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    Pro Re Nata: As Circumstances Require

l                                                                                                Key Appointments
u                                                                                                Made in Dept. of
e                                                                                                Informatic Medicine
_                                                                                                  The School of Medicine’s new
3                                                                                                program in informatics continues
5                                                                                                to take shape with the recent
                                                                                                 to two key
N                                                                                                Walker S. Carlos
u                                                                                                Poston, II, M.P.H.,
m                                                                                                Ph.D., professor
b                                                                                                of basic medical
e                                                                                                science, has
R    David Bamberger, M.D., associate professor of medicine and Red 4 docent, right, discusses   assumed the role
_    a case with Felix Netolitzky, a medical student from the Medical University of Graz,        of interim chair      Dr. Poston
7    Austria, and Reetu Singh, M.D., internal medicine resident. Netolitzky took part in         and C. Keith
     a medical rotation at the School of Medicine this past summer as part of an exchange        Haddock, Ph.D., professor of
     program with the medical school in Austria.                                                 basic medical science, has been
                                                                                                 appointed interim
V    Students Participate in Exchange                                                            vice chair of the
                                                                                                 new Department

E            patient arrived at Truman          “That was a challenge,” Netolitzky               of Informatic
M            Medical Center Hospital          said. “I’ve seen many diseases here                Medicine and
             Hill with symptoms of            that I have not ever seen before. I                Personalized
             meningitis. Felix Netolitzky,    had never seen one HIV positive                    Health.
E    an exchange student from the             patient before I came here.”
R                                                                                                  Dr. Poston,
     Medical University                                           Such is the                    who joined the
/    of Graz, Austria,                                          experience of
                                    Forty-five students                                          School of Medicine Dr. Haddock
D    discovered the                                             the five medical                 in 2005, will be
E    man had just been         from Graz applied for the students who spent                      responsible for coordinating the
C    released from prison       five exchange openings,         an elective month                daily activities of building the
E    and was staying                                            in Kansas City as                educational and research programs
     with a woman who           Netolitzky said, largely        part of an exchange
M                                                                                                in informatic medicine. He has
B    had birds as pets.            because health care          program between                  served as director of budgets and
     The man, who was          employers in Austria and         the UMKC School                  grants for the Health Outcomes,
     also HIV-positive,                                         of Medicine and                  Epidemiology, and Policy Research
R    explained how he          throughout the European          the medical school
_                                                                                                Group. He was a member of
     had been cleaning        Union look favorably upon in Graz. Two                             the faculty at Baylor College of
2    the birds’ cages,          medical school graduate         students from Graz               Medicine prior to joining the faculty
0    which led Netolitzky                                       took part in elective            at UMKC.
0    to another diagnosis.
                                 with experience in the         rotations at the                   Dr. Poston received his Ph.D.
6      What first appeared           United States.             School of Medicine               in counseling psychology from
     to be meningitis                                           in July and three in             the University of California-Santa
     turned out to be                                           August.                          Barbara and his M.P.H. with a focus
     a case of the West Nile virus, a           Netolitzky is completing his final               on epidemiology and health policy
     disease Netolitzky had never been        year of medical school at Graz. In                 from the University of Texas Health
     exposed to as a student in Austria.      August, however, he worked with                    Science Center in Houston. He
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                                        Student Spotlight
Five Elected to APAMSA Offices                                Seven Graduating in December
  Five of the six UMKC School of Medicine students who
                                                                Seven students are graduating from the School of
attended the national Asian Pacific American Medical
                                                              Medicine in December.
Student Association conference Oct. 6-8 in Bethesda,
                                                                Those who will receive their degrees from the
Md., were elected to regional or national APAMSA
                                                              School of Medicine at the end of the fall semester
                                                              include Sami Abedin, Cassandra Ashley, Amit
  Tony Wang, MS 6, who served as one of the weekend’s
                                                              Dhameja, Sumayya Jawadi, Khoi Nguyen, Sirishi
speakers, was elected to the post of national senior
                                                              Vaddi, and Dustin Van Dolah.
membership vice president. Wang spent a year as a
                                                                The School of Medicine's spring commencement
fellow in the National Institute’s of Health Clinical
                                                              ceremony will take place at 3 p.m. on May 25 at
Research Training Program. He led a session of the
                                                              Swinney Recreation Center.
APAMSA conference in which he talked about the
program and his experiences.
  Also elected to APAMSA offices were Beverly Chen,
MS 4, national chief financial officer; Fannie Lau, MS 5,
regional director; Thien-Dinh Nguyen, MS 2, national
webmaster; and Krushangi Patel, MS 2, national public
relations officer.
  Twenty-seven APAMSA chapters from throughout
the country attended the conference that included 25
different workshops and sessions ranging from cultural
competency and diversity in medicine to incorporating
acupuncture into medical practice.

