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Steering Wheel Table - PDF


BACKGROUND This invention relates to a steering wheel table to be used in any vehicle equipped with a steering wheel which will accommodate the attachment hardware used by the invention. More people are looking for a strong, light, easy to handle, flatsurface, which will enable them to use their vehicle steering wheel as a platform to do numerous tasks. Some of these tasks may include but are not limited to, laptop computer use, book reading, working on paperwork and eating. Many inventors havesought to solve this problem of creating the one size fits all steering wheel tables, but due to many variations in vehicle steering wheel construction and design the problem is complex. Some of these problems are diameter of the steering wheel, convexor concave wheel center due to airbag presence or absence, wheel thickness, wheels with coverings (leather or cloth) and tilt or non tilt steering wheels. The fastening technique and design of the table must address all these obstacles and yet remain,strong, efficient and user friendly. These are the very problems my invention both addresses and solves, making it the perfect multi task table for any vehicle. I will point out some of my inventions strengths against faults in prior patented art work. U.S. Pat. No. 5,386,785 to Peter Naor, Feb. 7, 1995, demonstrates the problem of attachment to steering wheels of various diameters 1. As you see the technique for attaching is to surround the entire wheel which may work on one size steeringwheel but fall short or worse yet be completely incompatible with a larger or smaller wheel. Also the thickness of the wheel 9 could cause additional problems, especially if the steering wheel had a covering. Also with the straight backboard 2 it wouldbe impossible to accommodate a center airbag which protruded out from the wheel center. U.S. Pat. No. 5,511,493 to Donald Kanehl, Jr., Apr. 30, 1996, fails to meet the stability needed to insure a platform that will not be easily dislod

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