February 14, 2011
Board Meeting Minutes

Welcome and Call to Order by April Ball, president

Members in attendance include: April Ball, Gwen Miller, Helena Lythgoe, Katie Schmid, Anne Britt,
Chet Wade, Patricia Hutcherson, Cara Olivio, Lisa Cherlin, and Kathy Winston, Tarsha Cook, Karen

The Board minutes from January were approved as corrected.

April welcomed the board members in attendance.
April informed the board of a request for monetary funds from Terri Kilmer. The funds would be used
to supplement the credit recovery program. Students working on and completing their course work
through this program would be given incentives such as gift cards, etc. Motion carried.
April is also looking for volunteers to serve on the nominating committee and asked if anyone had an
interest in continuing to serve as a board member.
Don’t forget the upcoming spirit night at Silver Diner and to volunteer if you can.

Dr. Miller reminded board members of the REB award. Nominations are due Feb. 24.
Dr. Miller gave an update on the status of ACA. She indicated that there were many applications
submitted. They continue to work on the planning for this new specialty center.
She asked for help/input as Tucker begins to plan for its 50th anniversary celebration.
Dr. Miller also told the board that Tucker was being represented well in various competitions with
other schools such as robotics, drama organizations and basketball.
She explained that Tucker was also in the process of looking at the master schedule for next year. They
were going to be trying some “creative scheduling” in which “study hall” would not be as widely
available as it has been in the past. This would help students to take an additional elecitive who may
not have time for it in their schedule.

Anne Britt reported on expenses and income for the month of January. We currently have a balance of
$9,618.18. Anne also reminded us that the Spring Craftsmen’s Classic Show will be coming up the
weekend of March 11-13 and volunteers were needed to work at the event.

1st VP Programs:
Helena reported on a few of the upcoming programs. Bingo nights will be held on Feb. 18th and
Mar. 25th. They will include dinner and Bingo.
She also gave an update on the progress of the Golf tournament. She was moving forward to help plan
the event. It will be held on April 30 at the Sycamore Creek Golf Course. The $100 entrance fee
would include cart, green fees, snacks and a buffet dinner. Those who register by the end of February
would pay a discounted price of $65.00.
In addition, she also gave a synopsis of the budget information presented at the last county council
meeting. Adjustments may be made as studies were completed about transportation, the “Prep” progam
and scholarships.

3rd VP Ways and Means:
Karen reported that we are working on a new t-shirt design. She also suggested that we might want to
get involved in helping juniors/seniors find, purchase prom dresses at a reduced price. These might
help students who would not be able to afford a dress for the dance.

Cara reported on the work of the committee. She said the committee had decided to use Austin’s again
despite the many problems in the past. Cara had spoken with the owner and received his assurances
that we would see an improvement in the quality of the service including his attendance at the event.
This committte continues to ask for volunteers. In addition, Cara needs a co-chair to help process the
paperwork involved in PAN and for the name of anyone that may be interested.

Chet Wade reported that the submissions for the next newsletter should be around Feb. 20 so that he
can send it out by March 1st. Due to the time-sensitive nature of the items, this deadline is very

Kathy heard from Kirk who wanted to remind us that he is continuing to work on several small projects
around Tucker.

Tiger’s Den/Tiger’s Den Too:
Volunteers are still needed to help staff the school bookstores. In addition, “specials” will be offered to
help sales and to get rid of certain items that have been on hand for a while..

Patricia Hutcherson also continues to send updates on PTSA happenings.

Lay Advisory/County Council:
The next meeting would be on March 14th at Moody Middle School. Information regarding the Math
Classes would be discussed by Dr. Russo and central office staff members.

Dr. Miller thanked the PTSA for providing food to the teachers/staff during the last Parent-Teacher
conference night.

Tiger’s Trust:
Katie reported that we would be looking at ways to solicit donations for the Tiger’s Trust including the
envelopes/letters being mailed to parents and businesses.
Retail Sales:
Tarsha gave us dates for several upcoming events. Please see dates listed below.

March 21 – Qdoba
April 11 – Wing n Things spirit night
April 11 – PTSA Board meeting
April 14 – Qdoba
April 29 – Tropical Smoothie
May 6 – Wings n Things
May 16 – Tropical Smoothie

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Winston
Secretary, JR Tucker High School PTSA

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