Students Attend AAMC Meeting
  Rebecca Mueller, MS 6, served as a primary delegate
and Beverly Chen, MS 6, Brandon Davis, MS 4, and
Tabitha Moe, MS 5, were alternate delegates from the
School of Medicine at the Organization of Student
Representatives section of the Association of American
Medical College Annual Meeting in Seattle Oct. 26-29.
  The annual meeting provided the students with
an opportunity to compare and contrast the unique
curriculum and programs at UMKC to other medical
schools.                                                      Blue 2 Wins Pumpkin Contest
  Representatives from medical schools across the             The Blue 2 student unit won the School of Medicine’s
nation discussed outcomes of the different programs           annual Jack-O-Lantern carving contest with its St. Louis
and curriculums as well as issues such as board prep          Cardinals carving. The unit was awarded a $60 first prize.
programs, financial aid, professionalism, self-wellness,      Second prize of $40 went to the Red 2 unit for its Truman
and matching outcomes. Breakout and plenary session           Halloween Night carving, and the Green 2 unit won the $20
topics included the future of allopathic medicine,            third prize for its Walewicz and Baby pumpkin. The School
residency and the match, and loan consolidation.              of Medicine Color Officers sponsored the contest.

Four From School of Medicine Attend Surgical Conferences in Chicago
  Four students from the School of Medicine Surgical        a research abstract during the AWS poster symposium,
Society attended the American College of Surgeons           and Nelson also served as Midwest representative for
Clinical Congress Oct. 8-12 in Chicago. Two of the          the AWS Medical Student Committee at the ASW 25th
students, Brook Nelson, MS 6, and Zeenat Hasan, MS          anniversary gala.
6, also attended the Association of Women Surgeons            Vikram Krishnamurth, MS 5, and Graham Pollock, MS
Annual Conference Oct. 6-7 in Chicago where they            3, joined Hasan and Nelson at the ACS Clinical Congress
discussed trends in health care and issues specific to      where they attended a special medical student program
women in surgery.                                           featuring representatives from all surgical subspecialties.
  Nelson and Hanna Zimmerman, M.D., ’06, presented

                                               P.R.N. | 2 | Nov./Dec.
                                                 Staff Spotlight
                                                                     University Finalizing Contract
                                                                      for SOM Lobby Renovation
                                                                     The University of Missouri-Kansas City is finalizing a
                                                                  contract to begin renovation of the School of Medicine
                                                                  lobby just after the new year .
                                                                     A canopy will be built at the entrance and a new tiled
                                                                  lobby floor and entry vestibule, and modernized lobby
                                                                  ceiling tiles and lighting fixtures will be added. A new
                                                                  security desk will be constructed near the center of the
                                                                  lobby with a 60-inch communication media screen installed
                                                                  on the wall behind the current security desk. The ceiling
                                                                  near the lobby elevators will be opened.
                                                                     At least one side of the lobby and one elevator will be
                                                                  accessable throughout construction, with the noisiest part of
                                                                  that to take place after 5:30 p.m.
                                                                     Renovation of the theaters is to begin next May. Faculty,
                                                                  students and staff will be included on the planning
                                                                  committee for this project.
                                                                     A Hospital Hill bookstore will open in January on the
                                                                  ground floor of the new Hospital Hill parking structure that
                                                                  opened on Nov. 1. Tennants for other retail space in the
                                                                  structure has not been finalized.

