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					Replacement Car Policy Wording
This policy is a contract between the underwriter and you, it is not intended that the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999
gives anyone else any rights under this insurance policy or that any other person apart from you has the right to enforce any
part of it.

This is to confirm that UK General will provide the cover described below during the period of your policy. Cover is subject to
the terms and conditions that follow. Payment of the Replacement Car Cover premium, if required, must be made before
cover is provided.

Action Claims or a nominated vehicle supplier provides the benefits under this policy; but the contract is between UK General
Insurance Ltd on behalf of Ageas Insurance Limited and the policyholder.

The law applicable to this policy                                    Insured Person

English law will apply to this policy unless we agree with you       A full driving licence holder aged at least 17 years and
in writing otherwise. The contractual terms and conditions           covered on the current Certificate of Motor Insurance issued
and other information relating to this policy will be in the         through the participating agent (spouse includes their
English Language.                                                    common law and/or civil law partner).

Definitions                                                          Participating Agent

Throughout this insurance policy the words and phrases               The insurance intermediary, firm or company who are
printed in bold type will have the meanings set out below.           authorised to sell this policy to you on behalf of us and the
Definitions are listed alphabetically.                               underwriter.

Appointed Agents                                                     Period of Insurance

Action Claims who will act on behalf of UK General in                The period of the Car Insurance policy which runs at the
connection with the policy and its administration and may            same time as this policy and does not exceed 12 months.
monitor and record calls.

Geographical Limits
                                                                     This policy of insurance.
England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Isle of Man
and the Channel Islands (for residents only).

Immobilised                                                          The person who has taken out this policy.

When the insured car is deemed to be lawfully unsafe to
drive or is undergoing repairs as a result of damage caused          Premium
in an insured incident.
                                                                     The payment, which needs to be paid to the participating
                                                                     agent by you to get the benefit of this policy, except that
Insured Car                                                          we or the participating agent may, at our/their absolute
                                                                     discretion, waive your need to pay.
Any car insured through the participating agent that is
covered under the current Certificate of Motor Insurance,
and for which a premium, if required, has been paid for              Provider
Upgraded Replacement Car cover.
                                                                     The nominated vehicle supplier acting on behalf of Action
Insured Incident

A road traffic accident, fire, theft, attempted theft, malicious
damage, vandalism or a stolen recovered incident that
                                                                     Replacement Car
makes the insured car a total loss (a write off) or immobilised
                                                                     A car of no greater engine size than 1400cc, subject to
as decided by the insurer of your Car Insurance if the
                                                                     availability and as determined by the nominated vehicle
damage is covered under the current Car Insurance policy
                                                                     supplier, within the geographical limits and subject to the
or, by the third party you are claiming against for your losses
                                                                     level of cover purchased.
or, if a fault accident by a garage who is a member of the
Vehicle Builders & Repairers Association (VBRA) or the Motor
Vehicle Repairers Association (MVRA) or another similar
                                                                     Third Party
recognised body. Alternatively, it is where the insured car is
stolen and it is not found.
                                                                     The other person(s) and/or party(s) responsible for the insured
                                                                     incident, excluding the insured person and/or policyholder
                                                                     (as defined in this policy.)
Underwriter                                                       agent, and can be viewed on request. They may affect the
                                                                  provision of the replacement car.
UK General Insurance Ltd on behalf of Ageas Insurance
Limited .
                                                                  What is Not Covered

We/Us/Our                                                         The following are not covered under this insurance:
                                                                  a) All fuel, fares, fines and fees relating to the replacement
Action Claims and/or the underwriter.                             car while you hire it.
                                                                  b) Any claim where the insured car was being used for hire
                                                                  or reward.
You/Your                                                          c) Any claim where the insured car does not provide cover
                                                                  under the terms of the underlying Car Insurance policy.
The insured person.                                               d) Any further hire charges due after the first 21 days' hire
                                                                  or when the insured car becomes mobile, whichever comes
What is covered                                                   e) Any claim where the insured car has been stolen, suffered
                                                                  attempted theft damage or malicious damage or vandalism
a) This insurance gives a single period of up to 21 days of       and has not been reported to the Police.
continuous replacement car hire within the geographical           f) Any occurrence due to natural causes which could not
limits following each insured incident during the period of       be anticipated or guarded against.
insurance and within those geographical limits.                   g) Any claim reported to us more than 14 days after the
b) A maximum of 2 claims in the period of insurance can be        insured incident.
made.                                                             h) Any claim for a replacement car more than 5 days after
                                                                  the insured car has been determined as immobilised or a
You may extend the hire by contacting Action Claims on 0161       total loss (a write off).
4883888 who will then contact the provider to arrange this. A     i) Sea transit charges for the delivery and collection of the
discounted rate is available.                                     replacement car.
                                                                  j) Any claim due to a deliberate non-disclosure or criminal
The replacement car must be returned to the provider or their     act, which is found to the providers satisfaction to be of a
agents no later than the 21st day of hire.                        fraudulent or false nature. The insured person will be held
                                                                  responsible for any costs paid or due where this happens.
                                                                  k) Any excess payable in the event of a claim involving the
How to claim your replacement car                                 replacement car.
                                                                  l) Any insured incident, which happened before the policy
Following an insured incident, you must report it immediately     started.
to ingenie Car Insurance and to the Police if the insured         m) Any claim that arises from your unlawful use of drink or
vehicle was stolen, suffered attempted theft damage or            drugs.
malicious damage or vandalism.                                    n) Any claim covered under any other policy, or any claim
                                                                  that would have been covered by another policy if this
Please call ingenie Car Insurance on 0330 3030021 to report       policy did not exist.
the incident and to obtain your replacement car.

