Explain in detail.

13. (a) Draw the neat sketch of boiler and explain each and every part in detail.


     (b) With neat diagram, explain about turbine control in Power plant.

14. (a) Explain different types of Heat exchangers in detail.


     (b) What are the various speed control and vibration control mechanisms used in Nuclear
         power plant?

15. (a) Explain with neat sketch, about feed water quality analysis in details.


    (b) With neat P & I diagram, explain the cooling towers in detail.


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