                                                                      Computer Workstation
                                                                   Upgrades Extended to Docents
                                                                    Upgrades in computer equipment taking place
Shannon Powell, left, administrative assistant for the Office     throughout the School of Medicine have extended to the
of Medical Education, gives a hug to Cherie Burton, red unit
                                                                  school’s faculty docents. Sixteen docents received new
administrative assistant, after relinquishing the School of
Medicine's Chili Cook Off trophy to Cherie and the Chili          computer workstations earlier this fall through the first
Chicks on Nov. 17.                                                round of a docent workstation/computer project.
                                                                    Plans are for the remainder of the school’s docents to
   Chili Competition Heats Up                                     receive similarly configured computer workstations in
  The competition heated up, as did the chili, on                   Docents, who in the past have supplied their own
Nov. 17 when Cherie Burton, red unit administrative               computer equipment, began receiving new computers
assistant, led the department of student affairs to               and software in July. The packages also included new
the grand prize in the School of Medicine’s second-               laser printers.
annual Chili Cookoff.                                               “This was a project that we’ve been wanting to do for
  Cherie and the Chili Chicks captured the Chili                  a couple of years now to standardize the equipment,
Cookoff travel trophy for 2006, edging out the last               hardware and software, that the docents use,” said
year’s winner, the Red Hot Chili Mamas representing               Christopher Boyce, support system s administrator, who
the Office of Medical Education and Research.                     oversaw the installation.
The Business Office Audit placed third in the chili                 The new workstations include Dell computers with 19-
contest.                                                          inch monitors and sound bars, and software including
  The contest took place in the School of Medicine                Microsoft Office 2003 Professional, Adobe Acrobat
canteen with nine chili entries. School of Medicine               Professional, and Cisco Unity ViewMail.
staff, faculty and students took part in the voting for             Installing the new workstations will allow the school’s
their favorite fare before feasting on a chili lunch.             Department of Evaluation and Computer Resources to
  The Red Hot Chili Mamas and Business Office                     provide better support for docents’ computer hardware
Audit tied for first place in the poster contest that             and software needs. The new software packages will also
described each department’s chili. Second place in                allow docent computers to remain compatible with other
the poster contest went to Cherie and Chili Chicks,               users across schools and partner hospitals.
and the Council on Selection was third.                             The new workstations will be grouped with the school’s
  The annual Chili Cookoff was sponsored by the                   standard administrative workstations that allows for a
School of Medicine's Communications Task Force.                   cycle of being updated or replaced with new equipment
                                                                  on a three to four-year cycle.

                                                      P.R.N. | 3 | Nov./Dec.
                            Dedications & Presentations
 SOM Dedicates Fourth-Floor Classroom in Honor of Ida Bamberger
   As he was growing up, David           technology that includes an
Bamberger, M.D., professor of            overhead projection system
medicine and Red 4 docent, never         and lecture podium containing
lacked for encouragement from            DVD and VCR players and a
his parents to go to school and get      control system.
an education. A financial gift from          “My mother very much
his father, Albert, to the School of     instilled in my sister
Medicine will ensure that others have    and myself the value of
similar encouragement.                   education,” Dr. Bamberger
   Albert Bamberger recently             said. “I think this is exactly
provided funding to support              what she would have wanted.”
research activities at the medical           The endowment will fund
school through the creation of the       the Ida Bamberger Memorial
Ida Bamberger Memorial Research          Faculty Award for Research
Endowment. The School of Medicine        to support worthy research
in turn honored Albert Bamberger         as well as national research     Mimi Moon, MS 4, left, the first recipient of the
and the memory of his wife on            presentations by students,       Ida Bamberger Memorial Matching Scholarship,
Oct. 20 with the dedication of the       residents, fellows and faculty shakes hands with Albert Bamberger, who funded a
recently remodeled Ida Bamberger         at the school. A portion of      research endowment at the School of Medicine as Mr.
Classroom.                               the endowment also supports Bamberger’s son, David Bamberger, M.D., professor of
   “Ida Bamberger embraced               the Ida Bamberger Memorial medicine and Red 4 docent, looks on.
education as the surest means for        Matching Scholarship to                    conviction he and his wife shared
improving individuals and society,”      recognize outstanding students with        in the importance of obtaining an
School of Medicine Dean Betty M.         a proven interest in research.             education.
Drees, M.D., said. “Our students will        Mimi Moon, MS 4, was on hand              “It has been my pleasure to make
use this room for learning and go        for the dedication ceremony and            this donation to the medical school,”
forth and do those things that I think   recognized as the first recipient of the he said. “My best wishes to you and
would make Mrs. Bamberger very           Ida Bamberger Scholarship.                 the future of this school.”
proud.”                                      Before unveiling a memorial
   The fourth-floor venue is furnished   plaque on the wall of the classroom,
with state of the art learning           Albert Bamberger spoke briefly of the