They will advise Action Claims, who will contact you to arrange   Notice to the insured person
the supply of a replacement car.
                                                                  a) You must take all reasonable steps to keep down the
                                                                  costs of the claim.
Conditions                                                        b) You must pay to the provider any costs, charges or fees
                                                                  recovered from the third party to the extent of the sums
You should note that the following conditions apply in all
                                                                  indemnified under this policy.
                                                                  c) You should take all reasonable action possible to recover
● You may be asked to pay a security/fuel deposit when
                                                                  any costs, charges or fees the provider may have paid or is
you collect the replacement car. This is refundable on return,
                                                                  due to pay. If any amounts are recovered they must be paid
provided it is free from damage and has the same amount
                                                                  to the provider.
of fuel as when collected.
                                                                  d) When hire of a replacement car ends, the provider can
● When collecting the replacement car, the driver will need
                                                                  take over and if necessary take proceedings in your name
to produce their full current driving licence and personal
                                                                  to recover the hire costs from the third party.
identification, e.g. phone bill.
● You must have a valid Car Insurance policy to claim on          The nominated vehicle supplier is the provider of the benefits
this cover.                                                       provided by the Replacement Car cover; but the contract
● Replacement cars are provided in line with the provider         is between the underwriter and the policyholder.
or its agent's standard requirements, terms and conditions
which all drivers must meet.
● A replacement car will only be provided once we get             Cancellation right
confirmation from the insured persons' car insurance company
or the third party or (at your expense) faxed confirmation from   You may cancel your policy within 14 days of buying the
a garage who are a member of the VBRA, MVRA or a similar          policy or upon receipt of the policy documents (whichever
recognised body, that the insured car is a total loss (a write    is the latter) and get a full refund of any premium paid,
off) or immobilised. The replacement car will not be provided     subject to no claim being made upon the policy. If you do
until this information is received.                               not exercise your right to cancel the policy, it will continue
● If the insured car has been stolen, suffered attempted theft    in force for the term of the policy and you will be required
damage or malicious damage or vandalism you must give a           to pay any premium due.
Police crime reference number before a replacement car
can be provided.                                                  If you wish to cancel the policy after this 14 day period, no
● The insured person may have to provide Comprehensive            refund of premium paid will be provided.
insurance for the replacement car.

We must draw your attention to the additional terms and
conditions of the provider which are held by your participating
We and your participating agent can cancel this policy at          contracts are covered for 90% of the claim with no upper
any time as long as we/your participating agent tell you at        limit. You can get more information about compensation
least 21 days before.                                              scheme arrangements from the FSCS or visit

Please contact:

ingenie Car Insurance
Prospect House,
Gordon Banks Drive
Trentham Lakes North
Stoke on Trent

If you wish to cancel this policy.

Alternatively you can telephone them on 0330 303 0014.

How to make a complaint

We and the underwriter are committed to dealing with
customer complaints in a fair and prompt way. Complaints
can be made verbally or in writing.

If you have a complaint, you can contact Action Claims.
They will contact you within 5 days of receiving your
complaint to tell you what action is being taken. They will
try to resolve the problem and give you an answer within 4
weeks. If it will take longer than 4 weeks then you will be told
when you can expect an answer.

It is our experience that most complaints can be resolved
by speaking to the staff directly responsible for your policy.

Please call Action Claims by telephone on 0161 4883888 or
in writing to:
Action Claims, Eden Point, Three Acres Lane, Cheadle Hulme,

In the event you remain dissatisfied and wish to make a
complaint, you can do so by contacting the following:
The Customer Relations Manager, UK General, Cast House,
Old Mill Business Park, Gibraltar Island Road, Leeds, LS10 1RJ.
Tel: 0845 218 2685

Using our complaints procedure or referral to the Financial
Ombudsman Service does not affect your legal rights.
The premium you have paid for this policy includes insurance
premium tax.

If we or the underwriter have not given you an answer within
8 weeks, you will be told how you can take your complaint
to the Financial Ombudsman Service for review.

If after making a complaint, you are still unhappy, as the
complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you
have the right to refer the complaint to the Financial
Ombudsman Service. The contact information is:

The Financial Ombudsman Service
South Quay Plaza
183 Marsh Wall
E14 9SR
Telephone 0845 080 1800

This complaints procedure does not affect any legal rights
you may have.

Whole agreement

Ageas Insurance Limited is covered by the Financial Services
Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be entitled to
compensation from the scheme, if they cannot meet their
obligations. This depends on the type of business and the
circumstances of the claim. Most insurance

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