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					                  SUMMER STIPEND RECIPIENTS 2004
It is a delight to report that these Loyola University Chicago faculty colleagues were
awarded summer stipends in varying amounts as the result of their successful competitive
applications. Proposals were reviewed by the Faculty Development Review (FDR)
Committee, an elected University level committee established by our governance system.

This year’s FDR members are: Fred Smith (Chair), Gerard Aranha, Robert Bucholz,
Michael Collins, Jennifer Haworth, Bryan Pickett, Carla Lee, Mary Malliaris, Margaret
Moses, Katherine Tyson, Barbara Velsor-Friedrich. (As an applicant herself, Dr. Moses
was recused from all aspects of this summer stipend review process).

School                Grantee and Project Title
                      Marguerite Angelari
School of Law
                      Elder Abuse by Court Appointed Guardians
                      John Blum
                      Access to Health Care & Illegal Immigrants: Legal Perspectives
                      from Five States and Five Counties.
                      Brett Frishmann
                      The Scope of the Treaty Power: Considering the Implied
                      Limitation of the Intellectual Property Clause
                      Cynthia Ho
                      An Interdisciplinary Approach to Gene Patents: Melding
                      Constitutional Law with the Science of Innovation
                      Christian Johnson
                      Assessing a Decade of Interstate Bank Branching: Balancing
                      Populism Against Efficiency
                      Jeffrey Kwall
                      Dethroning King Enterprises
                      Michael Kaufman
                      A Scholarly Teacher's Manual & Resource Guide to Supplement
                      My Treatise, Education Law, Policy and Practice: Cases and
                      John McCormack
                      What Do Common Law Marriage, Equitable Adoption and
                      Adverse Possession Have in Common?
                      Margaret Moses
                      Down the Wrong Road: How the Supreme Court’s
                      Misinterpretation of the FAA Undermines Consumer Protection
                      Allen Shoenberger
                      European Court of Human Rights Decisions: Potential Impact on
                      United States Supreme Court Jurisprudence
                     Ruqaiiah Yearby
                     HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials in the United States & Africa: The
                     Same Scientists, Types of Research, & Funding Sources, but
                     Different Ethical Protection for Human Subjects
                     Steven Todd – Finance
School of Business   Do Independent equity analysts produce superior investment
                     Mark Van Oyen – ISOM
                     Quantifying Operational Flexibility
                     Mine Cinar- Economics
                     Changes in Country Risk Scores Using Panel Data and
                     Implications for Emerging Market Debt Policies
                     Suk Hun Lee-Finance
                     International Trade Patterns and Debt Renegotiation Outcomes
                     Nenad Jukic-ISOM
                     An Investigation of Information Technology Architecture
                     Adoption Decisions
                    Pamela Fenning – CIEP
School of Education A Study of High School Codes of Conduct! The Impact of Policy
                    on Schoolwide Academic and Behavioral Indicators
                     Fran Vlasses – HPPCHSD
School of Nursing
                     Minority Nurse Transition to "Real World" Service
                    Amy Bohnert – Psychology
College of Arts and
                    Does Extracurricular Involvement Matter? Outcomes and
                    Predictors of Involvement During the Transition to High School
                     Konstantin Laufer- Computer Science
                     TriveniLite: A Framework for Defining & Composing Tasks in
                     Concurrent Applications
                     John McCarthy - Theology
                     Texts of Excess: ‘Strategies of Interpretation’
                     Robert DiVito – Theology
                     Texts of Excess: ‘The Faces of Excess in the Modern
                     Interpretation & Exegesis of Genesis 22’
                     Christopher Peterson- Natural Sciences
                     Links between microalgal species diversity, species identity and
                     functional Attributes of stream ecosystems
                     Tracy Pintchman- Theology
                     Women's Lives, Women's Rituals in the Hindu Temple Tradition:
                     Domesticity & Beyond
Maryse Richards- Psychology
Products of a Pilot to an Intervention to Reduce the Effects of
Violence Exposure & Promote Resilience in Inner-City Young
African American Adolescents
Loretta Stalans- Criminal Justice
Predicting Sexual Recidivism of Sex Offenders on Probation:
Differences in Indicators of High Risk
John Kelly- Biology
Impacts of Chronic Nitrogen Deposition on Soil Microbial
Communities in the Chicago Metropolitan Area
David Posner – Modern Languages
What's so funny? Satire in African literature and the Ethics of
Kathleen Adams – Sociology/Anthropology
Swallow Stories and Mission Based Heritage as Metaphors for
Community Dynamics
Pamela Caughie – English
Disciplining Modernism
Raymond Dye – Psychology
The Influence of Later-arriving Sounds on the Ability to
Lateralize Sounds that Precede Them
Dennis Martin – Theology
A Short History of Monasticism
Thomas Carson- Philosophy
The Golden Rule and a Theory of Moral Reasoning
David Chinitz- English
Langston Hughes's Middle Way
Dominic Castignetti- Biology
Isolation & Characterization of the Iron Binding Molecule of the
Bacterium Mesohizobium loti
Harveen Mann- English
Deterritorializing Trinidad & India V.S. Naipaul's Diasporic
Travels in India: a Million Mutinies Now