Former UMKC Resident Presents William Sirridge Humanities Lecture
     Jerome Freeman, M.D., professor and                                          Jerome Freeman, M.D., presented the annual
chair of neurosicence at the University                                           William T. Sirridge, M.D., Lectureship in
of South Dakota School of Medicine,                                               Medical Humanities on Oct. 13.
presented the annual William T. Sirridge,
M.D., Lectureship in Medical Humanities                                       to the patient’s emotional and ethical
on Oct. 13 at the School of Medicine.                                         issues.
     Dr. Freeman, who served an internal                                           “Humanitarian issues are a
medicine residency at the UMKC School                                         fundamental part of who we are as
of Medicine from 1974-1976 and was                                            physicians,” Dr. Freeman said. “We
named House Officer of the Year in                                            have an opportunity to be possible
1975, spoke on “Narrative, Ethics and                                         heroes and to make a difference.”
the Possible Hero,” describing how                                                 Dr. Sirridge, one of the School of
physicians can use insights derived from                                      Medicine’s founding docents, and his
literature to prepare therapeutic plans for                                   wife, former dean and docent Marjorie
patients.                                                                     S. Sirridge, M.D., endowed of the
     “Narratives open up a world of what                                      Sirridge Office of Medical Humanities.
illness means to patients,” Dr. Freeman                                       The University of Kansas Medical
said.                                                                         Alumni Association recognized him
     He explained that while physicians                                       with the 2006 Distinguished Medical
have a tremendous influence on their patients, that           Alumnus Award earlier this year.
influence can be weakened if the physician doesn't attend

                                                 P.R.N. | 4 | Nov./Dec.
                                                       New Faces
Administrative Assistant, Council             in human resources at DePaul               Office for Student Affairs, the
on Evaluation                                 University in Chicago where she also       Women’s Center, the William &
   Angela                                     earned her master’s of science degree      Mary Graduate Admissions Office
Allen serves as                               in public service with a focus on          and the Conservatory of Music and
administrative                                administration in higher education.        Dance where she is still supervising
assistant for                                 Manager, Student                           Arts Administration students.
the Council                                   Affairs                                    Clinical Medical
on Evaluation.                                   Susan                                   Librarian
She previously                                Hathaway,                                      Susan Sanders
worked at H&R                                 Ph.D., has joined                          is a new clinical
Block as a clerical Angela Allen              the School of                              medical librarian
staff member and                              Medicine as the                            in the School
bookkeeper. She is a seasoned                 new manager of                             of Medicine’s
veteran in administrative services            student affairs. She                       Health Sciences
who also worked in the Department             will oversee the                           Library. She
                                                                   Hathaway, Ph.D.                              Susan Sanders
of Pharmacology at the School of              Education Team                             previously worked
Medicine.                                     Assistants while working with all of       at the UMKC Dental Library as
Coordinator,                                  the components of student affairs          the Dental Instructional Resources
Council on                                    including selection, academic and          Librarian. Sanders began her career
                                              career advising. She started at UMKC
Evaluation                                                                               in librarianship as an intern at
                                              as an undergraduate theatre student        Lawrence Memorial Hospital in
                                              in 1987. After two years in the MFA        Lawrence, Kan. She also worked as
Dockweiler is the
                                              program, Dr. Hathaway changed              a medical librarian at New Britain
new coordinator
                                              her focus to college administration        General Hospital in Connecticut,
for the Council
                                              to receive an M.A. in Education            and was a reference and instructional
on Evaluation.
                                              (Student Personnel) from UMKC. Her         services librarian at the University of
She comes to the
                                              Ph.D. is in Educational Leadership,
School of Medicine Christy Dockweiler                                                    Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in
                                              Policy and Planning from the College       Oklahoma City. Sanders earned her
after she and
                                              of William and Mary with a research        undergraduate degree in English from
her husband moved from Detroit.
                                              focus on student engagement and            Montclair State University in New
Before joining UMKC, she worked
                                              academic success. As a university          Jersey. She taught middle school
in human resources at Wayne State
                                              professional, she has worked in            language arts before she received
University. Prior to that, she worked
                                              various capacities in Residential Life,    her master’s degree in library science
in the office of the executive vice
                                              Student Life, the Vice Chancellor’s        from Emporia State University.
president for academic affairs and

                                                   Special Events

Nearly 400 people attended Movie Magic, a benefit program for the School of Medicine’s
Sirridge Office of Medical Humanities on Nov. 4 at Starlight Theatre. Grace Lim, MS
5, right, provided part of the entertainment for the evening.

                                                       P.R.N. | 5 | Nov./Dec.
                                   Awards & Honors Spotlight
                                                                                  Jennifer Svetlecic, M.D., ’99, clinical assistant
                                                                                  professor of medicine, center, was named Young
                                                                                  Investigator of the Year by the American
                                                                                  College of Chest Physician in October for her
                                                                                  work in pulmonary research in the School
                                                                                  of Medicine research laboratory with Betty
                                                                                  Herndon, Ph.D., research associate professor,
                                                                                  left. Joanne Martires, MS 5, right, is assisting
                                                                                  in the research activities.
                            Young Investigator                                          Svetlecic J., Molteni A., Herndon B.
                                                                                        “Bronchiolitis Obliterans Induced by
                            of the Year Award                                           Intratracheal Papaverine: A Novel
                                                                                        Animal Model” Lung 182: 119-134,
                                                                                        2004; and Svetlecic J, Molteni A, Chen
   Jennifer Svetlecic, M.D., ’99, clinical   received the award for her research        Y, AlHamed M, Quinn T, Herndon
assistant professor of medicine,             abstract, “Pulmonary Gelatinases           B, “Transplant-related bronchiolitis
received the 2006 CHEST Foundation’s         in the Remodeling of Bronchiolitis         obliterans (BOS) demonstrates unique
Young Investigator of the Year Award         Obliterans,” in collaboration with Betty   cytokine profiles compared to toxicant-
during the American College of Chest         Herndon, Ph.D., research associate         induced BOS” Experimental and
Physicians' annual meetings Oct. 21-         professor, and Agostino Molteni, M.D.,     Molecular Pathology 79(3):198-205,
26 in Salt Lake City.                        Ph.D., professor of pathology.             2005.
   Dr. Svetlecic was one of three              She began investigating bronchiolitis      Dr. Svetlecic, will donate a portion
winners of the award, chosen from a          obliterans as a resident in the School     of her award to the School of Medicine
list of 20 finalists.                        of Medicine’s pulmonary research           in order to continue her research work
   Dr. Svetlecic, who completed a            laboratory with Dr. Herndon and Dr.        with the aid of Joanne Martires, MS 5.
pulmonary and critical care fellowship       Molteni. She published two scientific
at the School of Medicine last year,         papers on her research as a fellow:
                                                                                            At the invitation-only 14th
Dr. McCallister Receives 2006 Merit Award                                                 Annual International Colloquium
                                                                                          on Lung Fibrosis (ICLF) at Schloss
  Ben D. McCallister, M.D., director         recognition by peers and colleagues
emeritus of Cardiovascular Research          for outstanding contributions and            Reinhartshausen Kempinski, Sept.
at Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart            activities.                                  7-10, 2006, at the University of
Institute, was the recipient of the 2006       "Dr. Ben McCallister put cardiac care      Giessen Lung Center, Giessen,
Merit Award by the Metropolitan              in Kansas City and Saint Luke’s Mid          Germany:
Medical Society of Greater Kansas            America Heart Institute on the map,"           “Dietary Fatty Acids as
City. He received the award at the           said Metropolitan Medical Society
                                                                                          Adjuvants in Healing Bleomycin-
society’s annual dinner Oct. 19 at the       President Robert T. Gibbons, M.D.
Intercontinental Hotel.                        Dr. McCallister served as the              Induced Fibrosis.” R. Baybutt, C.
  Dr. McCallister, a society member          Missouri Endowed Chair and Director          Bruening, T. Quinn, B. Herndon,
since 1970, was nominated by his             of Cardiovascular Research, Saint            A. Molteni.
fellow members and selected as a             Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute /           “The Effect of Varying Oxygen
representative of exemplary service          University of Missouri – Kansas City         Concentrations on Bleomycin-
to his fellow physicians and the             School of Medicine from 1996 until
                                                                                          Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis.” C.
community. The award is a symbol             2006. He is now professor emeritus.
of professional appreciation and                                                          Brueining, T. Quinn, E. Fibuch, B.
                                                                                          Herndon, A. Molteni.

National Alliance on Mental Illness-Kansas City Honors Dr. Munro
   The National Alliance on Mental           Association of Chairs of Departments       developing the first mental health
Illness-Kansas City honored Stuart           of Psychiatry to the NAMI national         training program for Kansas City Police
Munro, M.D., chairman and professor          organization. As such, he will work        Department cadets. The program has
of psychiatry, with the organization’s       with officials at the NAMI national        been a part of the police cadet training
Professional Award on Nov. 16 during         office in Arlington, Va., and with a       since 1993.
the 18th annual membership meeting,          group to develop goals and objectives         The NAMI awards are presented
awards ceremony, and sixth annual            for collaboration between the two          annually to key people in the
Crisis Intervention Teams Banquet.           organizations and define several key       community who have had a positive
   Dr. Munro was recently appointed          projects.                                  influence in the field of mental health/
as a liaison from the American                 Dr. Munro was also recognized for        illness awareness and advocacy.

                                                    P.R.N. | 6 | Nov./Dec.
SOM Announces Key Appointments in Department of Informatic Medicine
(Continued from page 1)
served an internship in clinical psychology at the United   Hospital Association Cardiovascular Health Fellowship in
States Air Force Medicine Center, Wright-Patterson Air      San Francisco.
Force Base, Ohio, a fellowship in                                               Both Dr. Poston and Dr. Haddock
clinical health psychology at Wilford                                         have served as grant reviewers for
Hall Medical Center at Lackland Air
                                               The Department of              the National Institutes of Health and
Force Base in San Antonio, Texas,          Informatic Medicine and            the Department of Defense, have
and an American Hospital Association       Personalized Health will           served as members of a number of
Cardiovascular Health Fellowship in        train a medicine and life          editorial boards, and have current or
San Francisco.                                                                past research supported by the NIH,
  Dr. Haddock’s primary responsibility
                                           sciences workforce in the          Department of Defense and others.
will be in the development of graduate       effective utilization of           The Department of Informatic
programs in informatics, which will             biocomputing and              Medicine and Personalized Health
be the first non-professional degree-       informatic technologies           will train a medicine and life sciences
granting graduate program offered by          to improve the health           workforce in the effective utilization
the School of Medicine.                                                       of biocomputing and informatic
  Before coming to UMKC, Dr.                 of individuals and the           technologies to improve the health
Haddock was director of clinical                   community.                 of individuals and the community.
programs and research in behavioral                                           Department faculty will also conduct
health psychology at Wilford Hall                                             research in the application of
Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. He received his       computational technology to health science.
M.S. and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University
of Memphis and did an internship in clinical psychology
and a fellowship in clinical health psychology at Wilford
Hall Medical Center. He also completed an American

                                                Alumni Spotlight

School of Medicine graduates celebrated the Alumni Reunion weekend Oct. 27-28 with
a series of events culminating with the annual reunion dinner on Saturday night at
Kansas City’s Downtown Marriott Hotel. Alumni from the Classes of 1986, above,
were among this year’s reunion highlight classes of 1975, ’76, ’80, ’81, ’85, ’86, ’90,
’91, ’95, ’96, ’00 and ’01. Kenneth Fine, M.D., ’86, right, provided entertainment at the
dinner. The weekend’s events included the presentation of plaques honoring past and
present deans that have served at the School of Medicine, and a Friday night dinner at
Diastole for the Classes of 1973-76 and past deans and faculty.

                                                         P.R.N. | 7 | Nov./Dec.
                                                                                               Upcoming Event
Student Participate in Exchange
(Continued from page 1)                                                                           Calendar
David Bamberger, M.D., professor             take part in, such as diagnosing and
of medicine and Red 4 docent, on a           developing a treatment plan for the          December
rotation in infectious diseases.             West Nile virus patient.                     Dec. 15
  “Felix is a very strong student who          Netolitzky also developed an               Mid-year Commencement
did a great job,” Dr.                                         appreciation for the        Swinney Rec Center, Ceremony, 4:00 p.m.
Bamberger said. “He             U.S. electives in our         School of Medicine’s        Dec. 25
performed very well.                                          small group approach        Christmas Day
                             system are very sought           to medical education.
He did particularly
well in adapting to
                               after. They are very           This was his first
how we do things             attractive because when          experience in an
                                                                                          Jan. 1
here. Plus, his             you can add that to your          infectious diseases         New Year's Day
language skills were                                          rotation and the ability    Jan. 8
excellent. He even
                              CV it looks very good.          to work closely with        Winter 2007
served as a translator      It shows you are willing          Dr. Bamberger and           Semester Courses Begin
for us at one point         to experience new things          a resident physician        Jan. 15
because he speaks                                             made the learning           Class Meeting: Haag Hall Room 301
                              and opens your mind             process much more           Jan. 19
   The exchange                   to other ideas.             simple, he said.            No Classes: Martin Luther King Birthday
program is a large              — Felix Netolitzky,             “If you have a
                                                                                          Jan. 24
draw for students at                                          question, you just
                                exchange student from ask your supervisor,”               Faculty Dinner: Reception, 6:00 p.m.,
the Austrian medical                                                                      Dinner 6:30 p.m, Hyatt Regency Crown
school. Forty-                           Graz, Austria he said. “I like that if           Center Hotel
five students from                                            you’re between two          Jan. 24
Graz applied for the five exchange           patients, your supervisor will sit down      MSAC Meets the Legislators
                                             and talk with you, even if it’s just a 10-   Jefferson City, MO
openings, Netolitzky said, largely
because health care employers in             minute teaching session.”
Austria and throughout the European            UMKC School of Medicine students
Union look favorably upon medical            can participate in the exchange
school graduate with experience in the program as well through international                         Pro Re Nata:
United States.                               electives at Graz, Habin Medical
                                                                                              As Circumstances Require
  “U.S. electives in our system are very University in China, and Monterrey                  Volume 35 | No. 7 | Nov-Dec. 2006
sought after,” Netolitzky said. “They        Tech Medical School in Mexico. Five
are very attractive because when             students are accepted annually to                          Editorial Committee:
                                             participate in the exchange program,            Betty M. Drees, M.D.; Melvin Davis; David
you can add that to your CV it looks                                                        Hanzlick; Ravi Kallur, Ph.D.; Mary McCamy;
very good. It shows you are willing to       said Ravi Kallur, Ph.D., director of            Marilyn McGuyre; Agostino Molteni, M.D.,
experience new things. It opens your         international medicine, who oversees           Ph.D; Noemi Rojas; Reaner Shannon, Ph.D.;
                                                        the international program.                 Serese Smith-Haxton, M.D., ‘90;
                                                                                           Lisen Tammeus; David Wooldridge, M.D., ’94
    Netolitzky also developed an appreciation           Accommodations are free
                                                        and there is no tuition fee       	    Creative	Direction:   Suzanne M. Gauch
    for the School of Medicine’s small group            for the exchange. Interested      	      Managing	Editor:    Kelly Edwards
  approach to medical education. I like that if students can contact Dr.                  	      Graphics/Layout:
                                                                                          	 Photographer	Editor:
                                                                                                                     Suzanne M. Gauch
                                                                                                                     John Carmody
 you’re between two patients, your supervisor Kallur at                  	Photograhper	Assistant:   Bob Steckmest
                                                        or Karen Brown, director of
   will sit down and talk with you, even if it’s        faculty affairs, at brownk@
                                                                                          P.R.N. is published monthly with the exception
                                                                                          of January and July for students and faculty
        just a 10-minute teaching session.     for additional           of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School
                                                                                          of Medicine by the Office of Educational
                                                        information.                      Resources:
mind to other ideas and ways of doing                     Netolitzky said the
things.”                                     exchange program is “a great                             Phone: 816.235.1835
  His month in Kansas City gave              opportunity” that School of Medicine                       Fax: 816.235.6501
Netolitzky the opportunity to work           students would enjoy.                        People with speech or hearing impairments
more directly with patients than he            “Austria is different,” he said. “The      may contact the University by using Relay
was accustomed to and experience the         people there are very open-minded                           Missouri at:
                                             and helpful.”                                         1.800.735.2966 (TT) or
decision making process that students                                                             1.800.736.2466 (Voice)
at the UMKC School of Medicine
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